Drew Brees rips report that his replacement is on the way

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Drew Brees says the notion that the Saints are preparing for life without Drew Brees is ridiculous.

Then again, if they were, would they tell Drew Brees?

Brees fired back at this weekend’s report from the NFL’s very own network that the Saints were hoping to draft his eventual replacement this offseason, during an interview with Jay Mohr on FOX Sports Radio.

Something like that — I know it has absolutely no validity to it,” Brees said, via the New Orleans Times-Picayune. “A lot of time you can look at who’s writing that stuff and you can say ‘All right this guy is trying to make a splash or trying to make a name for himself’ whatever it might be.

“In a lot of cases I’m not sure where they get their information, if they just completely make it up or if there are sources that are their cousins.”

Lot of sources say lots of things to lots of reporters for lots of reasons, but there’s no reason to think this was made up out of whole cloth.

Brees is turning 36 in January. His play has declined this year. He’s due to make $38.5 million over the last two years of his contract, and the Saints have looming salary cap problems.

Tell me again why they wouldn’t be thinking about his eventual replacement?

Thinking to the future is prudent, no matter what Brees thinks. And if he thinks his replacement is on the way, and is more amenable to restructuring a contract to help the team improve while he’s still the quarterback, then it could turn out to be a win-win situation.

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  1. After the Super Bowl and Katrina…cutting ties with Brees is going to be messy. Good luck doing that where no one gets their toes stepped on.

  2. New Orleans would be foolish not to draft a good quarterback… if a good prospect falls and/or the opportunity to trade up to acquire a good prospect who has fallen close exists.

    It’s better to be prepared.

  3. How to handle aging elite quarterbacks in the press:
    – Float out the idea that the team could be getting rid of them.
    – Make it known that you’re “not saying they ARE but ya know…”
    – Substantiate said claim with an unnamed source that only offers vague hypothetical language.
    – Sit back and wait until time takes over and the team has to make a move, even if it’s years from now.
    – Smugly assert that you were right all along.

    Also known as “Pulling a Mort.”

  4. Does Tom Brady have a replacement? Peyton? The Saints have solid backups in place and they won’t be at the top of the board to get an Andrew Luck. The Saints have time with Drew so, unless they find a clone of Russell Wilson in the later rounds, they will be drafting defense.

    They need a star LB and a solid #2 corner much more than a QB. Everyone did see Drew throw 5 TDs this weekend, outside, and on the road right? If the man has time to throw he’s as good as ever. Same with Brady and Manning. Seattle was up in Manning’s grill in the SB and taht had everything to do with how he played. Not his age.

  5. Haha he’s shocked that not everyone shares his sentiment about being able to play into his 40’s? If the Saints were smart they’d be thinking about drafting his eventual replacement. Especially considering how hard it is to find a competent qb these days.

  6. Mr. Greed restructuring his contract for the betterment of the team? He’s THE reason they salary cap problems.

  7. @Patskrieg dot com – Bravo

    @lengai – Agree with your overall premise, but the Broncos and Pats have both invested early round picks in QB’s that they envision as potential future starters.

  8. QB Brees is going to cause the Saints to take a 53.8 million dollar salary cap hit in the next 2 years. (26.4 + 27.4).
    His base salary is 38.5 million for the next 2 years(18.75 + 19.75).
    The Saints need better players at several spots.
    Its time to get his replacement on the team now.

  9. I think Drew saved his job for a week with that win over the Steelers. Keep him on a short leash though like Cleveland is doing with Bobby Hoyer. I know Luke McCown could provide a spark to this team if needed.

    Absolutely bring in the next franchise QB. He will have the luxury of developing a year or two behind Brees. After two years Brees will be done (or he could play for the Chiefs).

  10. I didn’t hear anybody state that he would be dumped next season. At his age a team has to start thinking 2-3 years down the road.

    But it doesn’t sound like Drew will be mentoring any young QB’s.

  11. It’s only natural to deny your own mortality — unless you’re on the Jets, in which case you embrace it.

  12. Joe Montana, Brett Favre, Drew Bledsoe and Peyton Manning all thought the same thing.

    You can get all huffy if you want Drew. Your replacement is out there and he’s showing up sooner rather than later.

