Pete Carroll: I love Mark Sanchez


Seahawks coach Pete Carroll is preparing to face Eagles quarterback Mark Sanchez on Sunday, and both men are trying hard this week to make clear that they’re on good terms.

Sanchez said he’s looking forward to seeing Carroll on Sunday, and Carroll is going even further than that in explaining how excited he is for his former quarterback.

I love Mark,” Carroll said, via the News Tribune.

The two are being asked about their relationship because Carroll said some decidedly negative things when Sanchez left USC to enter the 2009 NFL draft. Carroll said publicly that he didn’t agree with Sanchez’s decision, and there was some talk that there was a rift in their relationship. But Carroll says that’s just not the case.

“We just had a difference of opinion at the time, in that regard. I wasn’t going to hold him back,” Carroll said. “He was awesome with us, had a great career. Kind of grew up with us, was there even before he came to school. His family was close to the program. I was very, very close to the family during that time — and felt like I was representing an opinion that was coming out of the household, too, because they could see reasons why they wanted Mark to stay. The main thing was, he was really forthright and he was very determined to take on the challenge. . . . But that had nothing to do with our relationship or anything.”

Carroll may have been right that Sanchez could have used another year to develop at the college level, even as Sanchez was obviously right that he’d be a high pick if he turned pro. Whatever their differences at the time, both are in agreement that they have no differences now.

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  1. Maybe it’s a good thing Mark left USC when he did. Otherwise he may never have quarterbacked two NFC Championship games and his career would likely be over right now instead of resurrected. Then again, the butt fumble might not have ever happened in which case his career could be elevating to yet-to-be-seen heights, so I guess this will just be a point of speculation for football fans to debate over ice cold beers… If Sanchez actually warranted that kind of time that is.

  2. In the years that Pete coached the Patriots I never heard him say anything bad about his players. It is just not his style. In the case of Sanchez he was trying to give the young man some sound advice based on his own extensive experience. You know, do his job as a coach.

  3. The no ring having eagles depending on mark Sanchez to win them a SB lol.the eagles never matter when it counts and that’s why they are an embarrassment to the NFC east.

  4. What do you expect Carroll to say? I think he’s a terrible quarterback and I hate him? Unfortunately for the Eagles however I think Seattle wins this game because I think Seattle will frustrate Sanchez all day long and make him throw a couple of picks as well as the Eagles getting chewed up on defense by Lynch. 24-14 Seahawks.

  5. Sanchez, Gabbert, Ponder, and EJ Manuel are part of a group of rookie QBs who have been rushed into the starting lineup by desperate NFL franchises. Aaron Rogers and Tom Brady are examples of players who benefitted from their time studying the position. from the bench.

    Even when Rogers and Brady throw picks, it’s usually a result of poor execution and not due to a mental mistake.

  6. In NCAA, you go pro when you can. No point in risking injury or some stupid suspension for a free dinner by sticking around.

    Wonder if Slippery Pete told Leinert he’d be better off playing his senior year…

  7. It really is OK for 2 people to disagree about whether or not someone is ready for the NFL. Obviously, it becomes much more personal when one of the people in the disagreement is the person wanting to make it in the NFL.

    For his career to this point, he has 76 TDs and 75 INTs. His overall QB rating is 73.2. This year, he is the second string QB, with 8 TDs and 6 INTs, and an 89.3 rating.

    Sounds like it was a legitimate disagreement. He is not terrible, but he is not very strong. Right smack dab in the middle.

    Let’s see how he does this weekend against the number 1 defense in the league. That should be an excellent gauge.

  8. Considering those were the best years of his life (and it would be all downhill from there), that *was* the right thing for Leinart to do.

  9. To borrow the lyrics from Soul Coughing SUPER BON BON Marshawn Lynch “MOVE ASIDE AND LET THE MAN GO THROUGH !

  10. This lovefest is getting out of hand.I hope the Seahawks defense throttles Mark Sanchez. When the game is over I want to see a dirty Sanchez😉

  11. touchdownroddywhite says:Dec 4, 2014 2:55 PM

    Maybe it’s a good thing Mark left USC when he did. Otherwise he may never have quarterbacked two NFC Championship games

    He hasn’t QB’d any NFC Chanpionship Games.
    Sanchez came from the QB graveyard that is the Jets. He may actually have the chance to develop into an above average to quite good qb now that he is away from the circus.

  12. Everyone who keeps harping on the butt fumble…get over it already. It was one play. It does not symbolize Mark Sanchez’s career. I think any reasonable person would agree that he’s redeemed himself this year and still has a bright future in the NFL.

  13. I bet Rex would say he loves Sanchez as well if his defense was only allowed to play him. In fact if he got to play Sanchez 16 games a year he would have a job next year if not a super bowl.

    The Eagles may have the best offensive personnel in the league but Sanchez is the great equalizer. Whats the over/under on defensive TDs this week. I would think Pete Carrol will be highly disappointed if the Seahawks only get one defensive TD this week. Remember, Sanchez is the gift who keeps giving.

  14. when somebody hands you millions of dollars you take it. Look at Barkley, he could be out of the league in two years and we may not have a clue whether he can actually play. Sanchez made the right call, whether you like him as a QB or not.

  15. Seattle is 3-0 vs the teams against which Philly is 0-3.

    At least two of those three teams have much better defenses than Philly.

    Seattle scored 19 against them.

    Philly has better offenses than those teams, but against their defenses, which aren’t as good as Seattle’s, Philly averaged 20.5. However they’re at home but again, against a better defense.

    Philly scores 21.

    Seattle’s offense, however, which scored 19 against those two teams (ranked 11th in scoring) will fare better vs Philly defense ranked 19th).

    Seattle scores 27.

    Final 27-21 Seattle.

  16. Carroll did love Mark Sanchez until he left him for the NFL…..seriously though, i don’t think he hates him. as for the game, i think Seattle and Carroll win, the Eagles will fight, but i think Seattle is finally back on track.

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