NFL looking into Romo injury reporting


After Thursday night’s win over the Bears, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo blurted out that he has been dealing with a previously undisclosed rib injury.

Because the rib injury was undisclosed, the injury didn’t appear in the injury reports.  As a result, the NFL is exploring whether the Cowboys violated the rules regarding the reporting of injuries.

“We’re looking into it,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said via email.

Of course, the NFL looked into it after the Cowboys failed to disclose Romo’s pre-existing back injury before the back gave out on him last year in Week 16.  And the NFL did nothing about it.

Typically, the NFL doesn’t like to nail its teams for violating the injury reporting rules, for multiple reasons.  First, the NFL prefers not to publicly admit that there are cheaters in its midst.  Second, the rules regarding the reporting of injuries are far from perfect, allowing for all sorts of irregularities and blatant violations.  Third, if the public becomes aware of enough violations, the public will begin to realize that, while the rules are aimed at erasing the perception of the existence of inside information that would be available to gamblers, inside information indeed exists.  And every Henry Hill or Jimmy Burke or Johnny Bag-a-donuts already knows it.

And they probably already know how to go about getting it.

25 responses to “NFL looking into Romo injury reporting

  1. If the rib injury was in the back then the disclosed black injury report was accurate because they are intentionally vague

  2. He said he has played with broken ribs. Tony was simply saying these injuries add up over the years. Maybe he should have spent a few more minutes and threw in punctured lung and every single other injury he’s had. I don’t blame Lynch for not wanting to talk to the media as they will misconstrue anything they can to make a story

  3. @julio1111 – I agree. I watched the entire post game and never did he say anything about a new rib injury, he just mentioned he’s played past it before. This also could just be an old injury acting up after everything that has happened to the core of his body

  4. Come on NFL aren’t the injury reports really designed solely for the use of Las Vegas betting parlors that you adamantly deny having any connections with? I don’t know of many fans who use them just to watch the game, some folks use them for their fantasy football picks – so why are the injuries really reported – Come on Roggie tell us, wink, wink, we won’t tell.

  5. What purpose would investigating this serve? Everyone has known all season that Romo has been less than 100% and dealing with nicks and bruises (or, at times, worse). Who cares if the injury report didn’t mention an additional minor issue? By the spirit of the rules, it has been well established that Romo has had some health issues, so all is well.

  6. apparently some of u people don’t understand the concept of past tense, I watched the post game and he said he played through a rib injury not that he was playing through one.

  7. Romo gonna be walking like Ray Charles by the time his career is done. And the only way to keep him on the field is pain killer shots to his back. So once that career is done he will be s cripple and a druggie.

  8. The context of the comment was “things that happen in a season”, but he did not say that it was THIS year. There is nothing to investigate.

  9. I didn’t hear him say that he was currently playing with a rib injury. The reports after said that Romo couldn’t remember if the injury occurred in the Saints or Rams game, but they didn’t give a direct quote from Romo. I watched the entire post game interview and he was just talking about playing while dealing with injuries in general. But who knows, this team is weird when it comes to handling injuries. They called a herniated disc a tweaked back until Romo had to get surgery. They allowed Romo to go back in the game after fracturing his back. I wouldn’t put it past them to not report an injury and for Romo to play injured, but it seems like this story got mixed up a bit.

  10. When he couldn’t get out of the pocket and one time fell down without being touched it was obvious to anyone he was protecting something. If it wasn’t his back then I would guess it was ribs.

    Sauce anyone?

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