Hopefully, Tuck’s description of Raiders-49ers won’t be prophetic


Football players often use hyperbole to talk about the game they play.  When it comes to the once-every-four-years encounter between the 49ers and Raiders, Oakland defensive lineman Justin Tuck used a term that hopefully won’t apply literally to the fans of the respective teams.


“I think the best thing for us now is to turn all of our attention and our focus to what lies ahead, and that’s this bloodbath that I think we’re about to have against the 49ers,” Tuck said earlier this week, via Scott Bair of CSNBayArea.com.  “Big rivalry game.  Everybody in this area has been waiting for this game for a long time.  I think that’s the best thing that could have happened after a loss like that, is to have this type of game where all of your attention has to be focused on the 49ers going forward.”

They’ve been waiting a long time for the game because the 49ers and Raiders no longer play in the preseason.  And they no longer play in the preseason because, all too often, something a lot like a bloodbath happened between the fans of the two teams.

The fans of the Raiders and 49ers haven’t been able to get along, with enough violence among them to prompt two teams that are as close as they can be to each other without sharing a stadium to not play each other until they have to under the NFL’s scheduling formula.  The tipping point came in 2011, when the game between the two teams featured fights in the stands, a beating in a restroom, and a pair of shootings in a parking lot.

Here’s hoping that the fans behave on Sunday in Oakland, and that there’s more than enough security present to prevent Tuck’s colorful language from becoming prophetic.

45 responses to “Hopefully, Tuck’s description of Raiders-49ers won’t be prophetic

  1. Blahh, who cares. Fans of two teams that only have four games left this year. Let them fight it out.

  2. So the action in the parking lot and the stands will be more intense than the action on the field?

  3. When did Frisco become violent? It’s not the hippies or the gays or the I.T. geeks who are fighting, so what is this new, violent, element?

  4. Glad it’s being played at the coliseum and not selfie stadium. See what true fans look like, not ones that added football convo over there wine tasting outing.

  5. Why couldn’t they play this game in London instead of the Raiders hosting the Dolphins?

    This could get ugly quick, regardless of the final score.

  6. This is absolutely pathetic. Getting into a physical fight over sports is as lame as thinking that strippers really like you. It’s a team consisting of a bunch of guys who don”t know you and don’t care about you, not a gang.

  7. Disclosure: I live in the Bay Area.

    I hate the 49ers, I hate the Raiders. I hate both fan bases because, well, they aren’t fans of my team. I don’t like the stereotype that is given to both fan bases. Just cause some punks want to draw attention to themselves in the most immature way should not cast a shadow on the true fans of both teams. The bay area is a beautiful place with some fantastic intelligent people. Real fans don’t condone the behavior displayed by punks. Play hard and cheer hard. Enjoy the game for christ’s sake.

  8. If the Raiders lose to the 49ers this weekend they can at least hold their heads high knowing that they embarrassed the 49ers with a 71-63 victory during the offseason Battle of the Bay Charity Basketball Showdown.

  9. I just heard that police officers at the game will be wearing Seahawks jerseys. Fans of both teams will cease trolling one another and gang up on the supposed Seattle fans.

    Seriously, this has VERY little to do with fans fighting fans. This is out-and-out gang violence.

  10. tuck personifies the type of player NOT to have on your roster. overpaid. talks too much. no longer good. lives in the past when he was good.

    plus he contributed to the downfall of the ny giants. he and guys like him made their once stout defense slide.

  11. lol, those two teams are like puppies fighting each other. It might look rough and sound like someone is getting hurt but neither is tough or rough enough to do any damage.

  12. the Santa Clara 49ers and okland raiders were power houses a long long time ago, now that there’s a salary cap and no free agency it makes it a lot harder to buy championships.

  13. humb0lt says:
    Dec 3, 2014 5:04 PM

    The Raiders do seem to be content with their one win and have returned to doing what they do best – sucking.

    There’s no denying that the Raiders are putrid this year, but you should be hoping that they win another game. Because the only distinctive thing about the Chargers (aside from their lack of championships) is the fact they are currently alone with the AFCW worst regular season record (1-15). If the Raiders join them, then that’s one less unique feature that Bolts fans have to point to.

  14. Hopefully the Raider fans will beat some sense into Jed York regarding his idea of canning the most successful coach since Vince Lombardi

  15. With the big 55″ inch screen TV’s, instant replays, and your own choice of refreshments and snacks, why would anybody venture into the Black Hole. Much less when the host team is 1-10?

  16. If there’s fighting, it won’t be Oak fan vs SF fan. It’ll be hoodlum vs hoodlum.

    It’s been my experience that since the raiders have been the joke of the NFL the last 10-12 years, they’re fans have essentially been neutered. They no longer take over stadiums, as much as the clowns here suggest otherwise. (There were more Rams fans than raiders fans from earlier in the season), and rarely pick fights.

  17. i have a feeling there is going to be a lot of 49ers fans there. Almost everybody i know is getting top $$$$ for selling their tickets to niners fans. I was told i get get $800 to $1000 bucks for my two tickets that also have a parking pass…..tempting but i can’t pass on a bloodbath.

  18. Saw a bit of 49ers game recently on tv, and fans were sipping wine sitting by checkered cloth tables…are u kidding me?
    Please, dont come to Oakland for the game this weekend if this is you.

  19. dasmol says: Dec 3, 2014 6:43 PM

    If there’s fighting, it won’t be Oak fan vs SF fan. It’ll be hoodlum vs hoodlum.

    It’s been my experience that since the raiders have been the joke of the NFL the last 10-12 years, they’re fans have essentially been neutered.
    Charger fans love talking about recent Raider history, because Oakland has to be historically bad in order to make San Diego look good. By comparison.

  20. kc114 says:
    Dec 3, 2014 6:53 PM
    This is not a preseason game. Therefore the prices will keep the hoodlums out.

    I don’t know about that. Ever see what the BSL fees are for SF season tickets? If the SF fans can overpay for season tickets, they can certainly afford this game.

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