Report: Florida to contact Chip Kelly

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Eagles coach Chip Kelly may not be interested in coaching at the University of Florida.  But the University of Florida is interested in Kelly.

According to Mark Farzetta of CBS Philly, Florida will contact Kelly as early as Tuesday to gauge his interest in the job.

When Kelly became the head coach of the Eagles, he said he would not be returning to college football.  But he could easily go back; the 18-month “show cause” order entered in connection with sanctions against Kelly arising from NCAA violations at Oregon expires on Christmas Day.

It’s unclear whether Kelly’s contract with the Eagles allows him to leave for a return to college football.  He had the leverage upon being hired to finagle full control over personnel, despite having no NFL experience.  If the Eagles wanted him badly enough, they’d surely consider giving him the ability to leave if he decided to return to college football, like Nick Saban did after two years with the Dolphins.

117 responses to “Report: Florida to contact Chip Kelly

  1. He’s got full control and is having success. I don’t see why he’d want to go back unless it’s waaaaay more money.

  2. First, it was Harbaugh going to Michigan, then now the Jets and Raiders. Now it’s Chip Kelly. Don’t worry Eagles fans, PFT will make a story out of a non story. It’s what they do. Harbaugh will stay with the Niners and Kelly will stick with the Eagles. There, PFT, I cleared it up for you.

  3. They would have to bank the Brinks truck up to his house to pry him away, probably more than they’re comfortable paying, I would guess $8-10 mil a year.

  4. Saban went to college because he was a failure and can’t hang with the big boys. Why would you leave the NFL to go beg some 17 year old to go to school there.

  5. Honestly, he’d be foolish not to take the job at UF if he can get it. He’s going to have to have MASSIVE success to gain longevity with Philly. Otherwise he’s out in three years.

    But in college, he gets total control and if he wins there he’s the king of Gainesville for as long as he chooses — basically can write his own ticket.

    NFL jobs are great, but the really cherry coaching jobs are in college.

    This is why Harbaugh would rather be the next coach of Michigan the the next HC of the Jets.

  6. This guy has the makings of a HOF career.

    Belichick only needs a QB and his genius to win. Kelly might be from the same mold.

    College football is for lazy guys or ego guys…

  7. Some of you commenters don’t realize how easy college football is to coach compared to the NFL. You become a freaking rockstar and the college town, permanently if connected to the alumni. Roster is larger, kids are younger and more obedient… Oh yeah, the best college coaches get paid better than most professional coaches.

    But I pray he stays in Philadelphia for a long time.

  8. Is it time for Chip Kelly’s agent to get him a new contract ?
    Kelly’s been cool for the NFL though, doing things differently at least.

  9. Hard to imagine him leaving. Also hard to imagine him turning down the pipeline of Florida talent. Kelly coaching a Florida team with Florida talent will accomplish more than he did at Oregon. My guess is that they will have to top Saban’s contract for there to be any chance of Chip leaving the NFL. Don’t see it happening though.

  10. It shows he’s a pretty good at coaching if he’s having success with Foles then now Sanchez at QB. I don’t think he’s going to Florida.

  11. Oh please do it.

    He’ll wear out his defense just like he does in the NFL. And when Arizona eliminates the Eagles in the Wild Card in January, you can bet the announcement will come.

  12. No kidding….but the real question is why he’s want to go coach at a 3rd rate uni when he’s got the NFC east locked up for a couple years.

    Next hey contact urban, spurrier, jimbo fisher, Gary Patterson and everyone else that’s done a great job and they’ll get the same response. No thanks. Their best bet is to waaaay over pay some shmuck at a small school and pray that he pans out

  13. If he leaves it will be next to impossible for the next college coach to jump to the pro game.

  14. ttommytom says:
    Dec 1, 2014 2:22 PM
    This guy has the makings of a HOF career.

    Belichick only needs a QB and his genius to win. Kelly might be from the same mold.

    College football is for lazy guys or ego guys…

    They give out yellow jackets for winning Super Bowls. Let’s stop right there and remember where he’s coaching. Not going to happen.

  15. The guy that’s making Sanchez look like a competent quarterback and running the fastest offense in the NFL is being asked to go to Florida instead of being an NFL coach? Not going to happen. Next story.

  16. Oh look, another sources from a source who is close contact with the source. Chip is staying in Philly. Meanwhile the fans in NFCE are like yeah! Florida! Now we have a chance! Mike Florio stop teasing these fans and giving them false hope. It is funny to see their reactions however.

  17. Florida is amongst the top 5 college coaching jobs in America…

    Get to recruit from the most fertile field in America, the Gators have more money than God, and coaches wives love it there with no state taxes…

    I don’t see it happening….but all of you “never going to happen” people are seriously, seriously, SERIOUSLY delusional if you don’t think he’s not going to take a good, long, hard look at the job.

