Bruce Arians: Drew Stanton will take us where we want to go

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When the Cardinals learned that they would be without quarterback Carson Palmer for the rest of the season, coach Bruce Arians expressed confidence in Drew Stanton by saying that the Cardinals could win a Super Bowl with Stanton in the starting lineup.

Stanton has thrown five interceptions while leading the Cardinals to 35 points in three weeks, including last week’s 29-18 loss to the Falcons that Arians said left him “embarrassed” for the first time since becoming the team’s head coach. That embarrassment was about his work as a coach, not about the play of the quarterback and Arians isn’t wavering in his support of Stanton.

“There’s no thought of changing quarterbacks,” Arians said Tuesday night on Sirius XM NFL Radio with Alex Marvez and Gil Brandt. “Drew’s going to take us where we want to go.”

It’s the practical response from Arians, whose only other choices at quarterback right now are raw rookie Logan Thomas and Ryan Lindley. Stanton’s their best and only real choice to start in Palmer’s absence, leaving Arians with little choice other than giving him his full support as head coach and hoping that the results start moving in the right direction.

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  1. Let’s hope he’s right. Week by week, it’s getting colder, Seattle is starting to get the refs’ calls, and my only other option in fantasy football besides Smokin’ Jay Cutler is Drew Stanton.

  2. He’s right! They will be in the stands watching the Super Bowl in their home stadium! But they win their division, because the other teams in their division, suck!

  3. Bruce Arians: Drew Stanton will take us where we want to go.

    That will be directly to 3rd place and the local golf course on January 1st.
    No.1 seed on Dec. 1st to no playoffs on Jan. 1st.
    Chiefs, Rams, Seahawks, 49ers left on the schedule
    9-7 staring you right in the face.

  4. He may be a good coach and his players like him but he shows a lot of hubris talking about playoff seeding and the super bowl in week 10. There’s a reason why most coaches stick to the cliche “we’re focused on this week”.

  5. “Drew’s going to take us where we want to go.”

    I guess an early exit from the playoffs (if they even make it) is where the Tards want to go then.

    Go Hawks!

  6. I’ll believe it when I see Drew Stanton’s commercial driver’s license that allows him to drive the team bus.

    As far as going anywhere in the playoffs, first the Cardinals have to make the playoffs and that’s no guarantee, and then Stanton has to play at a level higher than his last outing’s loss to the lowly Falcons. Frankly, I don’t see either happening. The Cardinals have a good chance to go down in NFL history as the first 9-1 team that failed to qualify for the playoffs.

  7. Well if there’s one question answered at last, it’s that Stanton is not an NFL QB. His passing has looked downright Tebow-esque, so now that everyone knows the situation the Cards can start to make plans to get somebody else – especially since Palmers’s healthy return is questionable.

    RGIII in 2015?

  8. There’s no way this squad wins the division. They’re a 6th seed at best. And who would have thought that you could start 9-1 and lose your last 6 games to possibly miss the playoffs.

  9. Yeah, just as long as “where we want to go” is home to watch the World Chanp Seahawks win the NFC West and then steamroll to another Lombardi on you home turf. #SeahawksDynasty

  10. Sounds like some whistling in the dark there. I always kind of liked Stanton, and thought that if given an opportunity he might make the most of it, and develop into a good, productive NFL starter.
    However, right now it seems as though Stanton is being exposed, and that the more he plays, the more his flaws/limitations are being revealed.
    Just too bad for Arizona that they have suffered so many injuries, as it’s looking like what appeared to be an outstanding season for them has begun to fizzle.

  11. Really, what are the odds Drew Stanton leads them to the Super Bowl? All I see is wishful thinking.

  12. What do you ding dongs expect him to say? “Drew Stanton is awful and we will never win a Super Bowl with him as our QB.”?
    And what are his real options? Go talk Farve out of retirement? Kurt Warner?

    It’s not like a Super Bowl caliber quarterback or even game manager is out there waiting.

  13. As was said weeks ago, Stanton at QB severely limits their upside. The Cardinals are simply not a real threat without Carson Palmer.

  14. Cards were ok with all the other injury’s but name a current NFL team that could win a SB if thier starter went down. Yea I know the Eagles are 3-1 under Sanchez but we all know he’s going to mess it up down the stretch. Cards should get in the dance no problem but if they won a game it would be a successful year under the circumstances.

  15. Pete Carroll refuses to talk about anything but the upcoming game…. But I guess Arians wants to look ahead to the Super Bowl. I guess we’ll see how that works out for him.

  16. I like the Cards for the sole purpose that their fans aren’t bandwagoners like fans of other teams in that division and don’t spew arrogant nonsense on this site when they are winning.

  17. No one should have expected Arizona to go to the Super Bowl…Anyone remember the Chiefs last year? 9-0 and then suddenly 11-5…Drew Stanton a SB QB? That’s laughable…

  18. Arians seems like a great coach. Of course he is going to say that about his QB. What would you expect him to say? This is kind of a crazy thig to say, but maybe Arians is exactly the kind of coach who could get something out of RGIII. I think he has a better chance than some passive aggressive guy who would stroke the ego.

  19. I do not see Drew taking the Cardinals any where if he can’t complete simple out and hook routes from 7-10 yards, might have to run and gun it. Cardinals offense could not move the ball down field against the Falcons. December will be tough for the Cardinals.

  20. Drew Stanton will take us where we want to go…

    Maybe someday but not this year, he needs more game time experience before he will be a SB QB.

  21. Drew Stanton has led you to two losses in a row and counting. That is not going to get the job done and he is not Carson Palmer…period. NFL backup and journeyman. This guy was actually a NY Jet and never played a down and a career backup in Detroit. Arians has a lot of faith in his journeyman.

  22. Two losses in a row with Stanton, including a loss to a bad Falcons team, doesn’t bode well for their prospects the rest of the season.

  23. seahawkz4life says:

    Bruce Arians “Drew will take us to a 1 and done playoff appearance”

    No different than Carson Palmer. 0-2

  24. Looks like 99% of you need to focus on your own team making the playoffs
    How would that improve our teams chance of making it?
    Is there something the fans can do on PFT that would increase the teams chances?
    When did it become unacceptable to focus on all the teams that may or may not make the playoffs?

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