Rex Ryan may have a multimillion-dollar TV job waiting for him


Don’t cry for Jets coach Rex Ryan when he’s inevitably fired in four weeks. He’ll do just fine without a coaching job.

Ryan, who’s always quick with a quote and would be a natural for a TV job, will make $3 million to $5 million a year if he decides to go the media route next year, industry sources told Richard Deitsch of PFT has separately heard that a multimillion-dollar TV offer was being readied for Ryan around this time last year, before Jets owner Woody Johnson decided to keep Ryan for another season.

“He pretty much has everything TV networks would look for. He has personality, he’s not shy about his opinions, and he’s a colorful character,” ESPN senior coordinating producer Seth Markman told Deitsch. “I think he would be successful whether it is in studio or doing games. When I close my eyes and listen to him I hear a little bit of John Madden in him. There is going to be a lot of interest in Rex if that is what he wants to do.”

That kind of money may make Ryan think long and hard about whether he even wants to keep coaching after he’s fired, as he surely will be at the end of this season. And it almost certainly means Ryan wouldn’t take a defensive coordinator job next season.

Ryan was jovial as usual when asked today about the talk that he’ll be sought-after by TV networks in a few weeks.

“I have no idea,” Ryan said. “It must be how handsome I am.”

Making millions of dollars a year as a broadcaster will put Ryan in a position much like Jon Gruden: He’ll remain a prominent figure in the NFL world, and his name will continue to be mentioned when coaching vacancies open. But he won’t be in any hurry to take a coaching job, until he’s sure it’s the right job.

127 responses to “Rex Ryan may have a multimillion-dollar TV job waiting for him

  1. The guy can coach. You don’t beat Peyton in Indy and Brady in NE to go to two AFC Championship games with Sanchez as your quarterback if you can’t. Falcons would be a great fit bc their offense has many of the needed parts already.

  2. I don’t blame him for wanting to take the easy money and be on TV for a few years. He’s one of the best, if not the best, defensive minds in the NFL but he has no idea how to build an offense/hire a competent OC. If the Packers ever fired Capers he’d be a great fit as DC and that would be terrifying.

  3. Sounds like a smart plan to me. If I were a coach looking to make a legacy for myself, I wouldn’t be in any rush to jump into coaching any of the bunch of dumpster fire teams who will be desperate for coaches next year.

    San Fran is about the only team with a half decent roster who will be looking for a coach next year. Just about every other decent team already has a coach.

    You saw what happened to Shanny. Doubt anyone else will be in a rush to end up in the same situation.

  4. No disrespect intended but Rex would make a much better television commentator than a head coach in the NFL.

  5. “Come back to the Ravens and help restore their tradition of top 10 defense. Bring Ed reed back to coach the dbs and the defense will be back.”

    You must be a high school kid to think that a guy is going to want to return to his old job after having been a HC elsewhere. No chance. He’s going to TV (or to another HC job if someone is dumb enough to give him one).

  6. Sexy Rexy would be a refreshing infusion of personality, spunk, wit, candor and charm. I, for one, would totally dig it!

  7. They gave up on Sanchez too early. Not that Sanchez is great but he’s a quarterback you could win with (Alex Smith, Carson Palmer, etc.). Rex is a pretty good coordinator and still a decent NFL head coach. This won’t be his last job as a head coach I’m sure.

  8. He will be the next Raiders DC. He and Harbaugh are going to bring the Raiders out of the pit of Hell and back to the promised land!


  9. Who would cry for Rex Ryan? He’s going to get offers as soon as he’s fired. In fact I bet he’s going offers behind the scenes right now. Firing him would be a blessing for him as lets be honest as long as Woody Johnson is the owners of the Jets they’re going to be a joke for a long time.

  10. I support anything that might put him in the position to have to ask Bill Belichick questions after games.

  11. The Jets have a major issue re player talent. Idzik hasn’t provided the players to be competitive.
    Rex can still coach Defense and who else would have whipped them up for a big game last night.
    Yes, he’d be great on TV, because he has a real personality but I think he still probably wants to coach.
    If Woody Johnson had any brains, he’d keep Rex and fire Idzik. But don’t hold your breath for that to happen.

  12. Please Football Gods no !!!! Not this buffoon doing game commentary please say it ain’t so !!!!!

  13. I’m sorry, people want Gruden because he actually won something. This guy is a joke and should stick to defense. 47 yards passing? That’s like impossible!

