Brian Hoyer remains Browns’ starter

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Manziel Mania will have to wait.

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reports that Brian Hoyer will remain the Browns’ starting quarterback. Hoyer, who was benched for Johnny Manziel during Sunday’s loss at Buffalo, gets the start this week when the Colts come to town.

That’s a surprise: Manziel played very well in limited action against the Bills, marching the Browns’ offense down the field and running for a touchdown. It appeared that the tide had turned and the time had come for Johnny Football.

But the Browns’ coaching staff has said all season that Hoyer gives them the best chance to win right now, and they apparently still feel that way. Cleveland is in a fight for a playoff berth, and Hoyer is the quarterback who will lead them in that fight. For at least another week.

80 responses to “Brian Hoyer remains Browns’ starter

  1. Then why did you take out Hoyer, Man I really hope the browns win, and then lose the next game, keep on going in that circus, what has hoyer done to deserve the job, look at his stats! if he played well then the browns are 1 10-5 team, the browns have lost to the steelers, jags, texans, etc, if he plaed better what would their record be! People think Hoyer is the reason they are winning, that defense is the best the browns have had in forever! instead its Hoyer is the reason why they have a winning record!

  2. Good call!

    Hoyer has made the Browns relevant at 7-5 with a shot of making the playoffs. Hoyer deserves the chance to finish the season and see if he can get the Browns into the playoffs.

    If the Browns were 3-9, then by all means start Manziel. In this case Hoyer is the right choice.

  3. Johnny Manziel is going no where in this league. Either he will be a bust (most likely) or he will end up in jail due to his lifestyle and selfish brat attitude. The coaching staff realizes this, as they did not want Manziel but it was pushed on them by the owner. They believe Hoyer is the real deal and will give him the rest of the season to prove that in hopes they do not have to play Manziel because in the long run playing him will get that whole staff fired.

  4. Everyone is forgetting that Manziel got plastered on that second drive and fumbled the ball into the endzone and laid flat on his back like he died. They called it back on a “tuck-rule” type call even worse than the original Tom Brady tuck.

  5. How can you not start Johnny! He has more heart, more talent, and more leadership than hoyer can dream of. Off the field no doubt Hoyer is a better man. But on the field, you can tell the browns players respond to Manziel and play harder for him. Browns arent making the playoffs with this bald goof, and probably not with Manziel either. Now you have to dedicate next year to see if Manziel can play in the league.

  6. If Brian plays well in the first half then it was a smart move by Pettine.

    If he doesn’t it, will be JFF time in the second half and probably for the rest of the year.

    Could see this coming.

  7. Browns see what the fans don’t. Once you get tape on a mobile QB (especially a young one) the defense can adjust and limit his effectiveness.

    Keeping JFF on the bench is the smart play. He got a garbage time TD against a tired/non-aggressive defense.

  8. Good. No need to rush to judgement of a successful qb. That’s been the problem for the last decade in Cleveland. I like Manziel, but he’s not going anywhere and will get his chance.

  9. I like Hoyer but once you bench a starter for a high profile rookie, you kill his confidence and his momentum and have to stick with the Rookie. Derek Carr and Blake Bortles are getting killed but their teams can’t turn back because it will kill their growth. The Browns organization has never been accused of being brilliant.

  10. B Hoy seems like a good dude and if,, thats if he can handle this sideshow with dignity and class he will be all the better for it !

  11. Guessing Hoyer will be on a short leash this Sunday. He is clearly regressing. First six games: 90 for 149 (60%) 1224 yrds. (8.2 YPA) and 6 TD’s with 1 INT. Last six games: 132 for 246 (53%) 1832 yds. (7.4 YPA) and 5 TD’s with 9 INT. Most disturbing is that he has had 5 interceptions in the last two games. If he goes 3 and out the first 4 or 5 possessions he’ll probably get the hook.

  12. 12 games this season, 4 games with zero TDs, 6 games with 1 TD, and 2 games with 2+ TDs. Add them up its 11 TDs and 11 turnovers for Hoyer. He is holding the team back but Manziel is not the answer either.

  13. Nobody “deserves a chance to finish the season.” The coaches should make decisions to win every single game! The fans rightfully expect that.

  14. They are not going to the playoffs either way and if by some miracle they slide in at 9-7 or 8-8 they are getting bounced in the wild card round badly.

    Then they’ll wait until next year to see if JM is the guy, go 6-10 and start the Cleveland cycle all over again.

    Neither guy is the guy that’s going to take Cleveland anywhere.

  15. Can some get Manziel to do his money gesture on the sidelines? You can’t get any more Beiberish than that lame celebration. I can’t wait until the Browns start their next first round bust.