  18. These schools are so out of touch with reality. I’m in Omaha and you have people here thinking coaches like Jim Harbaugh would jump at the chance to coach the Huskers.. It’s absurd!

  19. Hmmm… a comparable salary without having to recruit? I know there’s a lot of offseason work in the NFL too, but I would think it’s less stress than having to beg impressionable teenagers to come to your school.

    I know it’s not my decision and other criteria could influence Chip based on his wants/desires, but why would he leave a very good football school like Oregon to go to Philly if he didn’t want to be an NFL coach? Also, he’s having success, so why would he leave?

  20. Also, all these comments mentioning Harbaugh… if my options in the NFL are to be traded to the Jets or Raiders, U of M is looking like a pretty good job….

  21. Are they going to contact New England about Bill Belichick too? Seattle for Pete Carroll? What on earth makes Florida think their job is more desirable than and NFL job on a team in First Place?

  22. 95% chance he stays in Philly

    1. Kelly close to NH and his roots by being in Philly
    2. Kelly doesn’t like dealing with boosters . He had major problems at Oregon dealing with them.

    That being said, anything can happen. Hopefully Roseman/Lurie don’t aggravate him by not signing players. Eagles D would be so much better if they used some of their 16+ million under the cap on a one year deal with Revis or on a safety to replace Nate “no instinct” Allen.

  23. In response to some who believe that coaching at the college level is easier than at the pro, consider:

    1) Every year you have to hit the trail and kiss the rear end of 17 yr old kids, the best of which will leave the program at the earliest opportunity to go pro.

    2) Chip cannot have any greater control of a program than what he has already. Consider the fact that he let an All-Pro WR go because he did not fit with the team’s culture. DJax had done nothing wrong off the field. On the other hand, Jimbo Fisher is turning himself into a pretzel to justify keeping Jameis Winston on the team despite all of his off-field troubles.

    3) As a pro head coach, you only have to keep one person happy — the owner. As a college coach, there are a myriad of boosters that need to be kept happy. Piss the wrong boosters off and out the door you go.

    Being a pro coach has its own headaches, but at least at the pro level the charade of amateurism doesn’t exist.

  24. 1 out of 3 people living in Florida are already named “Chip”.
    Sounds like a match made in heaven.

    Leaving on top of the NFC East, unlike Spurrier, will guarantee that when the Florida gravy train comes to an end that Chip can easily migrate right back into an NFL coaching gig in Miami or TB. Two teams that will always be looking for a coach for the foreseeable future.

  25. Should the title say “Chip Kelly’s agent says Florida will contact his client, but he is willing to renegotiate his current contract to ensure that he stays in Philly” ???

  26. “phillyeagle says:
    Dec 1, 2014 2:45 PM
    2. Kelly doesn’t like dealing with boosters . He had major problems at Oregon dealing with them.”

    By “BoosterS” you mean one single guy, Phil Knight (Nike) who gives a blank check to Oregon and especially football coach. There was no problems with the “boosters” or with Uncle Phil.

  27. PFT is becoming a less desirable nfl news website when it spews unsubstantiated BS like this.

    less sizzle more steak PFT losers.

    quit the muckraking, sensationalism and unsolicited team resource allocation opinions.

  28. He turned an awful Andy Reid team into a playoff team, and is 19-9 so far in the NFL.

    Why would he want to go back to coaching kids, when he is killing it at coaching adult professionals?

  29. I hope Chip stays with the Eagles and coaches them to their very first Super Bowl win and many more after that.

  30. phillysports1 says:
    Dec 1, 2014 2:50 PM
    Mr. Wright 212

    Where were you when we destroyed them Cowgirls ? Nowhere to be found lol

    I picked them to beat Dallas. Hoped they did, hope they do it again in two weeks. Wrong person.

  31. Reading that most people think this is a crock, but therein lies the risk of implementing a weird scheme. If you lose its champion, you will have a hard time keeping that scheme with the replacement, and you will most assuredly consider changing schemes when you bring in a new coach (and staff).

    But it doesn’t stop there. You’ll find yourself without the right personnel and the next thing you know you are blowing it all up.

    Been there done that…

  32. Chip Kelly doesn’t like recruiting and it is well documented how much he dislikes boosters. It is also a fact that colleges / pros now use head hunters in their searches and this non story was probably leaked to the writer to gauge interest. Won’t happen.

  33. Because all successful NFL coaches are dying to babysit overgrown teenage boys and spoilt boosters.

  34. the Gators need to change targets….try Greg Roman of the 49ers or Jim Harbaugh (though i think he should go to Oakland)….Chip would be stupid to leave Philly while he’s winning for them.