  14. Rex will have many options. I imagine there will be a line of teams trying to get him in a DC position. I’m sure there will be a TV opportunity for him if he wishes it as well. We know he speaks his mind, so he would certainly bring a lot of ratings to show looking to get a boost.. but I think that would get old pretty quick.

    Still if people like Tony Dungy and Warren Sapp have a TV job, Rex should certainly be able to get one..

  15. with the heat you take for a single loss these days, I would totally go to television. why the heck not. its stable as can be as long as you don’t say something really stupid. you aren’t taking heat every week and losing days off your life from the stress. you aren’t moving every other year often taking your family with young kids with you.

    take the TV job, and like Cowher and others, sit on it, sit on it and be like gruden and put yourself in the news each year, get more money from your announcing gig, and sit back, relax and collect the pay check

  16. I can see it now….He wants to interview Belichick, and get him to be candid like only a few can [ ie Rodney Harrison].

    Belichick takes his rings out of safe…all of them.

    Start kissing Rexy…..or no interview.

  17. He will be Hasletts replacement in DC next year. Bet on it. Snyder will out pay everyone, including the networks for him

  18. honkeyt says:
    Dec 2, 2014 6:22 PM
    He will be the next Raiders DC. He and Harbaugh are going to bring the Raiders out of the pit of Hell and back to the promised land!



    The promised land? Is that L.A.?

    I’m sorry. You left that so open I couldn’t not respond.

  19. “The guy can coach. You don’t beat Peyton in Indy and Brady in NE to go to two AFC Championship games with Sanchez as your quarterback if you can’t. Falcons would be a great fit bc their offense has many of the needed parts already.”

    Everyone who watched that Eagles game on Thanksgiving is going to disagree. the fact that Sanchez did not turn into a star is a direct reflection on the ineptitude of the coaching staff. Even if you spot Ryan the credit of being the defensive guy, it’s still on him that he couldn’t hire a quality OC, because for all of Chip Kelly’s success the book on college coaches before he came along was their offenses are terrible and not NFL ready. Sanchez is making Kelly look really, really good right now, and Ryan look like the terrible bioviating overmatched head coach he is.

    Besides, I really doubt he will be interesting on TV, as Gruden is absolutely terrible waiting for his next gig. Ryan would have the same problem. Not willing to be honest enough to be entertaining because he wants back in the big dance

  20. Nahh, this time next year, Ryan will be swimming in womens’ feet, working at Payless for $8.50 an hour.

    All the feet he can eat is no match for money.

  21. He is worth 3 to 5 mil per year just to be a defensive coordinator and to keep his Jose away from the offense.

  22. The guy can coach. You don’t beat Peyton in Indy and Brady in NE

    They play the Patriots tough most of the time. The dudes always crowing about a weak AFC East never watch those games, they just run their mouths and make fools of themselves.

  23. Wouldn’t blame him if he did. It’s a cozy job. Just look at Cowher. He could have had dozens of HC jobs by now, but he keeps his Fri-Sun gig for half the year and adds to his bankroll as he does it. Everyone thought he’d go back ASAP once his daughter graduated and his wife passed away. But, alas – cozy job. Rex would be smart to take it n if offered. Although he’d be the type to say the wrong thing and be gone in 3 months.

  24. I might add Gruden and Cowher have waited too long. You can’t be out of it this long and come back and have instant success like Dick Vermeil did.

  25. I can tell by reading only a few comments that I’m missing something about Rex and feet. So what is it? Did he have his foot job videos leaked, or what did I miss?

  26. How about replace gruden with Rex??

    Hell, all of these announcers put me to bed to where I want Rex!!!

    Bye bye “sleeping pill” Simms, Troy “unawake” man, grudes, and … “Sleeping pill” Simms again (twice due to the CBS/NFL Network disaster taking place. And I actually like the games and matchups)!!!

  27. As a lifelong Dolphins fan I have always disliked the Jets…with that being said, I still think Ryan is a good football coach. His players ALWAYS play hard for him and never give up. His personality is one that I’m sure players love playing for. With the right talent around him I’m sure he will be a successful NFL HC at some point in his coaching career. Raiders seem like the best fit for him if Harbaugh doesn’t end up there. I would welcome him as the Dolphins DC if for some reason we lost ours after this season.

  28. Please don’t mention him in the same sentence as Madden. That’s just not a comparison that will ever exist.

  29. How funny would it be if the Saints fired Rob Ryan and hired his brother!
    The story of the century!
    But it won’t happen.


