Five running backs get Tuesday workouts, but not Ray Rice


Four days ago, running back Ray Rice became eligible to sign with any team.  Since then, he hasn’t gotten a sniff.

On Tuesday, five running backs had tryouts with NFL teams.  None were Ray Rice.

Per a league source, the Browns worked out Shaun Draughn, the Colts kicked tires on Mikel Leshoure, the Giants worked out Dion Lewis and Chris Ogbonnaya (they signed Ogbonnaya), and Washington gave a tryout to Terrance Cobb.

No specific team has been linked to Rice, despite reports that a handful of teams are interested.

65 responses to “Five running backs get Tuesday workouts, but not Ray Rice

  1. He’ll get a job next year. Not this year, though.

    Interesting to see how redemption-based the coverage has now suddenly become, however. Such a dog and pony show in every phase.

  2. The true character of a person comes out when they think they aren’t being watched. This dude is a low life and should never play another down.

  3. Ray Rice should call Ted Thompson ASAP and beg him for a job to back up Eddie Lacy . With The Packers he’ll get a potential playoff home game in Lambeau Field , play along side Aaron Rodgers and he can redeem himself BIG TIME .

  4. Ray Rice won’t be picked up until after the draft. What about Lache Seastrunk? Why isn’t he getting burn anywhere ?

  5. Rice should get another opportunity but after missing 3/4 of a season and declining numbers I doubt there will be more then 2-3 teams. Should’ve been a 4-8 game suspension in the first place and probably should’ve been cut after the first video.

  6. Ray Rice won’t play again because his skills are gone. He was done before this mess started. He averaged 3.1 yards per carry last year. End of story.

  7. He was on the the downside of his career last year. He’s too much of a toxic player for anyone to sign now when RB’s seem to be very easy to find. Back ups step right in and teams don’t miss a beat.

  8. Why would any team want the headache? There’s maybe six or seven RB’s that over perform what they’re o-line gets them in terms of blocking and ray rice isn’t one of them. Justin Forsett is doing just as well as ray would have done this year. The ravens were dumb for keeping him as long as they did. That being said I think AP is a bigger dirt bag that rice. 7 kids with no father figure unless he needs to whip em. What a loser.

  9. “Yes, let’s take on that P.R. nightmare for three yards a carry.”

  10. Granted, no one has a right to ANY job but America is all about redemption and second chances. What Ray Rice did is DEPLORABLE but he is not the son of perdition and I think he SHOULD be given a second chance; next season. If GOD gave that guy Paul of Tarsus, a second chance, I believe redemption is POSSIBLE for Ray Rice. I think he has MANY acts of contrition to perform before he gets that second chance.

  11. I don’t get this thinking that Rice will never get picked up. Everyone swore Vick couldn’t come back from murdering dogs and……..

  12. Didn’t Rice average 3.1 yards a carry last year for the Ravens? Forsett is having a great season this year. Maybe he is done anyway, aside from the brutal assault of his wife.

  13. All these self righteous d bags make me sick. Yes knocking out your girlfriend is unacceptable and he should have been punished. But its not like he is the first guy to do it. It wasn’t too long ago in America, that guys all over the country exhibited that very same behavior. The majority of us here know (or have no clue that) someone in our families that who have done the same thing. Uncles, Fathers, Grandfathers etc…. Reality check people…….. quit actin so enraged and butt hurt geesh.

  14. talent aside…this guy is a PR nightmare for any team that signs him and if he gets cut then they get accused of discimmination.

    He is done

  15. Ray Rice is proof that it takes a lifetime to build your name and minute to destroy it. Shame because, he did a lot for the baltimore community, anti bullying efforts and obviously his wife still loves and respects him for now. Here’s hoping he,like all the others in life who make that one terrible mistake that can ruin them are given a chance to redeem themselves.