  13. Payton also addressed this in his post game presser. It ‘s nonsense. Brees’s has been playing fairly well this year, it’s just that he doesn’t have the clean pocket that he is used to working with. PFF currently has him rated highest in passing ( don’t give me any of the nonsense that pff is completely false– it is a good tool to benchmark players) and Brees is one of the most accurate downfield passer. He has been under heavy pressure and still putting up great numbers.

    He is still a top 4 quarterback. End of discussion.

  14. You’re darn right his play has declined this year! There are so many other quarterbacks who throw for more than 5000 yards, more than three years in a row! Drew can’t keep up with that kind of production! At his current rate, he might only eclipse 4500 yards this year! And his passer rating is currently sitting at a woefully awful 98! What a bum!

    End sarcasm.

  15. I am surprised by his reaction to these stories. The Saints can’t wait for Drew to say I had enough you can draft a QB now. Nobody is saying he is getting replaced anytime soon. But as an organization they would be foolish not to look into a QB. Drew can’t play forever. It is that simple.

  16. It’s entirely possible he knows all that, but is trying to discourage the team team from using a high draft pick that could be used to improve the team while he’s still playing to maximize his odds of getting another SB ring. I can see why he would rather have another playmaker rather than have a Favre/Rodgers situation. Doesn’t mean the team will or should listen to him.

  17. Drew, don’t be Favre 2.0.

    In a down year like this don’t act like a baby if someone like Aaron Rodgers falls to the Saints (Probably in the top 10).

    Remember how beloved Favre was before he got jealous of the new kid on the block? Nobody in GB is complaining either.

    It will happen eventually.

  18. As a Bears fan, we’ll trade Cutler for Brees. Straight up.

    OK, we’ll throw in Mark Trestman too. Jeez.

  19. Every year the Saints lose quality players because of Drew and his contract. Drew’s main interests are his money, and his stats. The players complain about the last CBA, but notice that as soon as it was signed, Drew got HIS money.

  20. Face it Drew you are an Old Man in a Young Man’s Business. For the Saints not to be thinking of your replacement at this point makes no sense whether you like it or not.

  21. Well of course the saints aren’t looking for his replacement–Drew Bree announced earlier this year he’s still gonna be throwing the rock for the Saints when he’s 45 years old. Who knows, maybe even 50?

  22. As a huge Saints fan, I support drafting our next QB this coming offseason. Brees will always be a hero to us, and his stats are still fantastic. But watching him this year, we can see the decline for the first time. Even when he has time to throw, he sometimes misses throws that he would never miss before. Sure a better O-Line would help, but the accuracy I am referring to is when he has clear open shots. I am NOT talking about a first rounder this year who they expect to play sometime in the next year or two. I’m talking about a flier with huge upside that can sit and learn and not see the field outside of Pre-Season for the next 2 years.

    Of course I would love to grab an amazing LB, like Mack, or Barr. However, how are those teams faring this season? That’s my point, QB is THE most crucial position to support, and Brees is aging whether he/we like it or not.

  23. Drew Brees is still an over rated schmuck. He cannot play football outside of a dome. Let’s not forget how he threw Graham under the bus telling the media he was a TE and then refused to sign a deal for $1 million less for what he got while claiming it wasn’t about the money. OH and his ridiculous “1” sign before opening kickoff. He’s a real piece of work.

  24. Drew is still a Top 5 QB so I wouldn’t bet the house that the Saints will draft his replacement anytime soon…..TRUTH!

  25. The Pack drafted Rodgers when Favre was 34. Joe Montana was 31 when the Niners traded for Steve Young. Peyton Manning was 36 when the Colts dumped him in favor of drafting Andrew Luck. The Cowboys had Danny White punting and waiting in the wings for Staubach’s retirement for a number of years. All of these teams continued to be at least playoff contenders after they parted ways with their franchise quarterback.

