Report: Snyder, Allen may side with RG3 and fire Gruden


If Jay Gruden really is done with quarterback Robert Griffin III, does that mean Griffin’s days in Washington are numbered?

Not necessarily. The other option is that Gruden’s days in Washington are numbered.

And according to Jason Reid of the Washington Post, that’s a possibility. In the latest of what is becoming an all-too-frequent stream of quotes from unnamed sources, a team official tells Reid that Gruden could be “one and done,” a team official said, meaning Gruden could be fired even though he’s just wrapping up the first year of his five-year contract.

The issue is that while Gruden appears to have concluded that Griffin isn’t the right person to be the franchise quarterback, owner Dan Snyder and G.M. Bruce Allen may not be on board with that conclusion. And if Snyder and Allen ultimately decide that they want Griffin to be their quarterback, while Gruden is adamant that he can’t win with Griffin, Snyder and Allen may decide to move on.

It wouldn’t be the first time a coach is one-and-done on Snyder’s team. Snyder fired Marty Schottenheimer after just one season in 2001. That precipitated the hiring of Steve Spurrier. It remains to be seen which coach Snyder thinks could turn his team around this time.

208 responses to “Report: Snyder, Allen may side with RG3 and fire Gruden

  1. That would be a complete joke to think that firing Gruden would be the answer. Snyder will never get a top flight caliber HC. The way he treats coaches and allows busts like RGme to control his franchise is a joke. Gruden is a good young coach and with the right support and talent he could make the franchise respectable again as long as Snyder stays out of the football decisions.

  2. Keep up the great work guys. And they talk about my GM. Jerry is listening lately and we’ve had solid drafts. Killed it with Martin. Please keep Allen around FOREVER!!!

    Christmas is coming early for Cowboys fans. Skins are a joke!

  3. LOL this is just all too familiar with snyder. Well, if he doesn’t want Jay Gruden, maybe Niners will for offensive coordinator next season.

  4. Who runs this team anyway? The quarterback?

    Griffin obviously has some incriminating photos of Dan Snyder molesting a goat. There’s no other reasonable explanation.

  5. “Nobody puts my Baby Bobby Griffy in the corner! You are fired Gruden!!” Daniel Snyder screams as the pacifier falls out of his mouth.

  6. Of course it was just a few days ago that the same paper reported Little Danny and Lord Georgie agreed with Gruden about benching Griffin.

    But with Little Danny, any outcome is possible.

  7. How much deeper can they get their heads in the sand lol

    They made a monumental mistake, hurt the team a lot with Griffin and the trade, but they also control how long the bleeding will continue. Cut your loses and move on.

  8. Whats the definition of insanity again? Trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

    Snyder is insane.

  9. I can really see Redskins fire Gruden and hire Harbaugh.

    I hear all these rumors of Harbaugh going to the Raiders, but the Redskins are a much larger market and can have relevance in this league with the right leadership.

  10. dubblelznhell says:
    Dec 6, 2014 5:20 PM

    And logicalvoicesays what?


    He doesn’t say much… worth reading anyway. But if he was to post he would say something like “everybody watch in awe of our awesome drama and dysfunction. You are all just wishing your teams were as mess up as ours”

    Though next year it will be another “Super Bowl” winning one… just like the last two.

  11. Good luck Redskin fans….its going to be a long time before you can even say the word Super Bowl….little Danny Snyder is the worst thing to happen to this once great franchise….

  12. The day they drafted him, I cancelled my season tickets. I said he would flash his rookie year with college gimmick plays and that his career would be all down hill from there. I also said he’d see 3 head coaches before they finally got rid of him. I was mocked on all the local radio shows. As a REDSKINS fan, I wish I was wrong. Check out the empty stadium tomorrow, that will be considered packed this time next year if Griffin is the starter.

  13. This is beyond coach and quarterback. Ten HCs and twenty-one QBs since what, 1998? That points to the organization. As a Browns backer I fancy myself a slight expert on the owner/GM/coach/quarterback carousel. Find the right no-name guy to coach, get a GM who can do some dealing to get a few picks back, stick to your building plan and give the coach the keys.