  35. He is an outstanding coach without being a creep like the one in Boston. But I am not overly impressed with his personnel decisions. This past year’s draft except for Mathews was an unmitigated disaster. Too many Oregon guys who can’t play of get on the field even. A first rounder who can’t get on the field and is a bust without question. He thinks Fletcher and Williams are doing a “great job.” I would like to him to stay and give up on personnel control.

    BTW, to the clown pontificating about Cardinals…seriously, we would have blown your team out except for 2 turnovers in the red zone. The only team I am worried about in the NFC is Green Bay. May be Seattle a little. Not worried about Cardinals or Cowgirls.

  36. Nick Saban wasn’t lured away he ran away with his tail between his legs after being a miserable failure. Saban is a top notch recruiter. That’s his talent. That’s why he’s a good college coach. Kelly is perhaps the best coach of all time. The only way for him to prove it is to stay at the top level and win multiple superbowls which he will do.

  37. Yeah , just like last year when Kelly was going to USC and Harbaugh was going to Texas, right?

  38. It will not happen. When he was at Oregon he hated alumni booster functions. He pissed them off by conducting Skype session rather than hobnobbing with them. All he ever wanted to do was coach football and not deal with all the other aspects. If Florida is like Oregon with alumni and boosters wanting time with you Kelly won’t be the right fit he doesn’t care for those things nor does he care about $$. He cares only about being the best and competing at the highest level he is all football 24/7. In college you are limited by 20 hr week rule which he despises.

  39. Why doesn’t Florida just double whatever Alabama pays Nick Saban, assuming Saban could leave Alabama? If Florida learned one thing it’s that they need an offensive minded coach. BTW: I wonder how it feels to lose to Florida and Georgia Tech in the same year?

  40. “They would have to bank the Brinks truck up to his house to pry him away, probably more than they’re comfortable paying, I would guess $8-10 mil a year.”
    You mean the Brinks truck to bring Kellys money to him made on the backs of all the football players who earn all those big bucks for the university while the NCAA wont allow those same players to make any money for all their talent.sure a free ride to the players is worth alot but not near what the players bring in for the university thats why they can afford to pay Kelly a kings ransom.

  41. If I were Chip Kelly, I’d cash in on this promising 2014 campaign and take the biggest contract I could get from Florida.

    The reality is that it might take another year, but teams will figure out a way to shut down his offense. When they do, his stock will plummet and he’ll be lucky to make half of whatever Florida will offer him this year.

  42. He has made it clear that he hates recruiting high school players. He’s also a single guy who is already making more money than he knows what to do with, and he has had success right of the bat in the NFL. No reason to leave…

  43. Surprised it took so long for this discussion to start. I predicted it weeks ago.

    It would not surprise me either way. But as he is having a great deal of success with the Eagles, I would suspect that he would remain there since the rest of the division is fairly weak, with the exception of the Cowboys.

    Long story short, he likely stays.

    Why doesn’t this page start speculating about Jay Gruden’s future as a HC? It seems more preoccupied with ripping the Redskins’ QB.

  44. Crazy to think this guy started out in New Hampshire and has risen as high as he has, despite not coming out of the traditional football hotbeds of California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, or Ohio.

  45. phillysports1,
    please don’t insult us cowboys fans by calling Mr.Wright212 a cowboys fan. That boy loves him some New York Loser Giants!!!

  46. janvanflac says:
    Dec 1, 2014 3:44 PM
    Gotta love all of these loser fans of other teams praying for Chip to leave.


    You have to feel bad for fans of a team like Dallas – their team hasn’t done anything since 1996 and in the time since, a team like the Patriots have won more Super Bowls than the Cowboys have won playoff games.

  47. I guess the entire NFL is sweating Chip.
    Week in and week out we hear stories of him leaving for college.

    That’s all just wishful thinking for the other 31 clubs.
    #stayworried my friends.

  48. Oh and if Kelly leaves Philadelphia (assuming he doesn’t get fired), he’ll be heading the New England to take over when Belichick retires.

  49. Did any of you clowns actually read the article?

    By Marc Farzetta
    PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — According to a source with direct knowledge of the situation, University of Florida Athletic Director Jeremy Foley will contact Eagles head coach Chip Kelly as early as Tuesday of this week to “kick the tires” on Kelly’s interest in returning to the college scene.

    Oh and P.S Farzetta is a Giants fan working in Philly!

  50. One thing I’ve never understood about stories like this is why the Florida wouldn’t have somebody quietly make a call to Kelly or his agent to see if there is any interest rather than setting themselves up for the negative press of a public rejection of the job.

