Pettine hasn’t decided on a quarterback, but LeBron has


On Sunday, Browns coach Mike Pettine said he’d pick a quarterback for Week 14 by Wednesday. On Monday, Pettine said he hadn’t picked a quarterback yet.

“Not leaning one way or the other,” Pettine told reporters on Monday. “There’s a lot to consider.”

Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James doesn’t share Pettine’s view that the decision is complicated. LeBron said that Manziel is “ready to go,” via the Associated Press.

LeBron admitted that he’s one of Manziel’s “biggest supporters,” and LeBron acknowledge that Manziel is “part of the family,” referring to the fact that LeBron’s management company represents Manziel in off-field endeavors.

“If coach is ready for him to give him the nod, he’ll be ready to go, but he’s going to have some bumps and bruises, just like any other rookie quarterback,” LeBron said.

Meanwhile, Colts coach Chuck Pagano told reporters that his team will prepare for both quarterbacks. Which necessarily will make it easier for the guy who gets the assignment to succeed, since the specific preparation devoted to the starter will be diluted.

44 responses to “Pettine hasn’t decided on a quarterback, but LeBron has

  1. So, his management company represents J-Man? And he’s supporting him? Thank God I was sitting down when I read that or I would have probably fainted.

  2. Johnny Tebow is a joke no matter what. Put him in. He’ll be destroyed. He’ll show that he isn’t good enough with multiple reads and patience in the pocket. It’s a wasted of time and Cleveland will suffer longer. Fine by me either way.

  3. “LeBron’s management company represents Manziel in off-field endeavors”

    Sometimes the jokes write themselves.

  4. Gotta see what he is about, Hoyer clearly is not the future, hoping the Brown’s find their future in Johnny. With 2 first round picks, the Brown’s arrow is pointing up.

  5. LeBron just slipped a notch in my book.

    Supporting this immature dude?

    Come on, LeBron… you’ve made enough money to not compromise yourself for this sort of thing.

  6. Hoyer should’ve taken those guaranteed millions to sit on the bench. Now he will sit on the bench minus the millions in cash. You gambled and lost. It happens. Oh well

  7. Im glad Coach Lebron has sorted out the Browns QB depth chart.

    Perhaps, Coach Lebron can provide a 2nd opinion on Tony Romo’s back? Dr. Jones would appreciate his assistance

  8. Pettine isn’t allowed to make the decision until the vagabond responsible for selecting Manziel in the draft has weighed in.

  9. Everyone knows Johnny Manziel will be the starting QB for the Cleveland Browns this coming Sunday.

  10. It was also a tough day for Tom Brady as Celtics guard Rajon Rondo announced that Jimmy Garopollo is ready too.

    Let’s hope that Jacksonville signs him to back up Chad Henne.

  11. “Meanwhile, Colts coach Chuck Pagano told reporters that his team will prepare for both quarterbacks.”


    In other words, he’ll be preparing for a mannequin, same difference, you can dress either and still get the same bad result.

  12. This is the first year the browns have been in it this late in the season in almost a decade and that’s cause of Hoyer to some extent. Granted he’s played poorly the last two games but he wasn’t that bad before then. If him and the coach would stop trying to force feed it to their newly reinstated receiver and play ball the way they have been things would be fine. They’ve targeted Gordon 30 times in the last 2 games. He’s caught 50% of them or less. Not that he can’t contribute but he’s rusty and out of sync with the offense….they should have eased him back IMO.

  13. Browns aren’t going to the SB this year. You know what Hoyer has – no real upside there. Johnny Football is nothing BUT upside. Seems like a no brainer to unwrap the new toy and see what it can do.

  14. This is why Cleveland sucks. Hoyer is 10-5 as a starter, they are still in the race for a playoff spot and they are inviting controversy. Let Hoyer finish the season and if it doesnt work out, then dont re-sign him. He’ll play better on a better team anyway…Houston hello!

    Manziel is exciting, but he’s one scramble away from going back to the bench in pain.

  15. yep, “part of the family” until a white cop shoots some black dude…. and here it comes again… get over it!

  16. I have no idea if Manziel will be a good qb in the NFL but one thing is for sure. ..he is definitely better passer than Tebow..whoever said Johnny Tebow knows nothing about football..

  17. LeBron needs to not worry about who should start at QB for the Browns and worry about his basketball team.

  18. Worst thing Cleveland can do is dump Hoyer after a couple bad games. If they dump Hoyer, I predict it sets them back another three years searching for a quarterback. What’s too bad is that it is inevitable. One bad throw, and the chants for Johnny will start.

  19. I don’t see anything logical in starting Manziel. Save him before his non-durable self gets hurt. Hoyer is a guy that will finish out your year and now since Cincy has won two straight they seem to have the North in the bag and that is if everything goes their way. Save Manziel.

  20. Hoyer is awful. He has 1 TD and 6 ints in the last 4 games. He’s 33rd in the NFL in Completion Percentage, behind freakin Geno Smith, who’s 32nd. It’s time for Manziel, the Browns are going nowhere with Hoyer and he won’t be back next year.

  21. I think it’s downright bizarre that everyone has made a decision that he’s trash after 2-3 bad games by Hoyer. How quickly we forget… After an embarrassingly long string of ineffective QBs, this guy comes along and moves the ball downfield, makes smart decisions, has enough an arm to throw downfield, is reasonably accurate, is a good game manager, can play from behind, and doesn’t quit… and his record has reflected that. Stats? Not always, but the record is the thing, you see.

    So now he’s had a few crappy performances in a row. Coincidentally, there’s also a kicker who is next to useless beyond 35 yards out, a depleted tight end corps, a depleted O line, a left tackle that can’t stop racking up penalties (and who has been overrrated for a few years now), a depleted D line, receivers that *still* drop balls and blow their routes, running back by committee, etc.

    Everyone on the team was playing better until a couple games ago, not just Hoyer.

    So when Manziel came in, he put together a drive and ran for a TD. Great. the next couple of drives, it was Johnny Panic under center. If I had a nickel for every backup that came into a game and sparked a scoring drive and then immediately started suckin’ the place up, I’d be rich.

    If the Browns are smart, they will, at very least, stick with Hoyer through this season and see where it goes.

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