  14. He should be regardless of Griffin. He’s not a very good coach, or maybe everyone missed all the other games he’s coached without Griffin as his QB. The first mistake you saw coming from a mile away was his friendship with Jim Haslett actually having him retain him. Like really? Does the defense have to be more awful than it has been the entire time he’s been there for him to make the move?

  15. The Redskins, who are still GOD’S CHOSEN TEAM, need to get a coach who will let RG3 be RG3, because RG3 is the best QB in the NFL, hands down. Wonder how Goodell will screw over the Redskins next year? Maybe another cap penalty? #HTTR #RedskinsOnTheRise #RedskinsRunTheStateOfMaryland

  16. Man, at least the Chargers didn’t give up 3 first rounders for Ryan Leaf, nore did he get two Head Coaches fired in three years

    RG biggest bust of all time

  17. I think Gruden is a joke, I think RG3 is a joke, I think Dan Snyder is a joke, I think Jim Hasslet is a joke and I am a redskins fan! When I say clean house in mean clean everything! Fire all the coaches and get of all high priced players! Build with the draft with a new GM because he is a joke also!

  18. Snyder is like “mush.” He can’t make the right decision here. If he cuts Griffin, its pretty much guaranteed he’ll become a star somewhere else. And if he keeps Griffin he’ll never hire the right coach for him and the Skins will remain perpetual losers.

  19. This whole situation is so crazy.

    I mean, when they hired Gruden, didn’t Gruden have to talk about what he thought of RGIII? What he might do to better utilize him? That he’d be competent enough to tailor his offense around RGIII?

    Because it’s pretty crazy that a coach would come in and have a guy like RGIII and just so quickly throw him under the bus, given how much the topic of RGIII should of been discussed at the time of his hiring, less then a year ago.

    On the flip side, how did the GM and/or owner hire a guy that seems to be such a bad fit for RGIII?

    It’s pretty crazy really. This is just something that shouldn’t be happening in the first year, strike that, the first few games of a coach’s first season (since that’s when all this started).

    It’s one thing for it to be his third or fourth year trying to make it work, but Gruden seems to have given up on him after a few weeks. It’s also never good for a coach to hint that he simply can’t tailor his offense around RGIII. In the end, maybe he’s right. But none of this is new to this season, so Gruden should’ve known before hand, and not even interviewed. I think for this reason there is a very strong chance Gruden is gone.

  20. I have my fantasy playoffs tomorrow. I hope Gruden doesn’t get too emotional and start playing pass defense to prove something. Let stedman bailey get something similar to mike evans, anquan boldin and donte moncrief.I’ll be a happy man 🙂

  21. I’m beginning to loathe Daniel Snyder and Bruce Allen as human beings. I’m also embarrassed of my name because I loathe Roberts idiotic brain too. For the first time in my life I actually have considered not caring about this team.

  22. Of course they’ll side with RGIII. Siding with Gruden would be admitting they made a mistake drafting him in the first place. Egomaniacs on full display.

  23. Griffin had a very good rookie year. But if you watched them play the offense was designed for him to shine. They threw a bunch or screen’s and short passes. Maybe it’s time to face that he’s not that good anymore.

  24. In sum, Snyder is going to be paying Gruden for a few years, plus pay an ineffective RG3 for a few years —and lose the locker room for coddling RG3. Great investment, you fool.

  25. I don’t think anyone will be laughing if the Redskins hire Jim Harbaugh. That is just who this organization needs. Pull the trigger, Snyder!

  26. Insubordination! Fired for cause!

    No severance. no unemployment benefits!

    Terminate the contract!

    Not a dime for that insubordinate ingrate.

    The inmates are running the asylum.

  27. Let the show go on. The only thing that would make this more of a spectacle is if Snyder hires Rex Ryan and or Rob Ryan! The news conferences will be great!

  28. Again, another “unless he doesn’t” PFT post.

    Of course, it’s a possibility. Gruden hasn’t exactly acted like a competent HC ripping players publicly in the media.

    But Griffin is a mess on the field. It’s very evident when you watch him drop back. Footwork is terrible. And if the footwork is terrible, the other mechanics will be, too.

    In reality, they both need to go because they are both not competent in their current positions.

  29. On one hand it sounds like the dumbest move ever, on the other, who the heck are they going to start at QB if RG3 is traded. Considering his successful first season, I can understand why they don’t want to throw away their investment, as starting over would be a disaster too.

