Lance Briggs goes to IR, and his days in Chicago may be over

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Bears linebacker Lance Briggs is done for the season. And perhaps done for Chicago.

Briggs, the veteran who has spent his entire 12-year career with the Bears and been chosen to seven Pro Bowls, was placed on injured reserve today. That means the groin injury that has hampered him this season will now end his season.

It may also end his tenure with the Bears. There was already talk in Chicago that he wasn’t always seeing eye to eye with coach Marc Trestman and his staff, and at age 34 Briggs is not the same player he once was. Briggs, who is in the final year of his contract, acknowledged early this month that he’s probably not long for Chicago.

“I know the reality of it and I’m proud of all the years I’ve had here. It’s been great. I couldn’t have asked for a better situation,” Briggs said.

Now it’s time for Chicago to say goodbye to Briggs.

41 responses to “Lance Briggs goes to IR, and his days in Chicago may be over

  1. I almost feel bad for Da Bears right now. Almost.

    Really hoping they can somehow pull off a miracle and beat Dallas this week.

    In all reality Cutler is going to show up looking like he got 3 hours of sleep after a 3 day bender and they are probably going to get punched in the mouth for 4 quarters and lose in embarrassing fashion yet again.

  2. Not always seeing eye to eye with coach Marc Trestman and his staff means that he’d like to be with people who understand the game and want to win.

    Bears having coaching and GM issues. It’s not fair to the fans.

  3. Briggs packed it up 2 years ago after the release of Herlacher. 2 ungrateful individuals who the Chicago organization made multi millionaires and they leave with no dignity or class.


  4. Sorry for Lance…but Christian Jones looks like bad dude…if only he could bring a friend with him on the IR, like Shea McClellan.

    On the flip side, Lance will have plenty of time to spend at his Double Nickel Rib Joint.

  5. The dude was a terror in his prime, so thanks for the memories Lance. Good luck down the road (and please don’t do something stupid like play for the Raiders).

  6. Christian Jones has the talent and temperament to be a more than adequate replacement, IF they can get competent defensive coaches brought in before the current staff ruins him.

  7. He’s been stealing money from the Bears since he took time off in preseason to go out to CA for his important restaurant opening.

  8. Well, in his last game Brigg’s reactions were slow and he wasn’t running hard in pursuit when I watched him. It’s not uncommon for injuries to happen when you’re letting up some.

    Mentally he appeared to check out some time ago this year, BBQ joint trip was just symptomatic of that. He played some good ball here but that began to diminish over a year ago.

    It’s time.

  9. johnelwayishorsefaced says:
    Nov 28, 2014 7:20 PM
    The Lions beat the Bears, wow, what an accomplishment.

    Can they beat Green Bay, Seattle, Eagles, or Arizona? Nope.

    Season over, just like the Bears was before it started. Hope you enjoyed beating the crappy Bears because that is all you will get to enjoy this season.

    Pretenders for life Lions!

    You must not watch much football. We beat the Packers this year and we beat the Seahawks last time we played them.

    The bottom line is that any objective person would agree that what the Bears did at the end of that game was a ridiculous effort to pad their stats. That being said it’s still well within their right to do that if they want to it just isn’t a very logical thing to do. I’m sorry some of your feelings are so hurt about this situation. Next time play better and maybe you’ll win.


    YOU must not watch football much, because every knows the Lions don’t know what the post season is. Nice try w@gonjumper fan, but it’s common football knowledge that Lions are a terrible team that always choke away their season. They have 2 seaons above .500 in the past 15 years and they beat a Bears team with one of the

  10. After reading these comments all that comes to mind is what a bunch of classless Bears fans but we all already know that is the norm. This dude had been nothing but great for your team and the community and you all post garbage about him.

    Show some respect.

    -Lions fan.

  11. Football is the ultimate team game. How good has Briggs been without Urlacher? Urlacher’s skills transcended two defensive schemes. Briggs has been nothing but old, fat, slow, and hurt without Urlacher. He was a nice player…but in the end, he was just a guy.

  12. Man, up until recently this dude was looking like arguably a potential Hall of Famer – his 7 Pro Bowls are proof of that. His last couple of years might tarnish his chances though.

    Briggs & Urlacher in their prime is without a doubt in my mind one of the best linebacker duos of all time.

  13. I remember when Briggs was drafted by the Bears out of the University of Arizona, in the 3rd round, me & my friends who were watching the Draft with me were like “Lance who? Who the hell is that?”

    I forgot who we wanted the Bears to take instead. Tony Pashos or something.

    But from the first day of camp, the veterans on the team were like “This Briggs rookie is laying people out”, it didn’t take long for Briggs to make an impression and he’s been a Bears mainstay ever since.

  14. He was the 2nd best WLB in a Tampa-2 system I ever saw. Even when he wasn’t hurt this year he looked done. I hope he just goes and manages his restaurant.

  15. Hard to see him making much more than the league minimum anywhere. He’s relied so much on speed and quickness and now that’s all gone. Nice career is heading to the finish line. I don’t get the animosity toward him, but I’m not a Bears fan.

  16. He is supposed to be a team leader and instead he is taking time off to go to a restaurant and openly admits he isn’t paying attention in meetings.

    the guy is just cashing a paycheck and doesn’t hide it
    can’t wait for him to be gone

  17. He will be headed to Tampa next year as Lovie tries to put the old gang back together.

    Grab Tillman, have Urlacher come of retirement just like old times

  18. As a Packers fan, the lingering demise of the Bears’ defense is sad to see. It’s probably time for Briggs to step back and let someone new take his place, sure–but you’d like to see some young leadership waiting in the wings, and I’m not sure there is any, yet. That Fuller kid has looked good when he’s been healthy–hopefully he’ll be able to keep it going.

    Best of luck, Lance–don’t get too deep in the restaurant business, though! It’s a money loser.

  19. What a bunch on unappreciative fake Bears fans commenting. Low class folks, and truly shows how little you actually know about the game. Every player ever has had a decline towards the end of his career (sans major injuries). For a solid 8-9 years, Lance was THE BEST outside backer IN THE LEAGUE. How quickly people forget…go watch a highlight video. Beat Down and until someone tells me he’s officially gone, he’s a still Bear.

  20. Romo is a sitting duck now. Get anywhere near him now, he goes down on his own without anyone touching him. He won’t run either. So send the house. Let him feel it.

  21. Briggs is a future Hall of Famer but the only reason is because of his days with Mr. Urlacher. They went together like PB&J. But you can see he has struggled without Brian. He seems to confuse his play calling and isnt showing the leadership he once earned and displayed since Brian left. I love Briggs to death, but without Urlacher, he is nothing. It’s tough seeing one of the classic Bears like Brian, Tillman, Hester, that ive grown up watching my whole life leave but its time for him to go and move on. Good luck to one of my all time favorite players

    True Bears fan

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