Broncos not interested in Ray Rice

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Both NFL Media and ESPN reported on Sunday morning that multiple teams are interested in free-agent running back Ray Rice.  But neither company identified any specific team that has interest in Rice.

That’s either because the interested teams have insisted on anonymity, or because there currently are no interested teams and whoever is leaking the information hopes that someone will become interested.

One team to count among the uninterested are the Broncos.  Despite lingering concerns with the team’s running game, a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that the Broncos aren’t currently interested in Rice.

On the surface, it would make sense for the Broncos sniff around Rice.  In the 2012 playoffs, he gained 131 yards on 30 carries against Denver in a double-overtime classic.

But Rice hasn’t played all year, and he doesn’t know the Denver system.  With the potential benefits tenuous at best and the distractions and disruptions potentially significant, it makes plenty of sense for the Broncos to stand pat with their current stable of tailbacks.

That said, a single injury for any contending team could change everything.  For now, though, the Broncos aren’t interested in adding Rice.

7 responses to “Broncos not interested in Ray Rice

  1. As Robert Kraft publicly said the Patriots would not sign him, you can count them them out.

  2. Who would be? The guy ruined his NFL career unless someone like the Raiders would want him. No respecting team is going to sign him and deal with the media circus that tours with him.

  3. Rice took a year off.
    prior to that, he was averaging more yards carrying unconcious fiances than carrying actual footballs.

    He is done

  4. Had Rice committed the exact same offense outside of view of a camera, he’d have been in uniform today.

  5. Why are people talking about Rice like he’s no good. Say what you will about him punching his wife, but let’s not pretend this 27 year old multiple all pro RB is a scrub.

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