  30. RG3 and the Skins have turned into the worst team and player we’ve had to read about all season. Let’s face it: watching the Titanic go down is fascinating. Sink, baby, sink!

  31. Perhaps Gruden isn’t the QB guru he thought he was. He was hired to fix RG3. Gruden doesn’t have a clue. He looks at a few weeks worth of work from one QB and decides he can’t play, and has years of evidence on another QB proving otherwise but still thinks he’s going to suddenly be starter material. Bottom line is Gruden didn’t do what he was hired to do, so now he wants to say it’s not possible.

  32. I hope I get hired as the next DC coach!

    Sign a 4 year deal and get fired after 1.

    Paid vacation for 3 years off of 1 years embarrassment and being thrown under the bus by my franchise QB?

    Sounds like a good deal!!


  33. I so hope this true, nothing would make me happier than another new coach/RG3 drama, with logical predicting a SB win next Aug.

  34. Oh God please let this happen. In the history of sport, there has been no bigger toxic mistake than combining this owner with this quarterback. Best entertainment story in the league.

  35. Wow.. i see names like Jim Harbaugh here.
    Nobody will take a head coaching job in washington after seeing what happened to mike shanahan and gruden. They have to teach RG3 basics and start everything from scratch with him.
    And you guys should already know Jim traded overall no.1 pick Alex Smith who is playing way better than RG3 who is no.2 pick.

  36. Good luck with replacing your coach. Hard to see many top coaches jumping in line for this job. Maybe a cast off special teams coach.

  37. If that happens – kills the team for a decade.

    1. No and I mean NO coach worth his headset will take this job. Which means you basically have poor product on the field – AGAIN.

    2. The other players will revolt. RG3 does not have the political capital, earned on the field, to keep players around him on his side. No FA except garbage players will want to come to DC. No good draft picks will want to stay in DC.

    It’s one thing if you’re Gordie Howe and a player/coach – it’s another if you’re this bum.

  38. When was the last time Dan Snyder made a good appointment? When was the last time he made a good NFL decision? Ever?
    He is the George Costanza of the NFL owners and a total embarassment to the once great Redskin nation. He even makes a drugged up Jim Irsay look very smart.
    Still, when you’re a billionaire owner, does it really matter if you get everything wrong? You just become wealthier, every day.

  39. Oh.. Oh.. I know this one. Snyder trades three more first round draft picks to the Forty-Niners for Jim Harbaugh. Who then get the richest contract ever given to a NFL coach. And.. And.. Forces Snyder to fire him in 2016 after he refuses to play an injured and overpaid Griffin (new contract) and plays free agent acquisition Colin Kaepernick instead.

    Franchise set back ANOTHER decade.

  40. That’s a pile of you know what. I’m done with all these unnamed sources. This could be someone that’s trying to add fuel to the fire for all we know. Enough is enough! There is a group of men and women in that organization that work day in and out to make the team a better one. Just for gods sake stop.

  41. The Jerry Jones school of running a franchise. I think this team has worse worries than its name.

  42. “This RGIII must know some deep dark secrets about Snyder.”

    Very possible. All those late night dinners while negotiating RG3’s rookie contract before he was even drafted could have taken their toll on a drunken Snyder. Who knows what secrets he may have let out of the bag.

  43. If this happens and Gruden gets run out of town because of Griffin, Snyder and co. better NEVER question where his sense of entitlement came from, effectively ousting coaches in back to back years.

    I’m not saying that Gruden is going to be a great HC anywhere, but it seems like right now he’s the only sane person in Washington right now.

  44. As bad as things appear in DC, at least they will have a team in 2016. Rams are moving. Stl fans must choose among Bears, Titans, and Chiefs. Washington fans should be happy to have a team to watch/bash. If RG3 was more McNair and less Young, Rams might be interested.

  45. Griffin is a coach killer….period

    The guy has ZERO mechanics that is needed for a QB in the NFL and his attitude is garbage.

    Gruden has played this perfect……..big money and he gets to walk and go to a team that would have a chance to play in the Super Bowl while Washington will never get to the Super Bowl with Robert Griffin.

