Bill O’Brien, Duane Brown downplay sideline spat


When Texans coach Bill O’Brien was offensive coordinator of the Patriots, he had a much-publicized sideline spat with Tom Brady. O’Brien has received a lot less attention for a sideline spat he had with Texans left tackle Duane Brown on Sunday.

That’s partly because O’Brien and Brown insist the incident was no big deal. O’Brien has refused to say a word about it this week, while Brown laughed it off.

“It’s a very intense environment on game day and everyone wants to be successful,” Brown told the Houston Chronicle. “We’re working toward the same goal, but sometimes frustrations come out and tempers flair. But the mutual respect is always there. It was nothing personal, nothing that lingered. You got to have a short memory in this game.”

Noted sideline screamer Dez Bryant has said that outsiders don’t really understand what’s going on when players or coaches are screaming on the sideline during a game. Those screaming matches usually appear worse to those watching than they feel to those participating.

11 responses to “Bill O’Brien, Duane Brown downplay sideline spat

  1. Vincent T. Lombardi, maybe the greatest coach of any sport ever, would have been destroyed by today’s media and the wussification of sports at all levels. These are men. Men get angry and yell. Deal with it.

  2. Goodell with send down an edict that angry disagreements will not be tolerated in the NFL. What a load of smoldering dung. This league is becoming a joke.
    Please don’t hurt someone’s feelings. That would be not nice.

  3. o’brien’s downfall will be his blowing that #1 overall pick on CLOWNey the bust and not selecting bortles and solving his qb situation for the long term. if your qb options are fitzpatrick vs mallett, the position is unsettled and the solution is behind door #3.

    also can you tell me for one moment that jj watt does not despise clowney ? the former is the best in the league and the latter is a prima donna bust. yeah those 2 get along.

  4. thefirstsmilergrogan took the first half of my post; here’s the second half:

    tempers FLARE!

    (“journalism” *smh*)

  5. He’s a fiery coach. Speaks with emotion. A refreshing change from “keep it kool kubiak”. You have to show emotion sometime to get your point across. #NOBIGDEAL

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