Jerry Jones: We really stunk it up, don’t ask me why


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is rarely at a loss for words. But he didn’t have a lot to say when he was asked to explain how his team could play so badly on Thanksgiving.

The day after the Cowboys’ loss to the Eagles, Jones said on his KRLD-FM radio show that he knows the team looked bad, but he isn’t sure why.

We really stunk it up all the way around,” Jones said, via the Star-Telegram. “There’s a lot of specific reasons for having that bad day. We didn’t execute. We may not have played with the passion you would expect in a game like that. Don’t ask me why. And I guess if you can’t ask me, who can you ask?”

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said his players just needs to put that loss behind them.

“The most important thing for us to do is to clean up this [Philadelphia] game and go back to work and have a great week of practice and do everything we can to have a great win in Chicago next Thursday. That’s where our focus is,” Garrett said.

If the Cowboys keep stinking it up like they did on Thanksgiving, Garrett may have to answer to Jones. And if the Cowboys really keep stinking it up, Garrett may not be answering to Jones any more after this season.

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  1. Either the Oline of the cowboys is overated OR the eagles front seven are scary good to have limited murray to his season lowest…

    Chicago will be hard opponent, just because they have been sucking lately and have brandon marshall and alshon jeffery!

  2. They looked so good when they whooped on Seattle but so bad against Philly. Guess they got a real Jekyll and Hyde thing going on.

  3. timebandit24 says:
    Nov 29, 2014 5:02 PM

    I make no excuses,but that team had dead legs from the quick turn around. That’s the wrong opponent to have dead legs against.

    sir or madam: if you made no excuses you wouldn’t have a post. additionally, you ignore the fact that the team you played came back to play thursday, and had to travel to dallas to do so.

  4. The Cowboys have one quality win, Seattle, Good job, the rest of their wins are from teams with losing records. I don’t see the hype for this team, they have a favorable schedule the rest of the year. but this is Phillys division.

  5. Jones – “Why would I know what’s wrong? It’s not like I’m the GM that makes all decisions!?”

    Amazing how he can take all credit when things are going well. As soon as it goes bad “I’m just the owner”

  6. The most ignored story of the day was Shady McCoy yelling the N-word directly into the camera in front of a Thanksgiving audience. This is the same man who said he “lost respect” for Riley Cooper for saying the same exact word. #doublestandard

  7. timebandit24 says:
    Nov 29, 2014 5:02 PM
    I make no excuses,but that team had dead legs from the quick turn around. That’s the wrong opponent to have dead legs against.

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    Errrrrr….. you are aware that most everyone that played thursday, INCLUDING Philly was playing on a short turnaround too right?

    Here would have been a more appropriate response:

    “I make no excuses. This Cowboys team is a joke”

  8. If you watched the tape old man as the game wore on you got a beat down on both sides of the ball by a team that is clearly better in the trenches. The Cowboys offensive line, while improved still got dominated in particular by Fletcher Cox. Romo looks shot to my eye even though Dr Jones says he is healthy as horse. The Cowboys defense has limited talent and can’t come close to stopping a Chip Kelly fast paced offense.

  9. That 8-3 record going in was mirage….They had one impressive win at Seattle but other than that struggled to beat bad teams, or flat out lost to them.
    They were simply exposed….one dimensional offense, defense which needs to be kept off the field, general lack of discipline.

    But hey, at least they won a bunch of Super Bowls before the invention of the cell phone.

  10. They were exposed on defense as mediocre and one dimensional on offense..out coached,out conditioned and out passioned..

  11. Starts at the top with a terrible GM, a coach who is a nice guy but a lapdog for Jerah, and an organization who still thinks they are America’s team, not. America does not care to see Jerry in his box during the games. Keep the camera’s on the field during games.

  12. I believe the past tense of “stink” is “stank,” not “stunk.” (“Stunk” is the past participle, as in “The team has stunk in November.”)

  13. the Cowboys were gased by half time in that game. Conditioning falls squarley on the coaches. Was it a short week? Yes. Did that seem to effect the eagles? No. They have the pieces to at least make a run in the playoffs. Not making the playoffs must be considered a major failure on the part of the coaching staff.

  14. Lets give Jerry and the Cowboys some credit here. They are finding new and innovative ways to finish the season 8-8. This one is going to hurt bad, if you are one of the unfortunate who root for this team.

  15. timebandit24 says:
    Nov 29, 2014 5:02 PM
    I make no excuses,but that team had dead legs from the quick turn around. That’s the wrong opponent to have dead legs against.
    Didn’t 6 teams have quick turn arounds on Thanksgiving?

  16. Keep it coming, love! Keep it coming, love!
    Don’t stop it now, don’t stop it, no, don’t stop it now, don’t stop!….

    Signed, H.W. Casey

  17. One WIDE WIDE WIDE open pass from Eli Manning would have sent Dallas to four losses in their last 5 games.

  18. It appeared to me Romo did not want to get hit. His team had to know he was hurt, which must have been demoralizing. Romo probably should retire before something really bad happens to him.

  19. As an Eagles fan the Cowboys offense has done a great job of controlling the past games with time of possession. They hid their defense and helped their defense which is not very good by keeping their offense on the field.
    The Eagles thumped them! I do expect a much better game in two weeks but with the same team winning again.
    ***Romo is a out of his mind playing with 2 broken vertabrae.***
    Finally I do believe the Eagles are the better team. Cowboys have been smart though by improving their offensive line. That is smart but it took them a long time to recognize the importance of it. They still need to get better.