  46. Redskins fans are terrible and deserve whatever they get. The young man took a terrible Redskins team to the playoffs as a rookie. He suffered a devastating injury, struggled to get back.. got hurt again while trying to learn a new offense, comes back gets three starts and Gruden pulls the plug so the blame falls on the kid instead of him. Keep your racist name and trade him to the Eagles.. please do it…

  47. Snyder’s ego will not let him admit that he used bad judgement when giving up all those draft picks to get RG Whatever

  48. Obviously Gruden is smart enough to know he has to get away from this whack job owner and worthless QB. Not to mention that SNyder will never get a real football coach

  49. raiderej says: Dec 6, 2014 5:25 PM

    This RGIII must know some deep dark secrets about Snyder.


    I do not think that you are giving Snyder the credit he deserves.

    I think Snyder is doing this all by himself without outside “motivation”.

  50. You get what you deserve.

    I hope the fans stop showing up in droves this season and next season. Only way anything changes is empty stadium and lost $.

  51. Redskins fans ought to protest this dumpster fire by either not showing up, delaying entry into the stadium, or simply being silent at the start of the game.

  52. Then Redskins fans should protest by threatening not to use FedEx services ( their CEO is part owner) and to not purchase concessions…

  53. With this breaking news scalpers who in previous reports were getting as little as five dollars for this Sunday’s game have changed course and are now giving five dollars to anyone who will just take game ticket.

  54. No way Harbaugh goes to Washington. Harbaugh wouldn’t want to answer to the crackhead owner and a GM that doesn’t know what he is doing

  55. Andy Dalton has excelled since Gruden left Cincinnati. All you haters need to understand Gruden Is NOT Head Coach material. He did everything to RG3 you hypocrites said about RG3 throwing his teammates under the bus. The players don’t like it the way Gruden handles things. If anybody is seeking the spot light it has been Gruden. He’s doing everything he can to get fired and run with the money. Good riddance Gruden. You and your girl Haslett.

  56. Gruden has been in over his head since day one and RG would florio-ish under a head coach such as the Mad Scientist Chip Kelly up 95 someonw who actually knows how to utilize and maximize talent and RG is a very talented kid

  57. This one isn’t tough to understand. Owner hires the wrong people–including the sad group of coaches that keep the Skins pointed toward failure. Shannahan was the worst possibility related to developing RG3, and that Gruden is an awful choice doesn’t provide cover or not for RG3 or Snyder–it simply means that Gruden is an awful choice.

    So now the question is whether or not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. That call can go either way related to “the baby”, but the bathwater obviously has to go. Club now needs to make the right decision on the next coach–not sure why anyone would think that will happen but that is what it comes down to.

  58. I hope Danny follows through. Hire a college head coach (on the cheap) … run a college offense (with his college qb) … pile up those 5 – 6 win seasons Redskin fans are so accustomed to. Cowboys, Eagles & Giants hoping so too.

  59. Wow, right out of Apocalypse Now. Who is going to enlist Martin Sheen to “proceed up the Nung River and terminate Snyder’s command…”

  60. If true, therein lies the reason for The Redskins sucking since Snyder bought the team! He’s like Jerry Jones with LESS football knowledge! Shame on you Bruce Allen, you should know better.

  61. f1restarter | Dec 6, 2014, 5:24 PM EST
    Who runs this team anyway? The quarterback?

    Griffin obviously has some incriminating photos of Dan Snyder molesting a goat. There’s no other reasonable explanation.


  62. There are a couple of quarterbacks in the league who can get away with choosing his head coach.
    Griffin is definitely NOT one of them.
    If Snyder or Allen go that way, they’re both complete idiots. Letting the very average tail wag the dog.

  63. That tells me all I need to know about Washington: owner sides with his QB, the GM is useless (except working the cap space), and the coach who was hired to try to fix this mess is about to be thrown under the bus…along with the guys before him.

    The Cowboys are sitting back and laughing at the comical mess that is the Redskins.

  64. At what point, in the best interests of the league and the fans in Washington, does Goodell step in and force Snyder to sell the team?

    As long as Snyder’s at the helm, the team will be mired in mediocrity. At best.

  65. As a Redskins fan since 1970, I must say that I’d like to stand in front of that jerk Lil Napoleon and punch him between the eyes.