  51. I’m going to follow UF’s lead and ask out Jennifer Lawrence. My chances of getting a yes are significantly better.

  52. I’m sure he (and many other coaches) will be contacted as part of due diligence by Florida, Michigan, etc. Kelly’s had enough success in the NFL that it would surprise me if he left before taking a serious shot at the Super Bowl. Saban did not. He left after Jason Taylor made him wet himself for trying to treat an NFL team of grown men like a middle school gym class.

  53. The fact that a college coach can be paid millions ……there is something wrong with that !

  54. One other argument against the belief that being a college coach is so much easier than being a pro coach:

    Bo Pelini – 7 straight season with at least 9 wins and he gets fired by Nebraska

    Florida wishes they had a coach producing such consistency

  55. Why doesn’t this page start speculating about Jay Gruden’s future as a HC? It seems more preoccupied with ripping the Redskins’ QB.
    the reason behind THAT is because it seems less likely that Gruden gets fired, though i agree that he should be looked at with getting fired.

  56. as much chance of this happening as me hooking up with Scarlett Johansen…zero…he ain’t going anywhere…and the Eagles are going to the NFC Championship game which makes it impossible to lose to the Cardinals because the Cards are going to lose out and not make the playoffs…nice try though…right now, the Arizona Cardinals couldn’t beat the Louisville Cardinals….

  57. patsfan1820 says:

    The guy that’s making Sanchez look like a competent quarterback

    So did Rex Ryan for two years. You people may want until Chip wins something before you put him in the HOF.

  58. Yawn.

    He’s been relatively successful in the pros so far, its apparent he’s doing something right in the NFL after taking over a 4-12 team not even two years ago.

    If the time comes when he wants to go back to college, he can get a major school HC job with the snap of a finger. That option is always there for him. He has zero rush to get back there. I’m already used to these rumors at this time of year. Last year it was Texas. This year its Florida. Next year it will be some other school.

  59. It depends if he wants to keep his soul in possession of the devil, or if he wants to go rejoin the college system which is controlled by the devil. Maybe he should go back to school himself and learn a real skill.

  60. My take on Kelly is that he always wanted an NFL job because he is an innovator and admired by the best in the sport (I know Belichick is a fan of Kelly’s). In the college game, you win or lose to a large extent based on recruiting. While I’m not an Eagles fan, I’m a big Kelly fan and hope he stays there and builds something good.

  61. elmerbrownelmerbrown says:
    Dec 1, 2014 4:12 PM
    The fact that a college coach can be paid millions ……there is something wrong with that !
    For all of the money some of them make for the schools, they should be paid that. So should some of the players.

  62. Why would they want a coach who hasent won a championship at any level and doesn’t look like he will anytime soon? Sorry the reality hurts Eagles fans…..keep up your loving bromance with this guy he’s gonna break your heart like so many coaches have done before. Packers showed at what level the Eagles are really at and a surging Seahawks will do the same. When playoffs roll around they will knock you out again because the fact is they are better teams that have better coaches and better quarterbacks. Sorry it’s a fact. Welcome back to the real world….NFC East sucks…you would be lucky to be in third place in the West….that is a sad fact.

  63. As an Eagle and Philly native and a Florida grad, I am intrigued by this story but I do not think it will happen. Florida can pay maybe 4 million a year tops (he is still a state employee and there are limits, plus it affects the FSU coaches salary as well).

    Those who call Florida a dumpster have no clue. Its ranked 48th among all public and private universities. As for football, two national championships this century, and a great place to recruit. Plus warm weather, great fans, and a great football tradition.

  64. Chip Kelly:

    – Has 16-4 record in his last 20 regular-season games
    – Has revolutionized the NFL in less than 2 seasons
    – Will win back-to-back div. titles with average talent
    – Has team, league and city in palm of his hands
    – Is excelling at the highest level of the sport

    The next time Chip Kelly coaches a game in Florida will be when the Eagles visit Jacksonville in the 2018 season.

  65. That would be hilarious.

    The only thing we know for sure about Mr. Kelly’s future is it won’t include any missed meals.

  66. I don’t think Chip Kelly is going anywhere until he wins a Super Bowl for the Eagles……OR…..he’s convinced that he can’t in the near future. That isn’t the case now, so I really don’t know why he’d want to leave when he’s getting this team to the verge of legitimately being in the Super Bowl conversation. Its actually mind boggling to think a college could pay him enough money to walk away from Jeff Lurie’s goldmine.

  67. I wonder if one of Chip’s guys floated this to give him some additional contract leverage. With the success he’s having, why would he leave?

  68. The Eagles are going nowhere…Kelly is a gimmick college coach with Mark Sanchez as his QB.Let me repeat that for the cheesestakes..Mark Sanchez as his QB so don’t rule out Florida!

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