  20. I think realizing that their current GM has no idea what he’s doing would be the first reason as to why. The second would be looking at the HC who only has his job because no one else would put up with that GM might be reason 1B.

  21. Jerry Jones says: “Don’t ask me why. And I guess if you can’t ask me, who can you ask?”

    jerry: here’s a hint: his initials are CK and he recently visited your amusement park/football field.

  22. I think Jerry is right (for once or twice)…they looked unprepared and just absolutely listless. It’s probably why Des Bryant was losing his mind before the game even started.

  23. grandpoopah says:

    Because as Chip says, ” Culture wins football.”

    But he’s never really won anything.

  24. Can’t we go more than 2 days without reading something this man says? I hate to break the news to him BUT.

    Dallas Cowboys have not been Americas team for years now.

    Not everyone on the planet cares about this team, you would be surprised about how many still do. Not many.

    And finally, who serves fried quail at a football stadium, besides this guy?? NO ONE!

  25. Don’t ask me why. And I guess if you can’t ask me, who can you ask?”

    There it is, Jerrah thinks he’s the the all knowing.

  26. Now that I know Jerry wears a doctor’s hat, I shudder any time he talks about taking the temperature of the team. I wonder if he wears gloves?

  27. Sooo glad the owners here in Minnesota are the Silent Wilfs instead of the Pompous Putz Jones.

    Never seen such a self-aggrandizing motor-mouth who is utterly enchanted with the sound of his own voice and impressed with his perceived football acumen.

  28. if you’re a vikings fan or a fan of any team that is worse than Dallas right now you really shouldn’t be talking right now. teams have bad games its happened to the eagles and the patriots…so what move on it happens. Any given Sunday people, learn what it means

  29. Jerra is never going to understand that he is the problem. His incompetence is laughable. Anyone with his lack of performance would have been fired years ago. The only time the Cowboys have had success was when Jimmy called the shots. Every coach since then is a yes man with no backbone.

  30. 6 teams did have the quick turn around. I never said that the other teams had an advantage. I stated they had dead legs from quick turn around and that Philly is not the team to be running around gassed in the 1st quarter. 3 of you morons should get a life and stop trolling.

  31. Jason Garrett and Scott Linehan were wildly outcoached in that game. Dallas ran it on first down almost every time. They were down a huge number of points and just decided to keep running, presumably to give their defense time to rest. If you don’t think they were wildly outcoached, only two possibilities exist:

    Either Romo was far more hurt than anyone was letting on, or the coaches thought that they had no hope of trying to win the game when it started getting away from them and they figured they’d just get it over with. Certainly seems like the latter in any case. That’s why I think Dallas will continue spiraling downward.

    That was a pathetic performance and the play calling by the coaches indicated that either they are the most foolish people in football or they knew they had no chance.

  32. I believe that the Eagles had dead legs after the quick turnaround. They were 1-5 in the red zone cause of those dead legs. The next time that the Eagles and Dallas meet the Eagles will have 7 days off and Dalas will have 10 days off. Advantage Dallas.
    Next week Dallas plays the Bears and the Eagles play the Seahawks. Advantage Dallas.
    They meet in Philly where Dallas always plays well some of the time. Advantage Dallas.
    It’s getten late. If Romo’s back ain’t better it’ll be too late for Dallas.

  33. Here’s the thing, you can blame play calling and you can say “they just had a bad game” when guys drop balls, miss assignments, miss tackles or become predictable. However, what happened Thursday was a thorough ass whoopin’ at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. There is no quick fix for that. “Best O-line in football”? No. Potential to be great in a couple years? Yes.

    When Dallas was on offense, Fletcher Cox was the best player on the field Thursday.

  34. The formula for beating Dallas is to limit DeMarco Murray. Get Romo to 3rd and 4 or 3rd and 5 and you have a chance. The Eagles are better vs. the run than they pass, so to run on 1st and down playe into the Eagles hands. When you get to 3rd down, you have to send at least one extra guy. Hard to get to Romo blitzing only four. Cowboys are not built to comeback from big deficits.

  35. Well Jerry your players had there heads gassed up. By everybody. They didn’t even give the Eagles a chance going in. And I bet they won’t give them a chance at Philly either. All I keep on hearing is they are 5-0 on the road. So what you gonna go in to Philly and gonna get punched in the mouth again. Bank on it you heard it here first.
    Go Eagles.

  36. No real weapon except for Dez for Philly to worry about. Philly’s d-line is pretty darn good and could contain Murray. So, cover Dez and let anyone else try to beat you, and they couldn’t.

  37. Well, when you run it nearly every play the 1st half, it’s not going to take long for a defense to figure that out. When you are down after the half and you still continue to run it, that’s just terrible coaching, when you have a player like Dez Bryant, not being used. When you finally realize the game is completely out of hand, (1 QTR, too late) and then decide to throw the ball, the defense know’s it and reacts.

    That was one of the worst game plan’s I’ve ever seen, and I’m a Raiders fan. How about you throw the ball against one of the worst passing defenses? I think the Cowboys are more interested in having the league’s leading rusher than having a winning record. That was horrible, and I have no love for the Cowboy’s, can’t hardly stand them to be honest, but it was just painfull to watch. Really, that’s the best the coaches could come up with? Come’on Jerry, give me a call, I could do better blindfolded, really.

  38. The reality is neither Garrett or Jones are going anywhere… Just like their team… Same as it ever was…

  39. Let’s be honest. Romo should not be playing. It’s just screen after screen when they pass, other than the one pass to dez. Romo had a decent career but he’s not winning a Super Bowl so why not hang them up because he’s becomes paralyzed

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