Ron Rivera claims the Panthers are a good team in a good division


The Panthers are 3-8-1, and yet the NFC South is so bad that Carolina remains in contention to win the division. Ron Rivera says that there’s no reason they should feel bad about that.

This year’s NFC South may look like one of the worst divisions in NFL history, but Rivera still believes the 5-7 Saints and 5-7 Falcons are good teams, as are Rivera’s own Panthers.

“I think New Orleans is a good football team, as I do Atlanta — and I think we’re still a good football team,” he said, via the Times-Picayune.

The Panthers sure haven’t looked like a good team recently: Carolina hasn’t won a game in two months. Still, the Panthers have a chance of making the playoffs, and Rivera says that if they do, they’ll be proud.

“Believe me, whichever team [from the NFC South] gets in the playoffs, there’s going to be no apologies for it,” Rivera said. “That’s all part of the game. You play the game, they fall the way they may. Look at the way New Orleans beat Pittsburgh — hey, there’s no apology needed. They played a very good football game against a good football team and they ended up winning.”

Someone will have to win the NFC South. Even if that “someone” is a team with a losing record.

46 responses to “Ron Rivera claims the Panthers are a good team in a good division

  1. After all of the trash talking about the NFC South, me wonders if the team that has to travel to meet them in the first round will be feeling just a we little bit of pressure. Realize that in today’s NFL there is not a whole lot of difference between a 7-9 team and a 11-5 team. Just a couple of bounces or a few bad calls. We Dat!

  2. I forgot to dvr the SNL Christmas episode last night but sounds like at least one sketch was funny

  3. hahaha you can add him to the list of soon to be fired coaches #1 rex ryan #2mike smith #3 tom coglin #4 ron rivera oh and lets not forget the puppet #5 Jason garett

  4. It’d be refreshing for a coach to just own it and say, “We’ve been playing some bad football lately. That said, we’re two wins out of first in the division and I believe that if we win a few, gain some momentum, that the winner of this division could be very dangerous going forward to win a playoff game or two. But currently? No, our division is recordwise not very good.”

  5. It’s hard to understand how a division can have 3 solid playoff teams and all come out terrible. Feels like the NFC west of no long ago.

  6. Yeah, the NFCS is sucking wind this season, but really, what else to you expect Rivera to say? That his team is struggling and he has no answers? Coaches have to stay upbeat, positive and mine for gold at all times. That’s part of their job.

  7. Newton and that pathetic D will make sure Rivera and the Panthers don’t do diddly squat this year..

  8. Ron Rivera sounds like someone who’s out of touch with reality; the Panthers are a bad team; a VERY bad team.

  9. Throw that man a life preserver, he’s gone under and came back up a few times but I don’t see him anymore.

  10. Is this intended as his statement on the players concussion settlement?

    He didn’t get enough $ if he believes this.

  11. If you’re right Ron, that means you’ve coached a very good team to a 3-8-1 trainwreck of a season. Might as well hold up a sign that says “Fire this moron.”

  12. Poor ownership, lousy coaches and redneck fans! Not a good combo for success! Cam is out of here with this garbage surrounding the best QB in football

  13. As a fan it is clear the Panthers are a bad Team this year in spite of having some incredibly talented position players. Everyone saw this year coming with the OL, the WR’s and the secondary being revamped but starting off 2-0 led many to think Rivera could do it with mirrors again. That rebuilding is on the past and present GM’s (Hurney/Gettleman) But the fact that the players have so clearly given up in many of the losses is directly on the coaching staff and why they have to go. A lot of the players will be out also due to contracts and performance.

    But Rivera’s failure this season does not make him a bad coach. You don’t coach a team in the NFL to a 12-4 record and a first week bye as a “fluke” as the idiot poster above mentioned. Rivera, with limited personnel, just lost the ability to adjust, whether in game-planning or at half-time and committed to an offensive system that set the defense up for failure.

  14. Ron Rivera must have gotten into the magic mushrooms! Let’s parse his contention, that the NFC South is a ‘good division’. Thus far, they are a collective 8-25-1 against other teams. What’s more, in their remaining six games OOD, they face only one team with a losing record, the Bears, who are 5-8. The others are the Steelers, Browns, Lions, and Packers (twice). Collectively, counting the Packers twice, THEY are 29-19 outside of their own divisions. If the South wins only one of those six games, then they will finish the campaign with fewer than one win in every four OOD games. The only context in which that is not PATHETICALLY INEPT, as opposed to merely mediocre, much less “good”, is when compared to the 2008 Lions or the 1976 Buccaneers.

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