Dan Snyder described as “befuddled” by decline of RG3


Dan Snyder would like to know what’s gone wrong with his franchise quarterback.

Snyder has been quiet publicly in the wake of Washington’s benching of Robert Griffin III, perhaps because Snyder doesn’t know quite what to say. According to Chris Mortensen of ESPN, team sources have described Snyder as “befuddled” and “confused” as to why Griffin has fallen so far.

Griffin certainly has fallen far: He led Washington to the playoffs two years ago and had one of the best rookie seasons of any quarterback in NFL history. Now he’s not even as good as Colt McCoy. According to Mortensen, Snyder is baffled by how Griffin could have declined so much.

ESPN reports that Snyder was contacted for an on-the-record comment but said he does not have any desire to discuss Griffin’s status. It’s easy to understand why: If the best Snyder can come up with is to say he’s befuddled, his public comments won’t help anything.

But eventually, Snyder’s team has to make a hard decision about whether Griffin has a future in Washington. Ultimately, Snyder is the one who will need to sign off on that decision. Which means he’s going to have to figure out what’s wrong with Griffin, and whether it can be fixed.

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  1. Ironic since Dan Snyder’s hyper-coddling was the catalyst for RGIII’s (hopefully temporary) downfall.

    -Titans Fan

  2. It would be more accurate to say he is “befuddled” by the requirements of being a good owner of a football team.

    And that like his QB, he struggles to learn from his mistakes.

  3. “Which means he’s going to have to figure out what’s wrong with Griffin, and whether it can be fixed.”

    Here’s a novel idea – let the COACH figure out what’s wrong with him, and the owner, shut your squeal hole?

  4. Snyder befuddled? Say it ain’t so!! Since when has Snyder ever had a clue about Football?

    Here is a little advice for Danny boy… watch some tape of Manning, Brady, Rodgers etc… then watch RGIII. The “eyeball test” does not lie. RGIII cannot read a defense. If a QB cannot read a defense (make adjustments before the snap) he will not know where to throw the football. Thus he hangs on to the ball too long… misses wide open receivers, and never throws the ball down field because he is too afraid to make a mistake (showing he doesn’t have a clue about what type of defense he was playing against).

    It’s all really simple. RGIII will never be a Pocket QB.

  5. Welcome to twitterverse 2014 where if you’re QB isn’t a superstar in year 3 he’s a bust.

    Newsflash…. That’s the norm!! Andrew luck is a once a generation anomaly. If we knew jerked eli in year 3 we’d be 2 rings short right now.

    As the immortal axl rose once whistled, “patience…ooh yeah”

  6. There really shouldn’t be any confusion. His General Manager should be able to clearly explain everything that is going on. They could interact with Griffin and trace their steps along the way to find out how much he has learned and how the coaching staffs have affected him, look at the impact of him playing through injury and in conjunction with the design of the team constructed around him, and then they should be able to uncover any answers they are looking for.

    This season is lost now, so Snyder should focus on winning for the future and determine if his GM can sell him with confidence that he has things figured out on how to set the table to do the winning. There shouldn’t be anything for him to worry about. If he believes he has the right person in charge of the team, then accepting excuses and showing patience is all he needs to do.

  7. New game. Dan Snyder is befuddled…. (please, one entry each)

    Dan Snyder is befuddled that his ham-fisted PR efforts backfire on him.

  8. Its not rocket science. Once defensive coordinators get enough film on a running QB he’ll never have the same success in the NFL.

    Add into that Griffin’s fragile ego and that he bought into all the talk that he was Super Man…..

    The trade up to get RGFragileEgo will go down as one of the half dozen worst in NFL history.

  9. He ruined himself by refusing to adjust to the NFL. We’ve seen this before, most recently with Vince Young. That dude had a stellar rookie year as well but then he wouldn’t/couldn’t adjust as defenses adjusted to him.

  10. Start with a Coach who’d work to enhance the player’s strengths; let him do the things that made him successful and build the offense around him (see Kaep and Wilson @ the Superbowl) instead of forcing him to be something he’s not. Then just for good measure, add some blocking!

  11. It’s quite simple RGIII is what’s wrong with RGIII…his insistance on wanting to be a pocket passer ala Manning, Brady, Brees etc., is not his thing, he refuses to do what made him successful in 2012.

