Dolphins bring back Don Jones

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The Dolphins are reuniting with one of their picks in the 2013 NFL Draft.

Miami has been awarded safety Don Jones on waivers from New England, the claiming club said Friday.

In a corresponding roster move, the Dolphins waived first-year cornerback Lowell Rose.

The Dolphins waived the 24-year-old Jones after the preseason, and the Patriots claimed him the next day. In nine games with New England, Jones was credited with eight special teams tackles, according to club statistics.

The Dolphins selected Jones in the seventh round in 2013. The Arkansas State product has appeared in 25 regular season games, including 16 with Miami as a rookie.

The Dolphins and Patriots meet on December 14 in Foxborough. The Dolphins won the first matchup between the clubs in Week One.

21 responses to “Dolphins bring back Don Jones

  1. Poor Jones, going from a decent chance of playing in the Super Bowl to a team that won’t make the playoffs.

  2. Don Jones must have not been willing to win. Penthouse to outhouse. Gold standard to toilet paper standard. Poor Don Shula must be rolling over in his grave.

  3. Looks suspicious to me – would not be surprised AT ALL to find out that the Dolphins quietly let it be known to Don Jones’ agent that they’d be interested in him “if he were available” so that he could then try to get himself waived by the Pats. And that is EXACTLY what happened. Typical scum bag Dolphins move made even worse by the fact that they only are doing this so they can pick his brain and learn about all of the trick plays and new wrinkles the Pats plan for the Miami-New England game. and then they’ll discard him afterward.

  4. Hey pats1944, you’re not texting here, you’re actually thinking of words and arranging them to convey a thought. Save the “Lol” crap for your Justin Bieber fan club friends.

  5. So just so we’re clear

    Any time the Patriots sign a player from another team it’s just to get intel on an upcoming opponent – “cheating” on yet another unwritten rule as it were

    But when other teams do it, they’re just upgrading their team


  6. Hey trolls, the supposed cheating that everyone else was also doing was 7 years ago. Find some new material because guess who is still the best team in the NFL? You “must not of” been paying attention.

  7. Huh? Did you read where it said we played for the dolphins Before the pats? Our defensive backfield is bang up maybe that’s a reason why we signed him???

  8. He’s a strong special teamer..good pick up for Dolphins.

    Just shows you how Patriots back end of roster….loaded….loaded. When players like Dennard, who could start for 25 teams, barely sees time IF he’s active, they are deep.

    This move allows them much more D line depth w/Siliga, who is very talented vs run. Their additions, may be best in season additions ever since Belichick coaching Patriots. He’s made 6-7 really good moves that improved them weekly.

  9. To all the Patriots fan hating on the Dolphins and this move.
    Get over yourselves.
    Yes the Dolphins are NOT as good as your team. BUT, after getting rid of a bad GM (Ireland) and getting one (Hickey) that is making smart moves, like this one, we are truly improving.

    Outhouse? I think we both agree this title goes to the Jets!

    It’s a smart move for a team with several DBs out with injuries to pick up a former team mate. It shows smart coaching to pick players up off of another team’s practice squad.

    Just remember that Jonas Gray once was on our practice squad.

  10. I predicted this move yesterday. Clearly, I am no Genius ( like Belichick), it was common sense. He knows our system and was signed for ST, not even as 2nd Safety. Patriots Fans only come here because we are a threat to them. They have not been threatened for a decade. It is a compliment. They have a good team and will obviously go to the Playoffs. If they win it all… I tip my hat, but if they get beat- this will be it for them. The winning has to stop at some point and without Brady this is a 9-7 team at best. Not hatin’ but being honest. The Dolphins have themselves to blame- cant finish games against Packers, Broncos and Lions. Otherwise, we are the best team in football, but sadly we are not. Can’t blame Foxboro home field or Refs or whatever. The Patriots are the best team in football and we beat them the last 2 times. If we can learn consistency… We would be the best team in football.

  11. “If we can learn consistency‚Ķ We would be the best team in football.”

    Can’t argue with this logic. If the Dolphins actually won these games instead of losing them, then they would in fact be the best team in football. Got it.

  12. I was surprised that Belichick exposed Jones to waivers and not surprised to see him claimed by the Dolphins. Bill often exposes a player at the bottom end of the roster late in the season to game plan for a specific team or deal with players moving on and off the roster due to injury. Given how well Jones plays it is compliment to the full Patriots roster that Bill risked losing Jones. The Phins are a much improved team and they are making better roster moves sans Ireland. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Miami in the playoffs given the respective schedules of the teams in contention.

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