  31. Well, it’s proven that you don’t really have be successful at anything to be a TV personality, s Rex is a natural.

  32. Is this a joke! This big mouth would be terrible! So please tell us this is a joke! Nobody cares what this big mouth has to say, it’s all hot air!

  33. He would fit in with Bradshaw and the rest of those giggling yokels on the Fox pre-game show.

  34. I’m all for it if ESPN cans Ray Lewis. There’s something I just can’t stomach, knowing his past, oh wait, “alleged” past.

  35. There’s an opening for a coach at Michigan. His defensive style would fit in well with the big 14 and I bet the guy could recruit really well.

    He doesn’t have to leave football. He’s got options.

  36. I think he gets 3 mil next year if he gets fired. If im him, I take the 3 plus the tv deal and let some of the stink wash away like chucky has. When chucky left he couldn’t buy a job, now he’s the hottest unemployed coach every offseason and can pick the perfect scenario, like when he took someone else’s Tampa players to the super bowl. Go for it rex you’ll be tv gold man, just don’t make any super bowl guarantees in sept.

  37. Whatever network that ends up being will be muted, and I’ll put the radio broadcast on while watching the game.

  38. Rex is not going to take a DC job. No HC will feel comfortable with him on the staff. Fans will be calling for Rex to be HC from the moment he is hired.

    Rex is a HC in the NFL, he has earned that. He deserves another shot at it with a competent GM.

    If not put him along side Ray Lewis on ESPN, those two talking defense could be its own show.

  39. I guess it makes sense that the networks would want him, and he might do well at that job. But, is that really good for the NFL? THe networks have become a talent drain for the league at the coaching position.

    Cowher, Dungy, Gruden Edwards, and Mariucci are all guys that quit coaching before they really needed to. Dungy quit to devote time to his ministry and other interests, So the TV gig is good for him, because it doesn’t cut into his other work. But the rest could and should be working in the NFL as head coaches, or at the minimum as coordinators.

    Ryan would get a job immediately as a coordinator, and with the right owner/GM, he could be a successful HC. Sticking him in a booth for millions per year might give younger guys coaching opportunities, but that doesn’t mean better football for all of us. The networks should stick with ex-players like Lynch, Collinsworth, Siragusa and Sapp who had great careers, and know the game from the inside, but are just too old to play. And they can have guys like Millen that can be personable and informative, but can’t do the job in the NFL. Keep the guys that are talented enough to be in the game where they belong…in the game.

  40. Rex is a fun guy. Not a great HC but not a bad DC. I hope he follows in the footsteps of John Madden and Jon Gruden (to a lesser extent) and takes the easy money and runs. He’s earned it. Maybe he’ll have his brother Rob on to play drums.

  41. astburyj says:
    Dec 2, 2014 6:21 PM
    They gave up on Sanchez too early. Not that Sanchez is great but he’s a quarterback you could win with (Alex Smith, Carson Palmer, etc.). Rex is a pretty good coordinator and still a decent NFL head coach. This won’t be his last job as a head coach I’m sure.
    Anyone can succeed in Chip’s system… don’t be fooled.

  42. Bring Ryan to Denver to be their defensive cordnater. would do a heck of a better job than Del Rio is doing

  43. Rex has already been told he is no longer the coach at next year in case no one knows that.
    Coaching the Jets has to be a nightmare, they suck, and to have to suffer Geno Smith and his ability is enough to give you a heart attack.
    I felt bad for Rex last night, although I am a Dolphin fan and thought sooner or later the Dolphins playing like crap, would win the game.
    Geno is horrible.

  44. Better plan on the tv gig rexy…any head coach that knows he’s coaching for his job on Monday night football and comes out with a game plan strait out of 1934 with 100 runs and like 10 passes is not going to be around long after the season.

  45. TheWizard says:
    Dec 2, 2014 6:51 PM
    The guy can coach. You don’t beat Peyton in Indy and Brady in NE

    They play the Patriots tough most of the time. The dudes always crowing about a weak AFC East never watch those games, they just run their mouths and make fools of themselves.

    …Quick name one franchise quarterback other than Brady playing for an AFC East tema since 2000…

    …I’ll wait…

  46. He’ll be great on TV. He should take his brother with him. They’d be funnier than Laurel and Hardy.

  47. Like many other coordinators-turned-HC, Ryan can only really manage one side of the football. His best bet is to lay low and come back as a defensive coordinator before (if at all) getting back into a head coaching job. See Norv Turner, R.Marinelli, Wade Phillips, Nolan, Schwartz, Callahan/Linehan, etc…

    Some people just can’t handle that much and are better off with modest success as a coordinator.

