Rob Gronkowski admires Antonio Gates’ longevity

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Gronk party. Gronk play football. Gronk get introspective.

Well, sort of.

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski admitted this week he might have to be more judicious with the amount of contact he takes, and wants to sit down with Chargers veteran Antonio Gates to talk about it.

Via Tom Curran of, the 34-year-old Gates talked about how he can see Gronkowski taking better care of himself this year, which he needs to.

“I’m a firm believer in being physical,” Gates said. “But then there are unnecessary hits you don’t have to take. Some people think you can’t be physical and not have aggression. We talk about having aggression, but still staying fundamentally sound. What that means is you go out, play hard, and be physical, but still play smart at the same time.

I think that’s what maybe [Gronkowski] has added to his repertoire this year. Or that’s something that maybe the majority of young guys need to understand. It’s a very physical game. It’s not like college. These guys are getting paid millions of dollars to come out and play and you have to take care of yourself. You have to take care of yourself.”

Gronkowski said he’d like to talk to Gates about that, expressing his admiration for the Chargers tight end’s longevity.

“Whenever you see a tight end at that caliber playing every single week going out there and making a huge impact and making huge plays and looking like he’s in his early 20s still it’s unbelievable,” Gronkowski said.” Obviously, he knows what he’s doing and he’s a player to look up to no doubt about that. It would be cool to talk to him and learn what he’s done to keep playing at that high level. I definitely look up to him.”

While it’s unusual to think about Gronkowski, well, thinking deeply about his future, Gates is worth looking up to. If Gronkowski can become more durable, his chance of having a career like Gates will only grow.

And then Gronk party.

14 responses to “Rob Gronkowski admires Antonio Gates’ longevity

  1. Antonio Gates was scary good in his prime!

    Rob Gronkowski however has unlimited potential barring any significant injuries.

    Definitely doesn’t hurt to talk to someone such as Gates and Tony Gonzalez and attain advice from some of the greats.

  2. Gates would be a fantastic mentor for Gronk. Always plays the game right and hard.

    Gronk’s ceiling is unlimited if he can stay healthy and truly put it all together. A guy like Gates in his ear will only help.

  3. For the record, I hate the Patriots, but it is nice to see an article that shows Gronk has a brain and true aspirations. They always portray him as a partying meathead. No denying this guy has talent and if he stays healthy he could last long enough and take his place in the books along side these greats.

  4. Health is the only thing that will keep Gronk out of the Hall of Fame. Embrace and enjoy his career. With his enjoyment of the game, his physical stature and talent will have him ranked along with any tight end that ever played the game. Doesn’t hurt to be on a team where the coach knows his abilities and uses them.

  5. “Vernon Davis > Gronk”

    Yeah right.

    Davis in 2014 – 23 receptions, 210 yds, 9.1 avg, 2 TD

    Gronk in 2014 – 65 receptions, 910 yds, 14 avg, 9 TD

    Davis doesn’t even belong in the same discussion as Gronk.

  6. Gronk catch ball. Gronk throw scrubs outta club. Gronk smash through defenders. Gronk spike. Gronk stay healthy Gronk greatest ever

  7. lionglass says: Dec 5, 2014 5:23 PM

    Gronk just Belichick’s pawn in game of football.

    I see what you did there.

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