Baalke’s daughter chimes in on Greg Roman

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Tick.  Tick.  Tick.

The boom is coming; it’s just a matter of time.  And the countdown arguably accelerated after Thursday night’s loss, when the owner’s decision to take to Twitter was matched by the daughter of 49ers G.M. Trent Baalke.  Said Cassie Baalke, a college freshman, about the team’s offensive coordinator:  “Greg Roman can take a hike. The 49ers don’t want you no more.” has the screen shot of the deleted tweet.  She later added this message:  “Everyone’s entitled to an opinion..sorry mine doesn’t favor you or agree with yours.”

The real question is whether and to what extent that opinion was influenced by anything she’s heard from her father.  It’s also fair to ask whether this relatively meaningless spark will blow the lid off the relationship between Trent Baalke and coach Jim Harbaugh, who brought Roman to the 49ers from Stanford and who has plenty of influence over the currently uncoordinated offense that Roman coordinates.

For whatever reason (and probably for more than one reason), tension has existed for a while between Trent Baalke and Jim Harbaugh.  A recent profile of Harbaugh by Seth Wickersham of ESPN The Magazine mentioned the painfully awkward shared elevator ride at the Scouting Combine, where the two supposed partners in football behaved like total strangers.  And as one league source explained it to PFT in August, no interaction of any kind was witnessed between Harbaugh and Baalke during a multi-day preseason stay in Baltimore for a game and joint practices with the Ravens.

So could Cassie Baalke’s deleted tweet become the equivalent of Gavrilo Princip’s bullet?  While there’s a good chance Archduke Ferdinand already has been dead for months, it’s the kind of tangible event that could trigger the kind of snide back and forth between G.M. and coach that turns a crack into a compound fracture.

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  1. The entertainment value of this story is priceless. I know its not likely to happen but if Harbaugh is fired, could it be arranged to have Jim Schwartz shake his hand on his way out of the 49ers offices. I think that is worthy of a pay per view event.

  2. The 49ers blew a season by keeping these two horses’ asses, Harbaugh and Roman. Harbs is an immature kid with no class and Roman belongs back as a high school OC. Let him screw up their development. Baalke’s daughter has more balls than Jed…

  3. Lol, now GM’s daughters are on Twitter commenting on their father’s profession? This is getting too rich. When the 49ers return to the Singletary/Nolin/Erickson days after Harbaugh, this all will be too funny.

  4. Fun to watch this train wreck. Kaepernick is missing all of this fun by wearing his noise-canceling headphones…

  5. Long-time Niner fans recall the innovation and precision of the Bill Walsh years. Walsh took a team with mediocre talent (in the early years) and produced above-average offensive outcomes.

    What has those long-time fans like me so frustrated is that the current Niners have a lot of talented offensive players… and the production is poor. More importantly, this style of offensive football is not entertaining. The responsibility is on the coaching staff.

    I wouldn’t mind a 7-5 record if the games were fun to watch. The game last night was unwatchable.

  6. The niners have had the best offensive line in football for about 4 years before this season. Not anymore. Seattle’s defense exposed them last night. The Hawks d line owned frisco on every snap. Your whole identity is counterfeit now. The Seahawks punked you hard on your own field. Now back to the cellar with you for another 20 years.

  7. This girl is the epitome of what’s wrong in my generation (1995-Present). I’m 16 and I’ve had my moments of getting angry ( Pep Hamilton’s Play calling). Last nights performance was terrible but you have to look at the type of opponent. Seattle specializes in running the ball, which San fransico specializes in stopping but the were missing navarro bowman. San fransico meanwhile specializes in a run and gun offense and seattle can take out the receivers easily, forcing san Fran to be one dimensional. Part of growing up is to reflect on yourself and see what went wrong and own up to it.

    “Greg Roman can take a hike. The 49ers don’t want you no more.”
    For this one game this statement is warranted but look at the success he’s had in the last 3 years.

    “Everyone’s entitled to an opinion..sorry mine doesn’t favor you or agree with yours.”
    This is just a symptom of daddys girl.

    A true statement is ” I would sincerely like to apologize for my comments regarding Greg roman, they were inconsiderate and disrespectful”

    I’m 16 btw

  8. Jed York And Trent Baalke will survive this. Greg Roman and Jim Harbaugh will be the casualties of this season.



  10. Redskin Nation welcomes 49er Nation to the land of dysfunctional football complete with terrible mismanagement by the front office, a overrated one and done mobile quarterback who loves himself and underachieving in big games. And as a bonus you also get the tabloid press twisting every word that comes from your teams mouth

  11. I’m guessing that morning conversation over coffee will be a tad awkward for Trent. How embarrassing to know your kid is that classless at that age.