    If he truly wants to reinvent himself as a pocket passer he needs to put in the work to improve his pocket awareness, footwork etc.,

  12. Let’s see here: multiple coaches, different offensive systems, continuing injury problems, depleted talent due to the trade of draft picks, lousy ownership/management, and perhaps skills not suited for typical NFL systems. Yeah, it’s hard to figure out. . . . .

  13. It’s no secret why RG3 isn’t himself. He’s had 27 knee operations since he came into the league. He came back way before he should have because he was afraid of losing his job and this is the end result. He is damaged goods. Period.

  14. I think he needs to rest for a year.

    And, not in DC. That’s over.

    Sit back and learn. Rest. Heal up.

    Then, as a poster above mentioned, have a coach who plays to his strengths.

    Other than that, I don’t see a happy ending.

  15. And so the Redskins will get another opportunity to ruin another high draft pick. Why do we let this happen? I was struck in that article about so many 2012 top picks not getting extended by how many of those teams haven’t improved and will still be picking in the top 10 again. We reward them for failure, even as they damage player development — there is no way that many top players are really that bad every year. There should be a new draft rule that any team that picks in the top 10 for 3 years in a row is then forced to pick at the bottom the next year, just to give players a chance at not having their careers ruined.

  16. His skill set was purely athletic and based on the threat of him running. Something you cannot maintain because of the hit factor. If he doesn’t remake himself he’s done.

  17. I agree with the above commenter about enhancing the player’s strengths. For some players it’s about emotion and having fun. You try to drill mechanics, reads, into RGIII and then he’s over-thinking every single play. Carolina last year, they looked at Cam Newton’s college tape and studied the plays he was good at and incorporated it into the pro offense and he had his best year and went into the playoffs. I’m not saying RGIII isn’t capable of doing the traditional drop back passer role but it’s not going to be his foundation.

    I think it’s unreasonable to make Jay Gruden work with a QB who’s not suited for his offensive system. So a Colt McCoy or a Kirk Cousins might be the better option.

    I blame the GM or the owner for putting Gruden and RGIII together thinking it was a good idea. I can tell you about 80% of football fans knew that combination was not going to translate to wins or playoffs.

  18. Snyder needs to accept his part of the blame in the decline of Griffin. Since day one Danny was more interested in being best friends with his QB than being an authority figure in his life. He coddled him, made excuses for him when he made mistakes and took his QB’s side over his coaches. Worst owner in the league by far.

  19. I don’t see a decline. He was never very good. He had a better team around him, a better coach, and he was allowed to run more so the team did somewhat better with him his rookie year. But to people who know football, he is who we thought he was.

  20. It is mind-boggling why teams risk that many high picks to trade up for an unproven commodity. Look at the history of first round busts going back decades. It is north of 50%.

    The Redskins set themselves back years by i) wasting that high pick and ii) throwing away all those others in the process. Look who is starting now. Colt Freakin’ McCoy?

    I can’t say how glad and relieved I am that the Browns “lost out” on those sweepstakes.

    What a disaster.

  21. As a Browns fan, my fear is that Johnny Football will be our RGme.

    Manziel’s being a rich entitled kid with fame, doesn’t bother me as much as his “style” of playing football. That backyard running around might play against lumbering dolts of Texas but, it turns out to be a one-trick pony show in the NFL.

    Maybe Haslam can con Danny Boy to trade for Manziel. A couple of first-round picks should do it. Then Danny Boy can parade Johnny in front of Jerruh.

  22. Take RG3 minus 36 million dollars minus Desean Jackson minus Jordan Reed for half the season his rookie year. They were the best team in the NFL on offense. Rushing -1st , passing net yards -2nd, turnovers 1st, top 5 in almost every offensive area. 1st in yards per play. How can you do that with 6 new starters his rookie year?How can you do that with a horrible offensive line.Easy, your QB was coachable his first year. Once Robert his dad and Dan Snyder decided he was a drop back QB the team went to hell. Two guys who knew what was going on was the Shanahans. Even Gruden ran 11 read options vs Minnesota this year. His best game this year. Why can’t anyone see this? This kid must be a Diva. By the way, they have a 4th place schedule this wear with 46 million in cap space at the start of the year. There is only one reason Gruden would handle this situation the way he has. The Redskin players must totally disrespect the way he practices and handles himself.