    It takes ALOT of Dirt to keep the wheels of the NFL moving along unfortunately now Ray Rice is the poster child for the corrupt fools like goodel to take the blame, RIGHTFULLLY SO, for all the shameful acts the leaders of the NFL have been allowing to happen since Monday Night football first Aired!

    Roger Goodell supported that and is now caught so he should be dismissed and blackballed from ever having a executive job just like Ray is from being a running back. Time to quote “GET IT RIGHT” Goodell BOT and resign with your 44 million and head back to your mailroom job.

  16. If he gets a chance to play next season, it makes no sense to me why a team needing a RB would not take him this season? Time is not a cure to this issue. He did what he did and has been penalized………..either he gets to come back and gets a second chance or he doesn’t……….

  17. Steelers are Superior says:
    Dec 2, 2014 9:17 PM

    Only poor teams have tryouts in December.
    The Steelers are a poor team and they haven’t had any tryouts. Looks like they’re pretty happy with their horrible secondary.

  18. Next year the PR nightmare may have died down, but he’ll be a year older and still have that 3.1 ypc on his last season’s résumé. Might land a backup job, but that would probably be it.

  19. again why are so many acting like his play doesn’t have a part in this. if he was AP on the field, OK, I guess someone gives him a chance, even a ricky williams on the field, but he rushed for under 3 per carry. he looked like he hit the point where HB’s decline and I am not sure why people act as if they took away his long term job. he won a super bowl and plays HB in the NFL coming off 2.9 YPC. why the heck should a team want him if you add in the PR that comes with him cold clocking, and kicking his wife?

  20. It may not all be the scandal. Rice played poorly last year and he wasn’t playing all that well this year when he was cut.

  21. The worst part of this is the fans reactions compared to AP who beat a child, not a grown adult woman. While neither is acceptable of course, beating a helpless child seems far worse in my eyes. They both should be suspended but it would be nice to see some fans showing an ounce of integrity and consistency on the matter. I guess if Ray Rice was still good, they’d want him back.

  22. He’s done, people are calling it left and right. He’s washed up on the field and so why sign a guy with all that baggage and who’s yards per carry are poor. The report about interested teams was a ploy to get teams to jump and none did.

  23. I love Steelers fans. They have now lost to the hapless Jets, Bucs, Saints, and got destroyed by Cleveland this year. Just a memo, keep talking about your history (And they’ll only tell you about their history from 1974 on, even though they started in 1933), because that’s all you have to hold on to. Your team is garbage now. Stop trying to troll on everyone else, because your team in awful.

  24. Any team that signs him has to have low standards to begin with and the Vikings are clearly preoccupied with trying to get their $15 million dollar Child abuser back on the roster, they don’t have the time to sign a wife beater.

  25. My concern is that now victims of domestic violence will refuse to report it because if they do, their husband gets chased out of the league and their family loses millions. That mindset has probably been around for a while, but now there is clear proof to back it up. There are no good options here, but trying to rehabilitate his image might counter-intuitively help the domestic violence issue in the long run.

  26. Ray Rice will never play in the NFL again. Leshoure is pretty good but extremely injury prone….

  27. if he doesn’t have a job by the first pregame next year, Janay will divorce him, and he will deserve it…. not for whiffing on a job… for whacking her in the first place

  28. Even if Ray Rice had an official certificate of forgiveness from Jesus himself, no one is going to sign him right now. For these reasons…

    1. Too late in the year
    2. The whole media situation is still very fresh, and no teams wants to deal with that.
    3. He is getting old and teams want fresh legs

    Perhaps he gets a phone ring next year, but it will be close to training camp time and he won’t start again. Then again, I could be wrong and someone calls him 10 mins from now.

  29. A mistake is something that you did not mean to do. Ray Rice made a conscious choose to beat the living crap out of his wife. And by not apologizing to her is just more proof of what is and is not a mistake!

  30. If the Giants tried out Ray Rice, I’d become an Eagles fan. — equally perverse decisions.

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