  12. Can’t wait…Harbaugh and Roman are gone after the season; Baalke and his idiot daughter stay…49er’s trade places with the Rams…and I wonder which QB (Smith or Kaepernick) makes it to the playoffs…

  13. Hey its like this…If u cant see that the offense has struggled again all yr ur blind!!! I like harbaugh but hes in charge of the offense and our o line sucks!!!tooooo many bad coaching decisions

  14. She wasn’t wrong! I and most other Niners have been screaming for Roman’s head for a while now. The play calls aren’t innovative, they’re predictable, they’ve taken Vernon Davis (up til this year their best offensive player) and made him worthless, they quit using the Versatile Bruce Miller, quit using the pistol, quit letting kap run, basically anything that’s proven successful they’ve moved away from, that lies squarely on Greg Roman.

    #FireRoman was trending on twitter for a while last night too!

  15. A mobile QB who you order not to be mobile.

    That’s the real problem here.

    If you wanted a pocket passer, you should have stuck with Smith. Kaepernick just looks lost and confused now, trying to be something he’s not.

  16. Gavrillo Princip, shades of history lessons gone by, anyhow, i have no problem with the girl stating her opinion but she should have known with her dads direct connection it is better less not said in a public domain.

  17. “Greg Roman can take a hike. The 49ers don’t want you no more.”

    “…don’t want you no more”?

    What college does Cassie go to, Sally Struthers University?? (Please tell me it’s Stanford!)

  18. I’m surprised at the few number of comments that mention what a snotty little (and apparently grammar-less) twit Baalke’s daughter is. I hope she’s attending Michigan where Harbaugh might end up as head coach.

  19. April 2013 “He’s the best coordinator I’ve ever had,” says running back Frank Gore, the Niners’ all-time franchise rushing leader. “I respect Norv Turner and Mike Martz, but G-Ro is a very smart guy.” Tom Rathman “Not only does he have the X’s and O’s down, but he motivates his players. He’s a real leader. Players love him. He fits the mold of some really good coaches…” Cassie Baalke, “Greg Roman can take a hike.”

    Who to believe???

  20. Sw19womble nails it. These QBs produced when they were just reacting. When they were allowed to run. Carroll has never tried to make Russell a pure pocket guy and they continue to have success. Why draft a running QB if you want a pocket passer?

  21. I love Harbaugh, but this is proving to be an impossible relationship. With that said, Baalke is as much to blame.

    First off, tell your snot nose daughter to mind her own business! How can Baalkee even allow that to happen? Obviously there is an ax to grind and he has been sharpening it at home with his family, regularly. Totally unacceptable and unprofessional!

    Second, Baalke has been unable to draft consistently good offensive players since his arrival, just look at his 2012 draft for an example. Now whose fault was that?

    Time to clean house… Baalke, Harbaugh, and Roman all gotta go.

    It’s really sad; they could have made it work, but when people are too proud to compromise nothing will ever work.

  22. Kaepernick had a terrible game, for sure. His contract was written so they could dump him without a lot of consequence, so obviously they are not sold on him.

    That said, Roman’s offense is horrible. Against Seattle playing at their best few have success, but against bad opponents, the offense is still horrible. That is not all Kaepernick. The guy runs really well. You might want to take advantage of that. Also, are you familiar with this new play called a screen? I know it is kind of out there, but you may want to add that into your playbook.

  23. Before the NFL figured out Kaepernick, Roman was a genius. The NFL figured out Kaepernick, Kaepernick failed to step up his game, suddenly Roman’s a bum…

    Truth is, Kaepernick is an athlete playing QB and NFL knows it and is one of the sorry pocket-passers in the NFL. So smart teams keep him in the pocket where he is barely average with an 80.9 (2013) QB rating.

  24. Also, if I was a Baalke family member, I wouldn’t be calling anyone out about how they’re doing their job since he’s not exactly been lighting the world on fire and that will become more evident once Harbaugh leaves.

  25. Can’t wait for York/Baalke to fire Harbaugh and take their chances on some inexperienced coordinator, thinking that the strength of their team can outweigh any coach. Say what you will about Harbaugh’s immaturity but the guy can coach.

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