Report: Saints thinking about life after Drew Brees

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Rob Ryan might be the biggest sacrifice this offseason for the Saints, at least in terms of physical dimensions.

But he might not make the biggest splash.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, the Saints are thinking about life after Drew Brees, and the team is expecting to draft a quarterback high this offseason.

The Saints have dipped this year and so has Brees, though there’s a reasonable chicken-egg argument about the reasons why.

But he’ll turn 36 in January, and is scheduled to make $38.5 million the next two seasons.

Now, talking about a potential replacement could simply be leverage toward extending his deal so they can afford some more players, but it could also be a realization that his best days could be behind him.

37 responses to “Report: Saints thinking about life after Drew Brees

  1. Dang, do they play defense in Texas? 5 of the power 5 teams in Texas are in the top 15 in offense nationally, and all of them rank in the bottom 60 nationally in defense, no doubt though that you can get a good qb in texas 9 starters this week played their hs football in Texas!

  2. Perfect place for RG3. I remembered Drew Brees when he played for the Chargers, he was benched in favor of Doug Flutie, and they drafted Phillip Rivers. Not saying RG3 is Drew Brees, but Sean Payton knows how to maximize the talents of the qb

  3. Smart move, take away an impact player that you need on defense for a average QB who will sit on the bench for years. Ask New England how that has worked out…

  4. Luckily the Aints will have a high draft pick this year, since they’ll most likely only have 5 wins at best – and possibly just 4.

  5. Drew threw a 62 yard touchdown against the Ravens. Good thing for every other team that he has lost arm strength. The Saints need to beef up their O-line so he can make those throws. Some sure handed receivers would help and what about upgrading the defense, too. Drafting a potential replacement for Drew doesn’t mean he’s done. Just men’s the Saints are looking to the future and taking advantage of having a great QB mentoring the guy who might eventually replace him.

  6. The New York Jets and Houston Texans should be doing everything humanly possible to make a trade happen.

  7. Brees held the saints financially hostage. They let quality players, suddenly unaffordable thanks to drew’s contract, go. New coaches aren’t going to help. Lose Drew and his greed. Get more players who can play.

  8. khmer379 says:
    Nov 30, 2014 11:53 AM
    They better or there fans will be wearing paper bag over there head again

    You know, maybe that isn’t such a bad thing…

  9. First, I think it’s so unfair to blame Brees for his lack of success this year when he has no O-line to protect him. He had the luxury of having Carl Nicks get his back. He had all the time in the world then, now he’s got Ben Grubbs who has never been up to par and Drew is constantly rushed, blind sided and chased out of the pocket. Someone said once, either Billy Kilmer or Archie Manning that it’s hard to throw a ball when you’re flat on your back.
    Further, I would love to see RGIII here, we could find a good home for him.

  10. Life for who dat will just go back to what it was before Brees. It may be sooner than you think. There will soon be no more who

  11. This isn’t a new report or revelation. Brees’ contract is cap hell. Payton acknowledged at the end of last year that the window is starting to close with Brees. At this point, it’s not leverage, the New Orleans Saints need a QB in upcoming draft.

  12. 600+ attempts six of the last seven years…
    He’s still on pace for 5000 this year, which would be for the 4th straight year…

    I’d say the defence is more to blame than the offence.

  13. This story is nonsense. Brees is the second most pressure qb (according to pff), yet leads an offense that is #1 in third down efficiency. The saints still have a top 5 offense. He needs better interior linemen, but his drastic decline is not true.
    Additionally, Brees is making his market value. If the saints are handcuffed by his contract, how about teams like cincy, sf and Baltimore who are paying their quarterbacks similar money, yet do not get the same production?

  14. Ummm – sdchicken – hate to break the news to you but that’s working out fine for the Patriots

    They’re the #1 playoff seed – Belichick has also drafted 4 starting QBs playing this season alone – a potential #5 is on the bench

    The Saints would do well to let Belichick draft their next QB

  15. While Brady never cut his salary, he flexed how his salary was paid to him (i.e. bonus) such that he can make cap room for the Pats and thus get some players.

    Brees, IIRC, has done nothing. And, so he will continue to be nothing on a nothing team.

  16. aintasinner says:

    Drew threw a 62 yard touchdown against the Ravens. Good thing for every other team that he has lost arm strength.

    Yards after catch has nothing to do with arm strength.

  17. Brees is just fine, however, bad, horrible decisions were made who to cut by Peyton and the powers that be. Ryan needs to go…it is smart however to be priming a future QB for when Brees does decide to retire but NOT RGIII and i really like the guy but not for the Saints.

  18. The only way the Saints have a high draft pick is if they don’t win the division. Division winners pick in the 20’s. They changed this rule a few years ago.

  19. Remember the last 3 years when the naacp, I mean espn (same thing) was touting cam newton as the next coming of Christ in the nfl ???

  20. how many years did Rodgers sit behind Farve before he was ready?

    What happened to developing prospects for the most difficult position in the game?

  21. Well, of COURSE his best days are behind him! Last season he threw for over 5,000 yards with a passer rating of 104.7. It was only the third year in a row he passed for 5K.

    And considering he only has 3500 so far this season, it looks like he’s only going to break 4K this year. And his passer rating dropped like a stone all the way to 98.1. That’s one hell of a realization. Yeah, he’s really starting to regress, he’s losing his mad skillz.

    End sarcasm.

  22. IMO Probable QB leaving their teams

    Geno Smith
    Eli Manning

    and then there are the Coaches …

    It will be a very interesting time in the NFL and looking forward to see who lands where if anywhere for 2015

  23. I certainly don’t believe Brees is quite done yet. However the cap numbers are terrible. I don’t see any Saint QB ready to take over the starting roll. If Brees is forced out by the cap number, the Saints have to look at a free agent QB, or make a trade. If Brees stays, they better draft a QB to groom to eventually replace Brees when he leaves.

  24. All this talk means is the Saints are trying to get Drew to agree to an extension. The offensive line is horrible. Drew is getting hit on every play and by the way he threw for 5 TD’s yesterday

    He’ll be here in New Orleans playing at a top level for 5 more years IF the saints fix the offensive line

  25. Brees isn’t get hit on EVERY play. Don’t know what game you were watching but it isn’t ALL the defenses fault anymore like it was in the begginng. Saints’ defense held Pitt to 6 points inthe 1st qtr. THAT’S DAMN good!!! How many points did the offense score in the 1st qtr.? It wasn’t just the o-line, the WRs, or RBs. It was the QB too. Brees is the best QB the Saints have had but he made mistakes like every1 else & is not getting the ball in the end zone either at times. & the people cut, minus Greer & Sproles, NEEDED to go!

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