  23. It’s a combination of too much success too early because it was too easy – since three years really was the low point for the NFC East. He also had a coach past his prime and a new one that is unproven. He has the physical ability and believe he could do it mentally with the right coach and scheme. Since the Eagles won’t be able to get Mariota barring a miracle, perhaps they can get RGIII for a 2nd. If I was Roseman in Philadelphia, I’d strongly consider that.

  24. That organization got a brand new Ferrari for Christmas, and wrecked it showing off to their friends a day later.

  25. Really? Too many subway sandwiches, too much gatorade, too much Adidas workouts, too much talking and throwing teammates under the bus, and not enough humility and practice of his mechanics. Yes, practice! I’m talking about practice! Don’t know why they thought a QB who plays well in a college spread offense would be able to adjust to a pro offense and learn how to read defenses and have a 10-15 year career. Square peg in a round hole: it don’t fit! When has a true running QB succeeded in the NFL other than for getting busted up physically?

  26. Every QB in the NFL has their individual strengths and weakness.

    But there is a learned set of skills common to all who remain starters and have winning career records.

    Every one of them can:

    Read the defense from under Center; set up in the pocket; go thru progressions; get the ball out quickly to the right place at the right time.

    Those are the things Robert has not yet given himself to learning.

  27. Here’s a hint. Don’t draft Heisman winning QBs. They’re divas who benefit from being on the best TEAM with wide open receivers and having all day to throw. Every single Heisman winner since 1989 has been a bust or merely average.

  28. Not surprised Snyder is befuddled. Much about football and the personalities involved seems to befuddle him. Several things had a hand in Griffin’s downfall.

    Not satisfied with a mobile QB, Shanahan also used him as a running back, leaving him completely exposed to defenses. The guy took as much physical abuse during his rookie year as most QBs get in five. Now he’s injury-prone. All that running around meant he never learned to read NFL defenses. And as others have said, they quickly adjusted to him. He became an instant sensation and bought into his own hype. It seems the time he should spend studying film he spends filming television commercials.

    The guy has tremendous talent, but probably a quarter of Colt McCoy’s work ethic–if that. And it’s a shame because I had the sense he was raised with a good foundation. The NFL has ruined him. Can he be salvaged? That’s up to him. He’d be wise to ax the extracurriculars and give everything he’s got to the game before it’s too late.

  29. Uhh he was QB who heavily relied on his speed and blew out his knee….. Now his speed is very limited and since he relied on his speed through out his entire career he never really had to learn how to play QB from the pocket.

    Its simple math

    RG3 – running ability = not a very good qb

  30. Pretty obvious why RGIII (and Kirk Cousins) haven’t improved and have even regressed.

    30 NFL teams have a full-time quarterbacks coach. The Redskins are not one of those teams. There is no one on the Washington team whose full-time job is to correct the mistakes their quarterbacks are making and to help guide and develop them.

    Jay Gruden has played and coached the quarterback position, but he is too busy being the head coach to give enough help to RGIII and Cousins. Sean McVay, the “offensive coordinator”, has never played or coached the quarterback position. He is only 4 years older than RGIII, 2 years older than Cousins, and the same age as Colt McCoy. Why should they listen to McVay?

    There is no coach on the Redskins team devoted to helping and developing their quarterbacks. No wonder they are struggling and floundering. 30 NFL teams think that is a bad way to develop quarterbacks, but not the Redskins.

  31. This is one of those instances that “talent” gets you only so far in life. You need to put in the preparation and hard work and dedictaion to be a great player in this league. I agree with a few posters above me saying that he came back WAY too early because he was insecure and had a massive ego fearing he might lost his job. Well guess what? Mission accomplished, nobody is going to want to work with this guy because he refuses to put work in to make himself and the team better. He is destined to be apart of Raider Nation and then retire by year 2017 due to lack of interest. RG3 you have NOBODY to blame but yourself and your massive ego. If you gave a damn about the team and your coaching staff you would have studied on how to be a pocket passer, not pose for Subway commericals. I hope Kaep takes this as a lesson..and reinvents himself next year. A lot of people have hit on the spot…he’s the next one on this list. Only difference between him and RG3 is Kaep robbed Yorks of 126M.