  16. Hoyer was taken out to make a statement and to motivate him to play better.

    So far this year: Gilbert was benched earlier in the year and he’s come back and has played better. He still doesn’t look for the ball in time but his play is better. Haden was called out and has played great since. Tate spoke up and was cut. Crowell fumbled a few times and played 1 play in two games.

  17. I hope Manziel uses his spare time to finish that line of new Cleveland area taxis. I heard they’re called Johnny Cabs, and will feature an animatronic Johnny Manziel torso that can turn around and talk to you while driving.

  18. Hoyer wants loyalty yet as soon as the season is over Hoyer and his agent will be visiting every NFL team in hopes of going to the highest bidder.

  19. What is the upside of this decision?

    So what if they win? If they run the table 4-0 they STILL need help to get the last spot. You’re betting on an extreme long shot, and stunting the growth and evaluation of the next guy up.

    Love Hoyer, but this is just a dumb decision.

  20. The 2 most important positions in North American pro sports, and the 2 most linked to confidence, are NFL quarterback and NHL goalie. Goalies get pulled all the time when they get lit up and it does one of two things to them when they start the next game…let’s them relax and come back stronger or it destroys them. I can’t see this destroying Hoyer at all. His mindset and work ethic all year has been perfect, even if his play on the field hasn’t been. I just hope it knocks Manziel down a few pegs and makes him realize he has a way to go yet…on and off the field.

  21. Of course the media would sensationalize manziel’s performance on Sunday. The bills gave up a similar first drive to Vick in week 8 when they switched from geno; I think that was a product of switching to a mobile qb. Not to mention that the Bills had Mario, Kyle Williams and Dareus on the sidelines for that drive. I haven’t heard that mentioned anywhere. All three of those players rank in the top five at their respective positions on PFF. I think the second drive was more indicative of Manziel’s “abilities.”

  22. And I cringe to imagine how bad the stadium is going to be on the first overthrow, pick, poor QB play.

    The fan reaction will have far more negative influence than any JF mistakes.

    I see Tim Couch crying in the locker room all over again.

  23. Johnny ends up in jail? I like it when idiots post stuff like this and comment like they know Johnny personally. This young mms has more guys and determination than Hoyer., one day he will prove all doubters wrong.

  24. The Browns have handled this situation perfectly…until now. They made Manziel wait and prove himself. They stuck with Hoyer even though he settled back to his journey-man level. They inserted Manziel into a game, he infused some enthusiasm and hope. Hoyer sulked like a baby. The season is lost now. Bummer. And I’m a season ticket holder and longtime fan.

  25. Manziel was late to a meeting and forgot Kyle Shanahan’s playbook at home. It’s not because they believe in Hoyer or anything.

  26. To all of those Hoyerbots who keep saying that Manziel got his TD in garbage time. Why couldn’t Hoyer get any TD’s at all? I know, I know. It was all Gordon’s fault. Even when Hoyer threw a pick into triple coverage to Gabriel.

  27. Right move made by the Browns. I’m sure it’s still going to be week-to-week for them though at QB. Hoyer the starter but they’ll have no problem yanking him if he has another 2-3 interception day.

  28. The rest of the AFC North thanks you!
    0TDs 5INTs in the past two weeks isn’t getting you in the playoffs, Clowns.

  29. Ha, Ha, Ha…

    To all the Ratbirds and Steelroids who are hatin and celebrating its obvious you see what everybody else sees.


    Your looking scared. As you well should be.

    Its just a matter of time.

    Johnny Freakin Football

    Be afraid, Be really afraid.

    Your time is almost over. The downhill slide has begun.

  30. A lot of people are mentioning Hoyer this and that, when in all actuality like some wise people on here aware enough to mention, that it’s actually their defense holding them down so well. And I think it’s blatantly obvious as well. It’s not like they’re averaging 30 a game, or Hoyer is being super efficient. He’s not playing RG3 bad, but he’s also playing not to lose. Manziel has this feel where he is playing to win, or there is a “controlled recklessness” about his game that you kinda want. Obviously would need to see more from him to confirm anything, and it’s obviously is a difficult decision. But maybe Manziel is the spark, but I def understand why you would keep Hoyer in, esp as a competitive team still tryna make the playoffs.

    That’s why you get the big bucks, coach.

