NFL won’t discipline Rams players for Ferguson demonstration


After five Rams players took the field in St. Louis with their hands raised in solidarity with protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, the St. Louis Police Officers’ Association urged the NFL to discipline the players. The NFL will not be doing that.

A league spokesman told USA Today that the players won’t be disciplined.

“We respect and understand the concerns of all individuals who have expressed views on this tragic situation,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said in a statement.

The NFL tries to maintain strict control of everything players do when they’re on the field, but disciplining players for merely raising their hands to voice their concerns about the shooting death of Michael Brown would only serve to exacerbate an already controversial issue. Players on the Rams and police officers all have the right to speak their minds on the matter, and the NFL is wise to stay out of it.

14 responses to “NFL won’t discipline Rams players for Ferguson demonstration

  1. Just as the ‘NFL is wise to stay out of it’ the NFL Players would be wise to follow their lead and stay out of it while on the field.

    Most fans use the game as an escape from daily troubles. If a player want to voice their solidarity, have them use social media. It’s used for every other opinion they have.

  2. Though it was an idiotic gesture by players who probably know nothing of the facts in the case, they are entitled to express themselves just as the business has a right to penalize the players if they see fit to do that.

  3. So the players get to perpetuate the lie that Michael Brown was shot while his hands were raised at a league event with no repercussions. So what does the league say when a protester says they were inspired by what the Rams WRs did an they actually hurt someone?

    BTW, I was at the game yesterday and my beloved Raiders are much worse in person than on TV.

  4. Wearing something not approved by the NFL would notbbe allowed. NFL just wants this to go away and were smart enough to realize that doing nothing is often the best course of action.

  5. They may have the right….but it was a very ill-conceived idea. The forensic and ballistic evidence was overwhelmingly against Michael Brown. Furthermore, the people in the stadium are the ones paying the ridiculously bad contracts of Cook, Austin, Bailey. While Michael Brown was busy smoking dope, assaulting shop owners and robbing convince stores, some of us are paying our season ticket renewals for the most losing franchise in the history of the NFL. I’m going to remember that next year if they don’t high tail it for LA

  6. Like to see how those 5 would react if their rides were being hijacked and the cops looked the other way. Try doing without cops for 24 hours and see how you like it. Hypocrites!!

  7. So the cop is cleared of wrong doing, but does that mean that injustice takes a backseat until the next incident?? You would like to see this go away, but it won’t just because you do not want to see it…..keeping it in the forefront MAY eventually lead to positive change in our country, change that has been long overdue.

  8. I understand that people are upset that the victim robbed the store and and knew about the autopsy revealing that he tried to grab the police officer’s gun, , But we never had a problem when States decided to get rid of the death penalty. We also do not like it one prison guards attack inmates.

    Why is shooting someone to the point where they die okay when he did not have any weapons to threaten the police officer for his life?

    There are less brutal ways to solve problems.

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