  48. Come on to Atlanta Rex. A buddy of mine mentioned it a month or so ago and I gotta say I think it’s a good fit. We be a defensive minded coach. After dealing with the NY media for these years, he would have it made around here! D. Orlando Ledbetter rarely ask any tough questions. In fact, Rex would probably be pretty damn bored around here

  49. Teflon Rex. A man who has already shown that he’s willing to throw his own players, assistants, and front office under the bus on numerous occasions. A man with a proven record of never letting a chance go to enhance his own image and grab undeserved credit and avoid any blame? He’s a perfect mediot already He won’t need a minute’s training.

    Rex took a pretty talented Jets team, road 2 decent playoff runs and then has had 4 years of watching his team fall apart under his watch. Its amazing that so few see how badly he’s actually done as a HC. If they were opening a HOF for press conferences, he be a first ballot entrant. But in the end he another front running bully like his dad. ‘

    I can’t see him getting a another HC’ing position. What GB would trust him. Forget about small detalils like accountability or game management. In the ned Rex would be crazy not to go the TV route. All kidding aside, he’d be perfect.

  50. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

    This Patriots fan wants to see Rex stay in the Meadowlands FOREVER!!! This stint has been so awesome. Rarely has Rex let us down when it comes to talking big and underachieving. I don’t want it to end.

  51. When Rex was allowed to be Red on Hard Knocks, he was very entertaining.

    Stuck under a corporate television umbrella he will become very boring very fast. He’s a mans man who tells it like it is, and that’s not how any “big mouth” even Charles Barkley talks.

    In an open mic environment Rex would be great. That’s not the gig that pays millions of dollars.

  52. I would love to see Rex in Atlanta as DC rather than have him in tv somewhere. I just dont think he belongs as a HC.

  53. Not including Favre and Vick, the Jets have had three starters since Vinny Testeverde – Geno Smith, Mark Sanchez and Chad Pennington. Do you know what the last two have in common? They both won more games playing for OTHER teams. See a pattern? So, I wonder which team is going to win with Geno next year…

  54. “I’m not going to say how many wins we’re going to have, or whatever, but we are going to play a brand of football that I think our fans will be proud of,” Ryan said.

    With insight and accuracy like that, he would be perfect as a football commentator!

  55. Maybe he and Gruden can team up to make the Raiders prominent in LA after their move. Surely they can scrounge up 4 or 5 wins a year…well ok, maybe not. But still, wouldn’t it be fun to watch the two of them on the sidelines together during prime time?

  56. The only problem: Rex would have to talk offense at least some of the time and the guy has proven that he knows NOTHING about offense. If he was in the booth he’d have to be part of a 3-man team, with another current “analyst” who’s very knowledgeable on offensive football, such as ………………………………….

    Forget it, it will never work.

  57. niners816 says:
    Dec 2, 2014 6:09 PM
    PFT, get serious, he’s not leaving football. He will be a dc next year.

    NFL HCs average $6-7 million annually. He would take a huge paycut to become a DC. Unless he loves the grind of the NFL season and his salary cut in half then he’ll be a DC. TV jobs are cozy and he enjoys being heard.

    #8-8 Cowboys

  58. Why would tv pay him that kind of money ? The only people still watching the pre-game shows are doing so just to see who’s inactive for fantasy purposes. All those shows are truly a joke in 2014/5. Jimmy, Terry, Howie, Bill, Dan, Boomer, Tom, Keyshawn, Bob, Tony, Rodney, etc still relevant ? Not to me.

  59. He would be spectacularly entertaining as a color commentator. The Jerry “The King” Lawler of pro football.

    After all, in the end, it’s all about being entertained, right?

  60. it would be interesting seeing rex on tv every week as an analist.. i think he would do well if he did that.

    ive always semi liked rex, his problem is he cant pick a QB or run an offense to save his life..hes a good HC and great DC but he needs to hire a norv turner type and say here you go ill see you in 16-17 weeks to possibly discuss playoffs.

  61. Rex Ryan only problem is, that he is a defensive coach at heart and can’t pass on guy that he likes defensivly for offensive personnel. ..he can be head coach but needs a gm that makes them decisions and offensive minded asst. Head coach.

  62. I said the same thing to my son-in-law recently….that Rex reminds me somewhat of Madden. I think he’d be a fabulous guy calling the bigger games. I bet he’d slip in a few jabs at Gang Green here and there too.

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