Peterson hearing resumes at 2:30 p.m. ET Thursday


The Adrian Peterson appeal hearing started Tuesday.  It ends Thursday.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the session resumes at 2:30 p.m. ET, barring a negotiated settlement.  On Tuesday, arbitrator Harold Henderson urged the two sides to work out a deal.

There’s a chance that one side or the other has been emboldened by the suggestion, especially if one side perceives that holding firm will result in a victory.

If the hearing proceeds, NFL executive V.P. of football operations Troy Vincent will be testifying regarding his conversations with Peterson.  The recorded discussions allegedly contain Vincent telling Peterson that he’d receive credit for games missed while on paid suspension, and that the new domestic violence policy unveiled on August 28 wouldn’t be applied to him retroactively.

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  1. The honest question that I have is – if the letter that AP signed said that punishment would not be assessed until after the closure of the court case, would it actually be retroactively applied because the punishment had not been determined until after the policy is in place.

    From what I understand of our legal system, it is when you are sentenced that the rules are applied for sentencing.

    There is also the thought that the players in this case AP is being punished because of the guilty finding not because of the actual criminal activity. If that is the case, the policy is applied then and not retroactively.

  2. I’m stunned they already haven’t settled. No way the league wants anything more to come out about this than already has.

    The more the league lies, the more vile they are becoming. The fact that the league has told so many blatant lies the past few weeks thinks the fans are stupid enough to believe them tells me they don’t think fans are particularly smart, and view them only as income generators.

  3. The NFL doesn’t want to settle. Goodell wants Harold Henderson to be his hatchet man so he can say an “independent” arbitrator decided this and I had nothing to do with it…. The fans know differently.

  4. Peterson needs to just accept the punishment he has been given. He expected no less from his 4 year old.

    **IF** Peterson loses (and I hope he does), all he has accomplished at this point is accepted another check from the Vikings he did not deserve and drug this out into next year (5 games suspension this year, 1 next).

    In texts to the boys mother, Peterson stated how proud he was that his son accepted the punishment given and never screamed once (as if it could have been heard due to leaves in his mouth anyway). Peterson needs to make sure his son is proud of him, accept his punishment and not to scream about it!

    All this would have never happened if Peterson would have used a little common sense and punished his child appropriately. It is his own fault!

  5. He’s a low life. His true character came out when he thought no one was watching. Stuffing leaves in a four year olds mouth then beating him bloody up and down the front and back of his legs is a tad more than “overdoing a spanking”. And it appears this is not the only child he has abused. he showed no regret until he had no choice. He should have done time in prison.

  6. Fire Goodell, $40 Million a year in salary is a shame and a sham!! He should give his entire salary to charity for being the worst commissioner in NFL history, quite a legacy!

  7. At this point, let him go back to the Vikings. His trade value is nil, not because another team doesn’t want him but because is contract is way too high.

    Who in their right mind pays $15 mil per season to a RB in an ever increasing pass happy league?

    Rick Spielman, GM genuis is the answer.

  8. Fidel Goodell: “I did not see the Adrian Peterson photos and no one in my office, to my knowledge, has seen them either. We are all waiting for the Robert Mueller bought and paid for Ray Rice cover-up investigation to try to allow me to recover.”

  9. While the NFL/gooddell are hypocrites, inconsistent, and have handled this situation poorly, I hope this baby abuser gets nothing out of his appeal.
    A MN sports fan

  10. Can the vikings sue the NFL to pay for the weeks AP missed?

    who pays a DE 15 mil….

    many NFL teams and the Vikings do.

    AP is worth way more than any DE except maybe Watts.

  11. Wish the hearing would be on tv and everyone would get to see the farce the NFL has become under Goodell!

  12. .

    he still hasn’t been mandatory suspended 4 games for the drug charges…

    so even if they ruled on beating his kid like a maniac he still has another 4 coming…

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