Troy Vincent admits NFL didn’t need to see second Rice video


From the days after the second Ray Rice video was released, some have argued that the question of whether the NFL saw that video before it was released overlooks the question of whether the NFL needed to see the second Ray Rice video.

Testifying before the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee on Tuesday, NFL executive V.P. of football operations Troy Vincent admitted that the NFL didn’t need to see the second Ray Rice video.

The disclosure came in response to the first question posed by the Committee after opening statements from the eight witnesses attending the hearing.  Vincent was asked why Commissioner Roger Goodell didn’t know about the second Rice video.  After providing a response that didn’t directly answer the question and being refocused by the questioner, Vincent said that the first video that was released in the aftermath of the incident revealed conduct that was “heartless, gutless, and despicable.”  Vincent then said, “I don’t think there was a need for a second video to impose proper discipline.”

And there’s another piece of the puzzle that former FBI director Robert Mueller eventually will be putting together.  At a time when most believe Goodell’s job will be in jeopardy only if the owners believe he lied about seeing the tape, Vincent has admitted that Goodell didn’t need to see the tape.

Vincent is right.  The league knew that Janay Palmer had been knocked out.  The league knew or should have known what it looks like when someone gets knocked out.  Once the rest of us saw in graphic, but accurate, terms what it looks like, the NFL used the video as cover for fixing its mistake by imposing a much longer suspension on Rice.

Then came the report that the NFL already had the video, and Goodell’s future became directly tied to the question of whether the NFL actually did have the video.  Some would say that an admission that the NFL didn’t need to see the video is the same thing as the NFL already having the video.

If Mueller, in the exercise of his supposed independence, comes to that conclusion in his report, things could get very interesting.

42 responses to “Troy Vincent admits NFL didn’t need to see second Rice video

  1. If they weren’t sure what a knockout looks like, they could have gone back and watched some of the “Jacked Up” videos they let ESPN run for years.

  2. What if he partly pushed her and she fell back and knocked her head on the wall? If that happened I don’t think the public would have been as outraged as they were once they saw him deck her out cold.

    Yes, the NFL needed to see the second video. And yes, the NFL and most likely the Ravens are lying.

  3. Glad our government is focusing so much effort on how a private business disciplined an individual employee. There are no other problems they need to be focusing on…

  4. Shorter NFL: It doesn’t matter what happened to her, or to any other woman that gets involved with a NFL player. How fast can we get another franchise in London?

  5. Why are people still crying about Goodell? He didn’t knock out Janay Rice in that elevator and he didn’t beat AP’s 4 year old son with a switch.

  6. @Schmokes

    The NFL is not a private organization. They are a non profit given tax breaks by the government and non profits have and always will have government involvement. That is the nature of the beast. The real question is, should the NFL really be a non profit?

  7. It’s wonderful when you can get people to testify under oath. Almost as good as discovery in a federal case.

  8. Well, given that the police report matches the first and second video frame by frame, this entire “who knew what and when” thing is a complete joke.

    Everyone knew what was on BOTH videos the day after the incident, when the police report was released.

    If you say you didn’t know, then the only alternative is that you thought the police were lying.

  9. It is a shame of what the league has become, every decision is about the almighty $$$. They will do anything for an extra buck, including lies, lack of integrity, bowing to public opinion and sponsors, games filled with more commercials (with way too many commercial breaks), and game in London. What is next fixing Super Bowl games to get higher viewer ratings! The NFL shield should replace the stars with $$$ signs!

  10. It sounds as if Vincent is laying the groundwork for a finding in the Mueller report that: (1) the NFL made no effort whatsoever to obtain the tape; or (2) the NFL actually had the tape but Goodell failed (or refused) to view it. In other words, they’re setting up the ol’ no harm/no foul defense.

  11. Why doesn’t anyone get that Goodell is just providing cover for the owners? Players aren’t hired by the NFL, they’re hired by teams. Their paycheck come from the clubs.

    Teams should be imposing discipline, but they aren’t because it would alienate fans. So they let Goodell take the beating. Meantime the Ravens, who it appears illegally terminated Rice’s contract using the NFL’s suspension as cover, don’t seem to be in any rush to reinstate his contract. For all the “we love Ray” talk from the Ravens owner, apparently that love doesn’t extend to his wallet.

