Manziel’s bodyguard arrested for DUI, while driving Manziel’s car

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The man at the center of the allegation that Johnny Manziel’s entourage pummeled a zealous fan finds himself in another controversy.

According to, Manziel’s bodyguard has been arrested for DUI while driving Manziel’s car.  The bodyguard, whose name has not yet been disclosed, also allegedly assaulted the fan who approached Manziel at an upscale apartment complex on November 22.

While Manziel wasn’t in the car, Manziel owns the car.  Which, if the allegedly drunken bodyguard had caused property damage, injury, or worse, would have exposed Manziel to significant financial responsibility.

The bodyguard has not been charged, but he reportedly remains jailed.

75 responses to “Manziel’s bodyguard arrested for DUI, while driving Manziel’s car

  1. We knew there was more to this story than the story that Johnny’s lawyer and PR team concocted and told Johnny to say.

    I’m not a puritanical conservative Bible thumper who despises drinking and going out to clubs. I have no problem with him going out and enjoying himself with his friends, but he has a bad reputation already and is under intense scrutiny by everyone just waiting for him to screw up. He needs to dial it back some and pick better friends than hangers on and roided up frat boys.

  2. You would think a guy with all that money could have called a cab for him and his friend/security. He could have used one of those rolled up coke bills even? Doesn’t the NFL have a car service for players in these irresponsible situations? They could have endangered themselves or worse, some innocent bystanders!

    Leave it Browns to pass over Watkins to take a corner they don’t need and this idiot Manziel. I know they got the Bills first round pick next year but that will probably get wasted too knowing how this organization rolls.

    Glad they didn’t hurt anyone though.

  3. Backup QBs have bodyguards? Oh that’s right, I forgot this kid is the son of the man who invented football, or so he believes. The whole thing with this kid is a joke. All the hype prior to the draft and now into the season. I remember his whiny self when we (Alabama) beat him in Tuscaloosa last year. I’m glad Cleveland got this mess to deal with and not the Chiefs. Being a Chiefs fan makes me proud to know we avoid drafting “winners” like this.

  4. Johnny knows that he can call up the league’s cabbing company in his area and they will literally drive him around. For free if I’m not mistaken…

  5. This guy is another Ryan Leaf……except Johnny D-Bag is more arrogant. I can not root hard enough for this guy to quickly flame out and disappear.

  6. Some of the commenters here seem to have missed the fact that Manziel was not in the car…

  7. I hated the pick on draft day and I hate it even more now . he is a immature little punk . this weasel turns this old Dawgs stomach .

    he has done NOTHING in the NFL . who would want the circus that follows him around ? I hope some team does and Farmer pulls the trigger on a trade this off season .

  8. It doesn’t matter if Johnny was in the car or not, the whole situation has to do with him. Most NFL players keep to themselves and don’t have the circus on tour with them, this clown is one of those exceptions.

  9. Somebody needs to have a long, serious talk with Johnny. I know he technically didn’t do anything wrong here, but good God, it’s always *something* with him. Get a good PR pro on staff, cut the leeches and crazies out of your life, and keep your mug out of the papers.

    It’s just insane that this guy can’t stay out of the news for more than 2 weeks at a time.

  10. 12 here, with the Browns doing so well and with a class QB like Hoyer Manziel could be gone in short order. The new CBA allows teams to jettison mistakes much easier than in the past.

  11. Manziel better bail him out. If that guy has Johnny’s bodyguard for a while then he probably has a lot of secrets that Manziel might not want public.

  12. Johnny Manziels agent, “I just got some great news!!!!!” Johnny replies “Am I starting against the Bills”!!! “No, I saved you a bunch a money by switching your car insurance to Geico!”………….sorry………..had to do it.

  13. Manziel doesn’t take any of this seriously because he doesn’t have to. If he fails in the NFL he’ll just go back to his real job – being the spoiled son of a Texas oil billionaire. And he’ll get a make-work lobbyist at daddy’s company, and be able to regale clients and politicians for the rest of his life about his days as Johnny Football. And probably be elected governor of Texas someday.