    – 49er fan

  32. no offensive line,poor mechanics,lack of film study,and not putting enough effort into honing your craft all add up to make a crappy qb.snyder lacks common sense,that is why he does not know his problem.

  33. No reason to be befuddled. We all witnessed what Mike Shanahan did to him. It was downright negligent. Shanahan sacrificed RG3 like a lamb to the slaughter hoping to save his own sorry job. Well, he lost his job and destroyed RG3 in the process.

    I cant remember ever seeing a player with such an obvious vulnerable injury on the field. I’ll never forget seeing him taking the snap, limping into a three step drop and then trying desperately to avoid the oncoming rush by hobbling outside the pocket. It was like seeing a toddler walking on a freeway.

  34. RGIII’s first year they played at Heinz Field and the Steelers finished every hit on him very hard and legal (no flags) whether he ran the ball or if they were within range on a pass.

    I remember one particular bone cruncher near the sideline when he was free-wheeling for a scramble.

    With every hit he got up a little slower.

    By game’s end he looked like a ragdoll.

    30 other teams had the same idea.


  35. What a doof. Let’s see here, RGIII ran the spread in HS, the spread WITH NO PLAYBOOK in college and you expected him to became a traditional dropback pocket passer? He had success his first year because of the gimmick offense that had to be implemented to facilitate his strengths (read option and bootlegs). It’s the personnel decisions that keep happening under Snyder that is befudddling. Remember Snyder has:

    – Made Archuleta the highest paid safety in league history despite having a young Ryan Clark in place. Archuleta was third string week 1.

    – Fat Boy Haynesworth

    – Past their prime Deion, Bruce Smith, and Mark Carrier,

    – Signing Jeff George despite coaches wanting to go with Jeff George

    – Ousted Marty. Brought in Spurrier.

    – Devin Thomas and a crippled Malcolm Kelly in the second round of the same draft.

    – Hired Vinny Cerrato

    – Jim Freaking Zorn

  36. I hope RG still turns out to be a good QB. Coming out of college – to me he passed the eye test and had great intangibles. I think its unfair to compare him to Vince Young or Jamarcus because he seems a lot more mature and grounded than those guys. Unfortunately for Washington I think the best thing is for him to go somewhere else and get a fresh start. Best thing for RG would be to play behind a good vet like Brady, Manning even Rivers just to get a little more mojo. Dan Snyder however is a donkey.

  37. Did not know that the Skins have no QB coach….That might be the dumbest thing I have ever heard….The position’s requirements change week to week and often during games…why would you spend that kind of dough and then do nothing to protect/ grow your investment? Befuddled indeed!

  38. Winning in the NFL is rare for Heisman QBs

    Since 1950, 26 quarterbacks were selected as the Heisman Trophy winner. Of those 26, only 20 started at quarterback in at least one NFL game. Among those 20, only four quarterbacks have a winning record in the NFL (regular season). Robert Griffin III is the only Heisman winner with a career passer rating over 90 in the NFL (92.4). Since 1950, the combined NFL winning percentage for quarterbacks who won the Heisman Trophy is under .500 (465-489-3, .487).

  39. “Dan Snyder described as ‘befuddled'” would be a sufficient headline. The guy is a straight up dumpster fire.

  40. Dan Synder = Jerry Jones? if that is the case the skins are in for a looooooong time of mediocrity at best.

  41. Its impossible to get to Dan Snyder with so many ‘yes’ men around. The guy’s perception of reality is on par with that of Kim Jong Un. I was born into the Cooke ownership era of Skins being a respected organization. Synder has turned them into da raidas.

  42. @hawkapalooza – well played, sir. While we’re on the topic of Snyder and Lebowski – THE PLANE HAS CRASHED INTO THE GODDAM MOUNTAIN!

  43. you mean he can’t understand that a bootleg/scramble QB is only good for bootlegs and scrambles. Once the def figures out that it’s the only good thing he can do, they shut it down quickly. Leaving a scramble QB with terrible mechanics to 3 step drop and throw, or get forced outside, which oh yes causes injuries. #notthathardtofigureout

  44. just another undisciplined read option qb that the league caught up to.. see Newton, Kaepernack, Smith, Manuel, Manziel, and soon Wilson

  45. Dan, it’s quite simple really. You allowed your coaches & leadership team to lose sight of the simple truth. Nothing (football related) was more important than Robert improving as a QB. Nothing else. Period.