    Teams that had Aikman, Kelly, Elway, Marino, Fouts, Bradshaw, and Starr failed to prepare for the departure of their franchise QB and for the most part spent at least a decade as non-contenders. When your quarterback is on the wrong side of 35, I think the evidence overwhelmingly suggests that a plan of succession is definitely in order. If Brees wants to cry like a little baby about it, so be it. The guys who run the Saints have more to worry about than Drew’s fragile ego

  26. They already are training a replacement for him, the kid’s name is Ryan Griffin. That’s why the Saints are he’ll bent on keeping him around.

  27. Just think Saints fans you could go over 40 years like the vikings and still not have a competent qb. Nothing wrong with drafting one and having him ride the bench and learn. Worked well with Rodgers.

  28. Drew is correct to fire back at the reporter. The media comes up with stories based on a whim. A reporter might have asked a former player if Drew is getting old and the player says well he’s 36 and that became, “The Saints are using a high draft pick on a QB”. There were also reports that Sean Peyton and Rob Ryan hate each other, and Rob would soon be gone. Both ridiculous click-bait stories that come out of someone’s imagination.

    Drew Brees at 36 is a better QB than most of the league, regardless of age. Peyton is old as well, Favre was old…still playing/played. Brady is older and people were discussing replacing him after game 4 of this season, now they are trying to crown him Superbowl MVP. The media is ridiculous. I’m just happy this season has been so unpredictable because of even play across a lot of teams that it is making people who pick games look like complete idiots.

    For all those talking about Drew Brees’ hefty contract, and that he’s a greedy player. Consider this, Jahri Evans is the second highest paid player on the team. Jimmy Graham got a new record setting contract. They signed the most valuable commodity in Free Agency in Jarius Byrd in the offseason. Junior Gallette got paid as well. Do you know who is paid more than Drew Brees? Andy Dalton, Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, and many others. I would take Drew over all of those QB’s, not because they aren’t good, but for sheer efficiency and consistency. He has 4 5,000 yard seasons, 3 of which have been in consecutive seasons, no one else has more than 1, ever.

    I’ll close by saying that I would rather keep Drew Brees for another few years, and draft some Defensive players, any day before I waste a draft pick on an unproven Jameis Winston, or Marcus Mariota…we all saw how drafting RGIII panned out. I would rather find a Russell Wilson late in the draft and have Drew train him for a few years while we win a few more Superbowls. Who Dat.

  29. Most teams would be falling over their children to sign Brees. Just look at NYJ, Washington, Tampa, and Atlanta. They’re all looking for a franchise Quarterback.

  30. Saints aren’t drafting any quarterback anytime soon. They will be drafting defensive players and o-line. Drew will restructure his contract and has stated many times he is willing. If I had to guess, Loomis is probably trying to pay as much as he can while he can to Brees to make restructuring later easier. When Drew’s time is near, the saints will make a move for Russell Wilson.

  31. That’s going to be the downfall of winning the division with a lousy record. If I’m not mistaken the division winner can’t draft any higher than 21st so IF they do win the division it’s not like they’ll be looking at one of the top guys anyway.

  32. Yeah, the Dophins sticking with Marino til the bitter end worked out really well for them.

    If the Saints don’t have some sort of plan for Drew’s replacement now or very soon, they’ll spend ten years in the crapper.

  33. “His play is declining this year” in 12 games he has thrown for 3748 yds, 27 td’s 11 int’s and a 70.3 completion %. Really?

  34. Lengai yes Brady and Manning have had replacements drafted over the years. Patriots drafted Mallet as a potential replacement for Brady, but Brady stayed at a high level and keeping Mallett any longer would kill his value so they moved on. Also he wasn’t the player they were hoping for. I’m sure the Patriots will be drafting another potential replacement real soon.

    Ever heard of Andrew Luck he was and still is Manning’s replacement . The Broncos have also drafted his potential replacement Brock Osweiler.

    I don’t care how beloved he is Brees will be replaced in the next few years, and the Saints wI’ll be drafting the guy to do it pretty soon.

  35. I am a Browns fan and I can see the Browns giving the Saints a 2nd rounder & Josh Gordon for Brees.

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