  14. imagine having to live in the same “upscale” apartment complex with this jackwagon…its probably not so “upscale” anymore…

  15. His name is Mohnny Janziel and has a striking resemblance to a certain clipboard holder.

  16. What does this have to do with Johny’s commitment to football? If his sister borrowed his car and got a DUI would that mean he was immature??? I just don’t get the commentators that think this has anything to with Johnny and how seriously he takes football.

  17. Most athletes, famous people and ordinary citizens are able to stay out of trouble without any effort. It’s takes extraordinary idiocy to get as much negative publicity as Manziel.

  18. htowntexan says:
    Nov 29, 2014 6:53 PM
    What does this have to do with Johny’s commitment to football? If his sister borrowed his car and got a DUI would that mean he was immature??? I just don’t get the commentators that think this has anything to with Johnny and how seriously he takes football.


    Because someone who is employed by Manziel and entrusted with Manziels property is breaking the law and endangering people under Manziel’s watchful eye. He is not only distracted, his whole life is a distraction. Do you think he’s as committed as Brian Hoyer? No chance.

  19. A story about Johnny’s car and his bodyguard, not Johnny himself, and the whole world professes their hate for him. They even say he is a bust and has no football future because he didn’t look good in his rookie preseason. Gimme a break. I’ve yet to see where he has done something harmful to someone else. His only crime is the media reports his every movement. Relax, let the kid live and learn and continue to mature a grow out it. Stop wishing his career ends before he gets a shot. For all we know, he may have learned the playbook as well as Hoyer knows it now. Maybe next preseason he leaves no questions about who the starter should be. He’s unquestionably better physical specimen.

  20. I was telling my buddy who is a Browns fan and I said Manziels in trouble because he is the media’s Tebow/Sam/ Manziel the media circus that surrounds him will dog him until another target comes along but who knows how long that will be. Good luck there is a bulls-eye on his back and they won’t stop until there is a better target.

  21. One time when i was a kid we ran into Jim Everett at a music store. It was 1989. He was by himself and drove a run of the mill jeep wrangler.

    He didn’t have a body guard. He acted respectable. My dad said hey to him and he smiled and said hey back.

    That was 1989, we are in 2014. When rookie back up qbs don’tlive or act respectbly. Rookie back up qb’s didn’t have a body guard.

  22. The Manziel hating continues. How does this in any way reflect on Manziel? It doesn’t!!

    As for those who would have cut their back-up QB, get a grip.

  23. Perhaps Mr. Manziel needs to look into finding a more competent body guard. Maybe he should talk to a qb with class, like Peyton or Brady.

  24. Random guy attacks him in HIS apartment bldg…his fault. Employee gets in trouble while away from “the office”… his fault.


  25. He should keep his nose clean… Ahem. But really get a clue all of you choir boys. He may need a little better work ethic but give the guy a break. He may actually need a body guard if he’s out late clubbing it. He’s not your typical backup QB. Because of all of the sensational plays he made in college and all of the draft hoopla, he’s a celebrity to some extent. I have my doubts if he’s NFL material and much prefer Hoyer behind center but I’m not gonna bash him for every tiny thing we hear about him. Hell, I was 10 times worse than him at his age. Get over yourselves.

  26. I don’t think I’ve ever heard any good news related to Johnny Manziel. The most dramatic backup QB ever.

  27. I don’t understand athletes today. Many years ago I played baseball in the minors for about 4 years with one year at AAA and there were a few guys from the majors back and forth with us at the time which was cool since they had money and would pay for a “big night out” with a few of the guys.

    Although this “big night out” was usually going for burgers and fries from the the drive-thru at Burger King, picking up a case of beer and hanging out at the hotel.

    Granted, this was the late 70’s but still.

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