Tony Romo: I promise I’ll be better next week


The Cowboys fell down early to the Eagles on Thursday afternoon and never really climbed back into a game that wound up as a 33-10 loss that knocked them out of first place in the NFC East.

As owner Jerry Jones pointed out after the game, the Eagles controlled the line of scrimmage as their offensive and defensive lines won battles and set the tone for the day. That left quarterback Tony Romo under pressure and he responded with a pair of interceptions in perhaps his poorest performance of the season.

Romo said that it was difficult making a quick turnaround from Sunday night, but that there were “no excuses” for the way that he or his teammates played against the Eagles.

“We should have been better,” Romo said, via the Dallas Morning News. “I should have been better. And I am going to play much better next week, I can promise you that.”

After watching Matthew Stafford and the Lions get right offensively against the Bears on Thursday, that’s a promise Romo would seem to have a good chance of keeping. The Cowboys will still need to figure out a better approach against the Eagles, though, because Week 15 is fast approaching.

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  1. The only reason the Eagles won was because Dallas had a short week. Wait til we come to Philly the story will be different! I PROMISE!!!

  2. mb2020 I cant stand the eiggles but the eiggles had a short week too cmon man ! Are you saying the eiggles had 4 more hours of rest cmon man !

  3. Awwww MB2020 the mean ole Eagles were on the same short week travelling to ‘allas. Too bad for them…oh wait the stomped the tar outta yer ‘boys.

  4. Gosh, I thought that the Eagles had a short week also and didn’t the Eagles have to take a plane ride?.
    That said, i expect Romo to have a better game against the Bears and the Eagles since he will be much more rested. Will that rest be enough?

  5. The only reason the Eagles won was because Dallas had a short week. Wait til we come to Philly the story will be different! I PROMISE!!!

    Uh…you do know that The Eagles also had a short week plus they traveled? So……

  6. I should hope so! The Bear defense is the Little Sisters of the Poor compared to Philly. The point is not to be good against bad teams. It is to play well against good or even great teams; and Philly isn’t great.

    What do all these promises about the game in Philly amount to? Will Dez quit football if he doesn’t do better against Philly in 2 weeks? Will these posters who issue guarantees be willing to shut up until next season?

  7. What’s all this short week crap? I recall jerry Jones saying that the Cowboys had the edge over the Eagles because they had just come off the be before playing the giants and that they were already game planning for the Eagles on the flight back from London. He also said they had the edge because the Eagles had to travel to them on the short week. So save the sorry excuses now that they’ve lost. I’m sure the short week wouldn’t have been a problem if they’d won

  8. The Dallas game was the Eagles Super Bowl, as is is every season. Since they have never won one. It was a fluke yesterday. Anyone who knows the game of football know that Dallas is the superior team. Just an off week. Coach Garrett and Mr. Jones will clean up a couple of things and we’ll win out. Not a problem.

  9. baller2
    November 28, 2014, 11:56 AM EST
    He’s been saying that for 10 years
    So he was saying this when he backed up Drew Bledsoe? I guess you started watching the nfl sometime in the last few years.

    Funny how much trash fans talk after a regular season game

  10. get off the 8-8 crap its not going to happen this year no matter how many times u tell yourselves that. seems to me that u haters just can’t stand the fact that they will have a better record than 8-8

  11. “I should have been better. And I am going to play much better next week, I can promise you that.”

    Sorry Tony but as a professional you’re suppose to play your best every game not just a select few.