    Intelligent people can see that Ginger Rogers Griffin is not competent – he is not a quarterback – he is a running back who thinks he can throw.

    And his gimmick is comprised of a pair of glass legs, a lead brain, and the ability to read defenses befit a cemetery. Yet somehow being clean and articulate is not an indicator of competence or else we’d be swooning over a man who pretends to be competent in his lofty position.

    Chubbs Gruden may not be THE ANSWER nor is Colt McCoy likely THE ANSWER. But when you look at how awful Ginger has been during his 3 win and 14 loss reign of terror on Redskins’ fans over his starts that he finished, you’d have to be a pretty stupid person to beg for another helping of his crap.

    There hasn’t been much logic at Redskins Park since Jack Kent Cook assumed ground temperature and deciding to retain Ginger and to heeve Chubbs out the door would be the least logical move to make.

    Let’s see what Chubbs can do with ample draft choices and salary cap room; let’s see what he can do when the Ginger is spreading his cancer on another team. Maybe two and out would be logical, but one and done is just the way Lil Napoleon does things. No one disses his Ginger and survives.

  66. How much economic damage will RGIII ring up vs the ‘skins before blind man Dan Snyder sees the obvious?

    Let’s hope it’s enough to force ole’ Dan to fold ’em and move on to something else. The Washington fans surely deserve better than that blind, tone-deaf, mis-managing oaf!

    -a Cowboys fan, who wants to see the rivalry reborn with a worthy D.C. opponent.

  67. YES!!! As a Cowboys fan I say fire Gruden and keep RGme!! Definitely be the best thing the Redskins can do….for the Cowboys! Feel bad for the true Skin fans having to ride through all this. I love the days when we considered the Skins more of a rival than the Giants and Philly!

    BUT I think the current ticket prices are telling Snyder what he needs to do. Take his losses on RGme and find a real QB in agency or draft. Gruden seems to have potential if you ask me.

    Go Cowboys!!!

  68. I would get did of both of them. I think they both lost too much credibility over the part month. This is a true divorce due to irreconcilable differences.

    Blow it up from top to bottom and start over.

  69. Maybe they’ll hire another “one and done” coach that didn’t see eye to eye with management — Rod Chudzinski. Would seem to make a lot of sense. Made Cam Newton productive (even if Cam threw him under the bus). But from a style perspective, I think Chud’s offense might fit RGIII.

  70. What a bunch off parrots. Everyone is using the word “mechanics” when referring to RG3. I hate people who don’t really have their own opinion but persistently quote the opinions of others and try to pass them off as their own. “RG3’s mechanics”. Quickly becoming the most copied over used in football ….period.”

  71. If he seriously cant win with RG 3 he should go find a new occupation. O wait it sounds like he is. Late Gruden! Glad to see u go. Ownership and coaching are the number 1 and 2 reasons for a teriblr year. Stop trying to blaim the QB when its pbvious personel failings and bad calls all year from the coaching staff-

  72. Seriously its like a bunch of ten yr olds running this team. O wait a 10 yr old would hire better personel then the skins GM and owner. And a better play caller and game manager then the useless head coach in place.

  73. Dan Snyder is a true disciple of Jerry Jones and is copying Jones on how to ruin and run a franchise into the ground.

    Gruden is not a good coach, but falling in love with a fragile QB who will never improve be a franchise QB is total folly.

  74. I don’t ever want the Snyder-Griffin marriage to end. It’s just so damn entertaining.

    Griffin is absolute garbage as a QB, and an ego maniac that overplayed his hand and underperformed at his job. I love seeing him fail. I’m pissed that both Shanahan and Gruden benched Griffin denying me the pleasure of watching Griffin fail even more. Hopefully someone gets to Gruden and forces Griffin back on the field soon.

  75. It really doesn’t matter what Washington’s nickname is until they get a professional football team again. Dan Snyder makes Jerry Jones look like a genius, and that’s no easy task.

  76. 40 yr Redskins fan here….. If he fires Gruden after 1 yr & starts over YET AGAIN, I just don’t know if I can keep rooting for this team…. Coach after coach after coach? You have to leave 1 guy in there and let them build a program- through the draft…. The recipe is well known. Look at Pitt, New England, Etc…..