    That was more important than power struggles, injury management, Nike commercials, super bowl promises, head coaches, brand management, yada yada….

  46. Dexter Manley for GM. According to Ditka, he had “the mind of a grapefruit”. Have you ever seen a grapefruit get befuddled? No.

  47. loyalraven says: Dec 4, 2014 10:07 AM

    RG3 = Vince Young 2.0

    There’s a difference there…. Vince Young was a winner…

  48. @oldcracker, we didn’t pay for JFF what The Redskins did for RG3. He basically cost us Trent Richardson + Shamarko Thomas (who PIT drafted with the pick we traded to them to acquire their 2014 3rd). Not the same story.

    If he turns out to be a bust, the setback won’t be nearly the same. Had we drafted him 4th, I’d be more concerned, but in the 20’s, with our 2nd pick in the round, not so risky. Also, box that together with the Watkins trade for more picks and the package spreads the risk.

    I’m ok with where we are there but, yes, it will really help if Johnny can become what they hope he can be. Needs to improve reads and bulk up but his intelligence and arm strength are fine.

  49. his picture alone looks like a man befuddled….lol. tough going through life short and getting beat up in school.

  50. bbbmf says:
    Dec 4, 2014 10:29 AM
    Start with a Coach who’d work to enhance the player’s strengths; let him do the things that made him successful and build the offense around him (see Kaep and Wilson @ the Superbowl) instead of forcing him to be something he’s not. Then just for good measure, add some blocking!

    Yeah sure – if he was made out of steel…….

  51. Trade him to New Orleans for a case of Dixie beer and a 20 pc box of Popeyes chicken and let him learn from Brees for a year or two!

  52. spyder9669 says:
    Dec 4, 2014 9:50 AM
    Start at the offensive line. Below is the list of every QB who has played good without one..

    1. Colt McCoy

  53. People keep saying he needs a QB who plays to his strengths. Now, can someone tell me what his strengths are at this point? Anyone? Can’t scramble effectivly, can’t slide when he does, can’t read defenses and has terrible mechenics.

  54. It’s simple. All his decisions are made to play to the crowd, not build a successful football team.

  55. He was doomed the moment he became “RG3”, the brand, because that became more important than the game or the team.

  56. Snyder saw gold in a spindly-legged kid at Baylor. He was charmed by RGIII’s personality and smitten by his smile. Snyder ignored the red flags about RGIII’s lack of pocket skills, his narcissistic personality traits, and Mike Shanahan’s desire for Tannehill.

  57. Snyder has no one to blame but himself. He should have never befriended with his employee the way he did with RG3. As a result, RG3, being the immature kid still, felt no one can take the franchise QB job from him, so he neglected his football study. That’s why RG3 becomes this worthless franchise QB. Wilson, Luck probably sleep in the film room every chance they get, so they progress while RG3 regresses.

  58. I had never heard of a starting QB, in year 3 of his career, taking the wrong drop.

    you have a play with a 3 step drop your offensive line is preparing for and you take a 2 step, or a 5 step, or whatever you feel like doing?

    how does that happen? how is that even possible. and if you watch him, it doesn’t take some guru to see that he can’t or just is not even trying to read a defense before the snap. so he is totally unprepared when he does snap the ball for what he is supposed to know he is looking at.

    I think he was so well coached during the combine process, then they caught everyone offguard with that attack that had him doing more running than anything(no talk of the fall off of alfred morris either) that it kind of fooled us all into thinking they had an athletic andrew luck. nope.

  59. Contrary to the media’s storyline, Dan doesn’t talk to the press about the team very often. He’ll speak up when he needs to – like making it clear the name will never change – but he doesn’t hold court on football plays or players. You can’t read anything in to a non-comment.

  60. Since he sold the farm to get Griffin, Snyder SHOULD be ‘befuddled’ ….and ashamed, and regretful and apologetic to the Washington Redskin faithful.

  61. Buffudled, and also willfully misguided, are his natural state. I’m befuddled as to why he’d let this mooching clan of Griffiths run roughshod over the team when Bob first arrived here. Dad in the locker room? Mom and dad and wifey all over the team’s practice facilities whenever they please? Did other players’ families get such bespoke and attentive care by ownership? Had I been on the team, and witnessed all that, I’d have been sharpening my ax already for RGMe

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