  31. The bills d adjusted after one series rendering him useless and in fact he got his azz kicked by Kyle Williams for what should have been a td…

  32. What’s up Pettine, you hold every other player on the team accountable except the QB? Hoyer sucked for the last 4 games and he gets a pass? I thought you had the onions to do what’s best for the team, but instead you can’t hurt the feelings of a QB that won’t even be on the roster next year. I’m a Cleveland fan and I’m sick and tired of all the coaching staffs that come through Cleveland thinking that a QB is entitled to be the starting QB. It happened with Colt and weeden, it happened with Weeden and Hoyer, and now it’s happening with Hoyer and JFF. Hoyer hasn’t been getting the job done for the last month or so and you KNOW IT. Play the best QB regardless of record.

  33. Bills’ fan here…

    Right move in my opinion based on what I saw Sunday.

    Hoyer didn’t look great, but neither did Manziel. I mean, he looked fine running some bootlegs against the second-string DL, but his one (and only one) throw from the pocket went through Searcy’s hands and should’ve been an INT. Also, once Buffalo put their starting DL back in the game, Manziel got pounded.

    I think you start Hoyer the next game, and if he manages to play himself off the field, then you bring in Johnny to try and spark the offense.

    PS Hoping Miles Austin is back on his feet soon.

  34. I think this move is more about the future. Manziel is their guy. The O-Line is so terrible (see Buffalo getting to the QB in 2.5 seconds or less with a 3 man rush) they are concerned about Manziel getting hurt. Austin, while not a great threat, has been the most reliable WR on the team through 13 weeks – and he is still peeing blood in a Buffalo hospital. Cameron and Barnidge aren’t playing. So any remotely smart D coordinator can take away Gordon and the midgets the Browns have at WR. The Browns offense, with Hoyer, Manziel, Peyton Manning, or Jesus at QB will not look good behind this O-Line and with three 5’6” receivers.

  35. Playoff run?! Are you kidding me?!? The Browns are not making the playoffs this year. The AFC is very, very crowded. The Browns will get handled by the Colts this weekend and will win only one more game this season.

    But an 8-8 record is very respectable considering where they were last year. Next season, we can expect them to have a winning season and possible make the playoffs.

  36. I’m surprised, but not that surprised. I actually think this decision shows a level of stability and maturity in the Browns organization that hasn’t existed before. In the past, they’d have gone with the rook and watched him play with wild inconsistency. Then he’d get benched and would have to start his career over somewhere while the Browns take a flier on yet another QB.

    This feels different. It’s probably good for JF as well. He needs more time to mature and learn the NFL game. They are thinking long-term here. Let Hoyer play for a year or two while JF grows up. Then unleash him once you’ve got your roster in place and your coach has been there a few years.

  37. goawayeverybody says: Dec 3, 2014 12:47 PM

    Playoff run?! Are you kidding me?!? The Browns are not making the playoffs this year. The AFC is very, very crowded. The Browns will get handled by the Colts this weekend and will win only one more game this season.

    But an 8-8 record is very respectable considering where they were last year. goawayeverybody says: Dec 3, 2014 12:47 PM

    Playoff run?! Are you kidding me?!? The Browns are not making the playoffs this year. The AFC is very, very crowded. The Browns will get handled by the Colts this weekend and will win only one more game this season.

    But an 8-8 record is very respectable considering where they were last year. Next season, we can expect them to have a winning season and possible make the playoffs.
    ” Next season, we can expect them to have a winning season and possible make the playoffs.”

    Not with Johnny Flukeball at the helm.

  38. Bottom line is the Browns would rather keep the Manziel Corvette in the garage… roll it out next season …. if they play him now and he falters they have two quartbacks with little value….by keeping Hoyer in there, it gives him a chance to redeem himself by getting the Browns in the playoffs or continueing the downward spiral proving that he is not worthy of the contract him and his agent want…. meanwhile keeping Johnny motivated and hopefully more time to mature, and keeping the fans in suspense for next season… it was the right decision….

  39. Hoyer is 33rd in the NFL in Completion Percentage, behind Geno Smith, who’s 32nd. He had 1 td and 6 int the last 4 games. The Browns are winning in spite of Hoyer, not because of him. The dude is a good backup and nothing more.

  40. Let Hoyer start the remainder of the season. If he falters in a game, replace him with Manziel to get some game experience but start Hoyer the following week. Move on from Hoyer in the offseason and go with Manziel next year. Cleveland is in the playoff picture but a longshot. Starting Manziel this late in the season would just disrupt the offense.

  41. This is clearly a setup for the fans to watch Hoyer and the Browns get crushed by the Colts. One or the other was going to be the QB to take the blame for the loss.
    This paves the way for Manziel to move in while taking the heat off of the coaching staff.