  77. Funny thing is RG3 has had a winning record in Washington. Shanahan didn’t have a winning record until RG3 arrived.
    Shanahan had 1 winning seasons out of 4 seasons. In fact Shanahan’s 3 loosing seasons in Washington were all double digit looses.
    Gruden is scapegoating the QB position to explain way his team looks so bad. Washington has been bad since 2009. I am not a RG3 fan and I think he is way to self absorbed. However if you gave him his college OC and a few players from his college team plus a HOF receiver he may have better numbers. This is the arrangement Andrew Luck has in Indianapolis. The Colts gave their QB a support system so he can excel. Washington needs to support their franchise QB so he could excel. This is a huge management problem not a RG3 problem. Again I think RG3 is a donkey and extremely self absorbed.

  78. this makes perfect sense to me. after you buy a fiero from a guy at the dealership who told you it was a ferrari, and charged you extra for the import fees, you don’t believe the first two mechanics who tell you its an underpowered pontiac….

  79. What a joke Snyder is. He makes Jerruh Jones almost seem smart.
    If he fires Gruden and keeps RGIII, he’s nuts. Mike Shanahan clearly didn’t like RGIII, and now it’s obvious Gruden doesn’t like him as his starting QB. So what does that tell you?
    The Redskins will be a bottom feeder as long as Snyder sticks his nose into the daily operations of that team.

  80. jakethesnake57 says:

    As an Eagles fan I love Dan Snyder almost as much as I love Jerry Jones!

    I hate the Redskins. But at least they’ve won multiple Super Bowls. Your team has won zero.

  81. abninf says:
    Dec 6, 2014 9:14 PM

    I hate the Redskins. But at least they’ve won multiple Super Bowls. Your team has won zero.


    Wow. The last resort of the unimaginative. Just say you hate the Eagles, that I can understand. Bringing up the superbowls is not only not relevant to the article but is also one of the most tired lines out there.

  82. Personally I think Griffen is a bust.The odds of Shanny and Gruden both being wrong about him are slim. However, because the team has s much tied up in him, I think he gets a opportunity to work hard over the off season, mini camp and training camp and compete for the starter’s job in the preseason. If he’s too fragile mentally to suck it up and earn the job, then cut him loose. He has no trade value at this point anyway.

  83. What is the rest of the team going to think about this? The bust of a QB runs things. How can they respect him? makes no sense. But it’s the Skins.

    They make the Raiders look……normal.

  84. This all comes to down to the fact that Snyder and Allen gave up draft picks to get RG3. They can’t admit that they screwed up. They are in denial. This is the second consecutive coach RG3 has had problems with. RG3 knows that management has his back so he can get away with murder. Redskins are an inept organization. No decent coach will want to work for those two clowns. Make it three if we count RG3.

  85. Snyder is no dummy when it comes to business so paying ex head coaches no longer on the payroll must be tax deductible.

  86. My issue with Gruden is not realizing the players would struggle.

    Gruden doesn’t remember his protege Dalton 10 times in his 1st 3 yr failed to top 175 yd including 105 yd 93 and 78 yd outings.
    13 times he threw multiple picks including 4 int hat tricks and 1 with 4 to the wrong jersey. Multiple horrid performances but he stuck with him.
    RG3 new offense Ok against the Texans Ok against Vikings. Ok at Tampa 72% 205 yd 1td 2 int one off a dropped pass not bad. Trashed because his miss read 3or 4 plays. Struggled but nearly won against the leagues best defense. Guden decided RG3 was unredeemable. Wow that was fast.

  87. I’m thinking back to that game last year when RG3 shouldn’t even have been playing because his knee was hurt so bad. He had a big brace on and it was obvious favoring it, despite the painkillers he probably had in him.

    Why oh why Shannahan kept him in while he was so vulnerable to even worse injury remains an unanswered question. It was a crime, really.

    I think I remember that then there was a snap that was a little off and going sideways to get that snap put too much side stress on that joint and the whole thing collapsed. Shucks. That was the end of the “RG3 is the Redskins’ franchise quarterback” hope right there. It was an outrageous/unpardonable waste of a wonderful talent.

    Years of future greatness were squandered on some meaningless single game. It took away the fearless running …. the ability to juke defenders out of their shoes. Until he went down going for that wide snap, I was worried-in-advance about how my Packers would defend against RG3 in some future game. He was really good.