  12. 2 weeks Philly fans and its the last time they play each other this season so after dallas beats Chicago and Philly gets stomped by Seattle that’s the one that’s gonna matter and its gonna end with dallas 10-4 and Philly 9-5 before they fade out to end the year and get stomped by Eli and the giants. End of season standings will be dallas 12-4 Philly 10-6. Watch it happen

  13. As a Cowboy fan of almost 50 years I have been disappointed many times. I’m sure the Philly fans relate. There are no excuses and I won’t try to make any. It looked like the Cowboys just didn’t want to be there. But to rip on romo again for taking dives, I’m wondering how many of you would stand there and take those hits time and time again after going through what he has with his back the last few years. Come on tough guys step up. You talk a mean game. Oh and I know, well he should just quit. Think about something that you enjoy doing, then just walk away. Tony Romo is one of the toughest qbs I have had the pleasure to watch all these years of watching football. Have I been a romo fan his whole career, I’m ashamed to say no I haven’t. Have I blamed him for most of their heartbreaking losses. I probably have. But then I stopped being ignorant about the man ( like so many of the people who post on this site ) you know who you are so I won’t call you out, and started to respect what he does and how he plays the game. He didn’t stand up there after the game and make excuses and blame his o-line ( he very well could have ). No he blamed himself and wanted to let the fans that he would try harder. So while you keep on bashing him week after week, do me a favor, either put up, or shut up……

  14. Maybe if Dallas wasn’t on prime Time TV every week they wouldn’t have to have short weeks. But Jerry insists on everyone seeing his mug on tv 5-6 times a game so be it theirs your short week for you.

    You want an example of how us football public has to put up with the Cowboys every week well here you go

    Sunday Nov 23 8:30pm NYG
    Thursday Nov 27 4:00pm Philly
    Thursday Dec 4 8:30 pm Chicago
    Sunday Dec14 8:30pm Philly

    4 weeks in a row we get stuck looking at Jerry Jones in his press box and god forbid it is a close game and he goes down on the field. The only good thing about this is that we get to watch them implode again this year.

  15. As a Eagles fan I have respect for Romo. He’s been a good NFL QB. Plus I enjoy watching him implode every year. But yesterday he looked old, fragile, and washed up. If he can’t get himself ready to play on a short week, he may want to call it quits while he can still walk. Short weeks are the reality in the nfl. Every player has to deal with them.

  16. “Romo said that it was difficult making a quick turnaround from Sunday night”

    Eagles didn’t seem to have a problem with the quick turnaround.


    Hahaha, jarodriquez1977 you’re an idiot… eagles played @ 1pm AT HOME… cowboys played at 830pm AWAY. Do your homework.

  17. It was a bad game all around. The offensive line got beat, the defense got exposed, and Romo didn’t look like the same Romo that lead a game winning drive against the Giants last week. I understand that the Eagles are a better team than the Giants, but this team also went into Seattle and upset the Seahawks. Romo got out of the way of JJ Watt and threw a touchdown in the Houston game. Williams had an amazing catch in the Seattle game, but put zero effort into yesterdays game which lead to an interception. That wasn’t the same the same team that showed up week after week. Even the games they have lost, I could find something positive to come out of each loss. This team did nothing well yesterday. The defense couldn’t get off the field on third downs and the offense couldn’t convert on third downs. There are no excuses. They just need to play better. The Eagles had a short week too, so thats no excuse. I guess the offensive line was tired after giving Romo all of that time in the pocket last week, but this is the NFL. You show up every week. Thats what you are paid for. Injured or not, Romo needs to play better because that was horrible.

  18. The loss of the Cowboys was no surprise to me as I watched the New York Giants come within a hair’s breath of defeating the Cowboys.

    The Cowboys were beat by a much better team when they played the Eagles. Right now I see either the Eagles or Cardinals winning the next Super Bowl because they are the two best teams in the NFL today.

  19. For anyone saying the eagles had a short week… Yes you are correct. However there is a difference in playing at noon at home and being home by 6 pm and kicking off at 7:30 pm and then getting in a 3.5 hour flight and getting home at 5 am that left them roughly 80 hours till the kick of the next game. Yes that extra night sleep probably played a bit of a role when playing an offense that is as fast as the eagles. Dallas will be on 10 days rest next time they play, I would think there will be a difference in how they play. Not saying they win but I would imagine it will be a much better game. Not that it matters because I don’t know if anyone noticed but Green Bay is proving to be the class of the NFC.

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