  42. As long as they are in the running for the division, the coaches owe it to the rest of the guys on the team to start the guy who they think gives them the best chance to win. Period. You can’t ask the other guys to go out and give it everything they have, when you are knowingly sitting the better player

    I honestly haven’t caught a lot of the Browns this year, so can’t say if Hoyer has earned the job outright, or if he’s been a problem. All i know is, if you told me they’d be 7-5 after 12 weeks in July, I’d of laughed at you

    If they lose the next few games, they should start Manziel. If they are out of it, no reason to not let the kid play and see if he is going to be that much better than Hoyer. With him being a FA coming up, they need as much information as possible about Manziel before they offer Hoyer a new deal, or let him walk.

    That being said, the chances that they will pay him, which would basically relegate Manziel to a backup for the extent of his rookie deal, I just don’t see happening. As much of a better W-L than they have compared to what I expected, he’s still a journeyman QB, and Manziel is still a 1st rounder

  43. Welp, when I’m loud wrong I have to be man enough to come on here and admit it. I really didn’t think he would make this call.

    Two things can’t be disputed. The Browns are 7-5 with Hoyer as the starting QB, and Hoyer has been mind numbingly dreadful the last three weeks, with an average QB rating of 54.8.

    I do not personally believe Pettine believes Hoyer gives them a better chance to win. I think he is making the easy and safe decision. If (and I believe WHEN) they fall apart and miss the playoffs, no one will be saying that Manziel would have made the difference, because no one knows what he would have done, and Pettine call fall back on the fact that they were 7-5 when he made the decision to stay the course.

    Unfortunately, he can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube. If you think Hoyer was shaky before, imagine what he’ll do now that he knows Pettine will yank him if he falters.

    What I believe will wind up happening is that the Browns will miss the playoffs, some one will go crazy and offer Hoyer more than he is worth, which will leave the Browns with Manziel as their starter next year with little or no experience. Back to square one, in other words.

    Hoyer is AT BEST marginally better than Manziel and AT BEST gives the Browns a slight, if any better chance to win. I think this is a mistake.

    And if I am wrong again, I will come back here and own it.

  44. natelan says:
    Dec 3, 2014 4:11 PM
    Imagine what Hoyer could do if he had, you know… Receivers and a running back?

    Over the last two games, arguably his worst two performances of the season, he’s had Josh Gordon, a receiver every QB in the league would give up his first born to work with.

    And Cleveland is in the top half of the league in rushing statistics.

    So what, exactly, are you talking about?

  45. the Browns and their fans wish they drafted a real rookie QB like

    Jimmy Garoppolo.

    Might end up being the best QB out of this draft but we won’t be finding out just yet.

  46. lukedunphysscienceproject says:
    Dec 3, 2014 4:39 PM
    natelan says:
    Dec 3, 2014 4:11 PM
    Imagine what Hoyer could do if he had, you know… Receivers and a running back?
    Over the last two games, arguably his worst two performances of the season, he’s had Josh Gordon, a receiver every QB in the league would give up his first born to work with.

    And Cleveland is in the top half of the league in rushing statistics.

    So what, exactly, are you talking about?

    You actually just proved my point for me…

    He went something like 6-3 WITHOUT Gordon! Imagine if he HAD Gordon that whole time!

    NFL network said that during Hoyer’s span of 1TD/6INT, that the team has acknowledged publicly that at least 4 of those INT’s were the RECEIVER’S fault, running the wrong route. I don’t know if any of those were Gordon, but not playing for over half a year might make someone a little rusty, right…? That’s not Hoyer’s fault.

    And what other decent receiver has Hoyer been playing with all year? I couldn’t name one if I tried.

    Same with running back… I’ll take your word that they are in the “top half” of running yards, but that’s not what I said… I said he needs a decent RB, as in, one guy who he can rely on for blocking, screens and dump-off’s. I can’t name a single RB on the Browns. Maybe they have 2 or 3 OK RB’s, but unless I’m missing something, I don’t think they have one better-than-average RB, let alone a GOOD RB, to help Hoyer make big plays.

    So thanks for proving my point for me!

  47. I didn’t prove your point, Nate. Just because YOU can’t name a single running back on the Browns doesn’t mean they don’t have any. You don’t have to take my word for anything, because before I make MY posts I research stats. You could do a 30 second google search and see that I’m right.

    You asked what could Hoyer do if he had recievers. I pointed out that he had two of his worst games of the year with one of the best recievers in the league running routes for him.

    I love the way you state that you can’t name Browns players as proof that they don’t have any. That is literally the only you state as “proof” of anything.

    I am actually having trouble figuring out what your “point” might be. If it’s that Brian Hoyer is a great QB, we can stop now. Some things are just too dumb to even waste time disputing.

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