    So ….. now the news is focused on whether the coach or the GM or the owner can make a better decision on if and when RG3 plays. Who cares? The whole thing is so much crying over spilt milk now. It’s so sad.

    I pray that RG3 miraculously get all that running talent back right after his rights are picked up by some other team. The Redskins shouldn’t get the benefits from any miracle healing because they are responsible for trashing him in that game last year. And, I pray that he thrives on that new team and gets in the HOF some day. Our Lord Jesus Christ has worked much bigger miracles than that.

    An early Merry Christmas to everyone !!


  88. The Cowboys, Eagles and Giants completely agree with you, Dan. While you’re at it, why don’t you just make Dr. James Andrews offensive coordinator too? He and Robert will be spending much time together.

  89. I would REALLY love to be the next coach in Washington ! You just have to make sure you sign a decent 3 year deal so when you get fired after the first one you have a good solid year for therapy to get over your time spent with Snyder and Griffin before you have to look for another position !

  90. Why not simply fire Gruden because he’s simply an awful coach? There doesn’t have to be some RG3 reason………Gruden should never been hired. He was way over his head in this hiring. Washington could of gone after the other Bengal coordinator (Zimmer) and been a lot better off.

  91. Well, they could always trade RG and their number 1 to Cleveland for Johnny Football. That would allow RG3 to be a back-up to whatever QB the Browns would draft with the Redskins pick.

  92. Did we really expect G.M. Bruce Allen to say anything that would disagree with King Snyder?

  93. How exactly does a first year coach declare himself done with a QB that much has been invested in him without clearing it with the GM and owner? If he really is operating in a vacuum like that they’re an even bigger mess than I’d imagined.

  94. This isn’t exactly new for Snyder. There were reports before that Clinton Portis used to regularly bypass the coach and meet directly with Snyder. Portis ended up getting a nice big extension right before his performance level dropped off of a cliff. The coach was stuck playing Portis well past his prime, and the cap hit didn’t help either.

  95. Danny Snyder needs to bring in Parcells to GM, and someone like Tom Coughlin to coach. Boy, would that turn things around in DC!

  96. While I am not a fan of RGIII or the Skins I will say why is everyone blaming RGIII when the Common Denominator here is the Owner? Yes the Coach is VERY unprofessional for calling out a Player in the Public, RGIII is a BIG BABY and has been “catered” to since he has been in Washington. But also count how many Coaches have come and gone in Washington. Count how many “so called” star players have come and gone in Washington with BIG pay checks.
    Now count how many Super Bowls the Skins have gone too. Math cannot get any simpler than that.

  97. Snyder created the monster – treating RG3 larger than life with loads of special privileges before firing the coach. RG3 was loaded with talent but he thought he had it all figured out and stopped developing his game partially due to his own arrogance and partially because he was brought in and treated like the veteran savior straight away.

  98. And we find out all this leaked info comes from the janitor. Does Danny know a lot of people down south have guns. Cause if he doesn’t get this right he’s gonna have 60,000 laser dots covering his body in that booth of his one game. I wouldn’t stand within a mile of this guy because the fans are gonna turn him into a piece of Swiss cheese.

  99. And for people that say gruden is not head coach material you may be right but he has isolated their biggest issue which is bobby. Which leads me to believe he may be gm material. Allen has to be nervous.

  100. With tickets down to $3-$4 on the resale market I am half tempted to go to the game, and I do not like the Redskins.

    Snyder has to be glad that people can’t get refunds for their tickets.

  101. I hope this woeful franchise (Jets South) can function without a head coach bc that’s exactly what will happen if they fire Gruden over RGIII.

  102. If they fire Gruden and keep Griffin, the Skins are done. Griffin is a bust who’s becoming a coach-killer, he’ll never develop because he’s more concerned about his endorsements, and no quality coach will go to a team whose owner will side with a player over the staff.