    As long as Goodell remains the punching bag, owners are happy to let him take a beating on their behalf.

  12. So….one of the Commissioner’s guys comes out and says “I’m quite confident that no one at the NFL would have said that to Adrian Peterson.” But….turns out that Troy Vincent did.

    In the Ray Rice case, the NFL produces a bunch of notes on bottle service and was not interested in imposing any discipline. Troy Vincent is asked why the Commissioner didn’t see the second video. Troy Vincent says the first video was enough to impose proper discipline.

    Is this guy just dumb or after Roger Goodell’s job?

  13. …….Some would say that an admission that the NFL didn’t need to see the video is the same thing as the NFL already having the video…….

    Really. Sounds like quite a stretch to me.

  14. It can make you Angry when you see people with power and money lie on such a huge public forum and get away with it.

    The owners are as disgusting as Goodell.

    Makes you want to give football up.

  15. In the meantime, the thief owner in Cleveland who stole millions from other companies and their shareholders and employees is allowed sit in his comfy luxury suite with no NFL discipline and/or congressional hearing at all.

  16. No Cred Red has been massaging ole Troy and teaching him the lies and spin games, that much is for sure.

  17. Please stop with this nonsense about the video. It is irrelevant. The only minds that changed after seeing it are the ones who, for whatever reason, didn’t perceive a knockout blow to a woman looked anything like what we saw once the video was released. The only thing wrong with what Goodell did (assuming the initial 2 game suspension was an accepted max based on precedent) was changing the punishment based on public/media/sponsor uproar. He should have left it alone and changed the policy (exactly what he did before the 2nd video was out). There are a ton of hypocrites who blasted him for being lenient and then blasted him again for doing what they demanded.

    Rice/Peterson and anybody else that was the aggressor of domestic violence before the change should get 2 games. Everybody after that should get 6. The media and the union are using this story to remove Roger Goodell from power when they should be demanding that the players hold themselves accountable.

  18. Newsflash: Goodell’s job is not in any danger no matter how badly the media wants it to be. Sorry folks/haters.

  19. As I re-read Vincent’s statements, I think he just threw Goodell under the bus.

    Wasn’t Goodell’s position at the arbitration hearing that Rice unfairly minimized his conduct when he described it to Goodell at their meeting? The tape would have prevented Rice from minimizing his conduct because Goodell would have seen exactly what Rice did. The only way the tape was unnecessary was if Rice accurately described his conduct to Goodell, which is what Judge Jones found that he did. Vincent’s statements assume that Rice accurately described his conduct, which is the opposite of what Goodell testified to at the arbitration hearing.

    This is shaping up as another bad week for Goodell.

  20. What drives me crazy is that the rice incident happens, Goodell meets with Rice and Fiancee and suspends him two days, there is a little uproar b/c of the first video but nothing that would not blow over in a few months.

    Then second video comes out, everyone goes crazy, Goodell (stupidly in my mind) changes his mind and goes for the big suspension/Ravens cut Rice (both should have said the issue has been dealt with and we are moving forward) and the result is investigation/hearings/NFLPA appeals, etc.

    Then, Rice and his wife do a round of interviews with ESPN and ABC and everyone is falling all over themselves about what a great couple they are and it was a one time thing and no one understands and she is not a victim and whatever…essentially the same conclusion that lead to the original 2 game suspension.

    TL/DR: should have stuck with the original 2 games (which the league and team wanted) and accepted the trolling.

  21. If the NFL is a non-profit and the commissioner is making 42 mil or so a year, I think our laws need to be redefined.

  22. This just in, Vincent just contacted the same person updating Goodell’s resume. Looks like both of these clowns are on their way out or should be on the way out. I can’t imagine owners watching this entire drama roll out and saying with a straight face, “We have a good team in the NFL offices.” For the good of the game, for the fans, sponsors, and anyone associated with this great game it’s time for the NFL office and the NFLPA to clean house. This is a real shot to the gut. It’s impossible to recover from something that has been so poorly managed. The NFL needs a fresh start.

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