  103. The Redskins is where every football reputation goes to die. Allen was considered a front office genius in Oakland and now he hasn’t made a good decision in years. Mike Shanahan was a great coach before arriving and is now an idiot. Feel sorry for skins fans and can empathize while watching the Yorks destroy another historic franchise……

  104. Here’s a case where they may be doing Gruden a favor. I kind of like this guy and think the RGII thing would have driven any coach nuts.
    Hey your owner sells the farm on one guy who doesn’t pan out, he wants it to pan out, his ego says it must pan out and the guy who is stopping it must fall on his sword and says hell no, this guy ain’t panning out, lets dump him?

  105. Washington: the New 40’s Baseball Team. Let RG3 be a player coach… He can bench the team if they don’t reverie his play.

  106. Bummer to be a ‘Skins fan with that ownership group. A SB winning coach that coached Elway tells you the guy stinks. You fire the coach. Gruden, who may not be a good head coach, but certainly knows offense and QBs, tells you the guy stinks. GET A CLUE!!

    Just wow, really…….

  107. I used to think Jerruh would leave the Cowboys in mediocrity until someone finally taught him he needed offensive linemen for a football team. Although his team is still hated, the offensive line he got with 3 first round picks is now producing dividends. Snyder has yet to learn that lesson and treats his team like some backwards mechanic, building the all-powerful racing car without ever putting wheels on the thing. No one ever picks offensive linemen in Fantasy Football. In 15 years, Snyder is still running on training wheels.

  108. Based on his insistence that he build a team around Colt McCoy instead, it sounds like Gruden is trying to force his way out of that dumpster fire of a Washington team. And with that front office, who could blame him?

  109. I wonder how many of these fans that are on here bashing RGIII are the same ones screaming his praise just 2 years ago when he lead the team to a playoff appearance and was named NFC rookie of the year. Talk about ungrateful fans. Skins truly are doomed with a wishy washy fan base like that.

  110. The Redskins should trade two 1st round picks to get Harbaugh. RG3 can’t be any worse than Kaepernick. Though they would have really given up 4 1st round picks to keep RG3’s services.

  111. In 2003 Bucs owner sided with his brother Jon and fired the GM (Rich McKay) and allowed Sapp and Lynch to go so that Jon could sign 35-year old offensive linemen and running backs.

    BTW that crappy GM that came in to sign those jokes under Gruden’s command… Bruce Allen.

    Anywho the Bucs haven’t won a playoff game since then.

  112. I have a hard time seeing who the next Redskins coach would be if Snyder fired Gruden.

    What coach would take the job? Got a hard time seeing any of the “name” coaches that Snyder covets seeing the job as a step up or a reason to come out of retirement. Harbaugh could get hired with any of the teams with head coach vacancies for 2015… why would he want to deal with the Snyder/RG3 mess?

  113. As a Cowboys fan living in the DC area, all I can say is “Thank You”! Sure, my team might go 8-8 every year, but at least they aren’t the redskins, at least we have a glimmer of hope every season. Skins fans get a glimmer of hope maybe once a decade, and then 9 years of misery. I almost feel bad for them.

    Oh, and who in their right mind would come coach this team if they fire Gruden after one season? After they choose their underperforming, often injured, prima donna QB over not only Gruden, but Shannahan as well? Harbaugh? Really? You think after the crap he been dealing with in SF, he’s gonna want to go to Snyder’s team? Even the Raiders have to look better to him at this point.

  114. As a Coach you should know what you dealing with before you even take the job and he knew what he had in RG3 so why go in there and put in a Andy Dalton type offense when you dont have that type of QB. You know your Defense is bad so why didnt he understand. Too many Coaches just jump at chances instead of knowing what there getting intoo

  115. I would like to put my hat in the ring for the HC job in DC. I am willing to go one and done for 5 mil.

  116. (1) Gruden knew BEFORE taking the HC position the state of the Washington team, quarterbacks and management/ownership. No tears shed here. You signed the contract, you need to execute or not take the $ and prestige.

    (2) Jon Gruden (brother) had a long term track record of loving and dumping quarterbacks at Tampa Bay. I see the same behavior and management style here at Washington. Pick a QB, go with it. Stop playing QB carousel.

    (3) The culture of lack of respect, disfunction starts at the top at this football club. I BLAME Dan Snyder for putting a horrible product out there.

    (4) Lastly, however, there is NO excuse for Head Coach Gruden to publicly air his analysis of RG3’s weaknesses. Such a lack of respect and leadership is not excusable.

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