Trestman appears safe despite Bears’ lousy season

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The Bears are 5-8, in last place in the NFC North and have been on the losing end of some ugly blowouts this season. All of that points to head coach Marc Trestman being on the hot seat.

And yet few in Chicago believe Trestman will be fired. CSN Chicago Bears Insider John Mullin said this week on PFT Live that Trestman appears safe. Mullin said that firing Trestman right now would be tantamount to a “monumental admission of mistake by G.M. Phil Emery,” and that just isn’t something Emery is ready to do.

Of course, Bears chairman George McCaskey could just decide to fire Emery. But as the Chicago Sun-Times puts it, that’s just not how this franchise rolls. The Bears aren’t the kind of team that cleans house after one bad season. Trestman showed promise as a first-year NFL head coach last year, and despite a step backward this year, the Bears are almost certain to give Trestman and Emery a chance to show that this year is an anomaly.

Bears defensive coordinator Mel Tucker is likely to be fired after the season, and other defensive assistants, as well as special teams coach Joe DeCamillis, appear to be on the hot seat as well. But Trestman doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. As bad as this year is, it probably won’t be Trestman’s last year in Chicago.

74 responses to “Trestman appears safe despite Bears’ lousy season

  1. The offensive play calling is horrible. There is no reason a team with those skill players doesn’t score a ton of points every week.
    The defense simply doesn’t have the talent on the roster. No coordinator could excel with that group.

  2. As a lions fan this is great news. The Bears defense took a big dip trestmans first year and an even bigger one this year.

  3. I can’t see their conservative ownership throwing Trestman out, even though I would do so.

    Heads are gonna roll though, especially Tucker’s. But good luck finding a DC for a lame duck HC.

  4. The NFC North would prefer the status quo in Chicago; Cutler eating 1/6 of the cap, and old defense, and ineffective coach.

  5. They will be dancing in the streets in Green Bay, Detroit and Minnesota.
    Quarterbacks will be are celebrating another year of throwing against that “defense”. Defensive backs can count on extra picks with Cutler and the Bears “offensive system”. Running backs can improve their stats running against that “tough” D line and linebackers. Yikes, another year of 50 to 10 games. I wil cancel my Sunday ticket for sure.

  6. As a Packers fan, I honestly thought the Bears would be the Packers biggest challenger for the NFC North.

    I didn’t figure their defense would be worse than last year (I didn’t think it’d be even possible), but still, there’s too much talent on offense for them to not be putting up significantly more points. I didn’t figure they’d be able to maintain their #2 ranking of last year, but top fine should’ve been attainable.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love beating the Bears, but those old rivalry games where either team could win despite their records really made for exciting Sunday afternoons.

  7. This roster is a mess – defense is old and needs 2 or 3 drafts to be replenished. Matt Forte is lucky if he has 1 to 2 good seasons left. Brandon Marshall is getting older. Huge contract to Cutler. I see the Bears being in last place the next few seasons regardless of head coach.

  8. I can’t root for the Bears anymore. This news literally makes me feel sick to my stomach. Hippy Dippy summer camp part 3.

  9. The problem in Chicago begins and ends with the McCaskey family. They are not part of the Halas family. Georgia was the red headed step child and all of her spawns are pond scum. Get rid of the McCaskey family and you will see the bears turn it around, but not before. Fact.

  10. Tressman’s final speech to the team should be… “We are drafting, or trading for a QB. Lovie is NOT coming back. Those of you who don’t like it, can retire or work out a trade to Tampa”.

  11. With his history with both Cutler and Marshall at Denver, I believe the Bears should jump ship with Trestman and go get Mike Shanahan (before another team signs him)

  12. The Bears problem is the same that it has been for years. They’re willing to pay players but they skimp on literally everything else. They hire coordinators to be head coaches, position coaches to be coordinators, and college guys to be position coaches. They’re never once hired an NFL head coach to be head coach. Not one time ever. They went 20 years without having a general manager. The field is absolute garbage. They historically have a tiny scouting department. It’s a small-time operation that tricks some people by spending big on players.

  13. The PROBLEM isn’t Trestman. The PROBLEM is that bum at QB. What has Cutler done in this league, to warrant the money he’s making or the passes he gets from the media and fans alike? I don’t get it.

    Another first round guy that doesn’t have a ring that needs to be under more scrutiny. Put Philip “AFC Romo” Rivers, and Matty Ice on that list too.

  14. While there’s some respect due the McCaskeys for their role in NFL history, their stewardship of the Chicago franchise has been abysmal for three decades or so. The defense – once the hallmark of this club – is old, slow, and ineffective. The offense has a number of stars, but are held back by a QB who is paid like a star but rarely plays like one.

    And the organization is arguably worse than the roster. Phil Emery should lose the GM job (and never have another) for signing Cutler to a huge and unwarranted contract. While Trestman has a reputation as an offensive coach, his offense has struggled and his defense has been historically poor.

    The Bears need a complete reset: a new GM, a new head coach, preferably one with some degree of charisma and an understanding of NFL defenses, and 45+ new players on both sides of the ball. Unfortunately as most Bears fans know, with the McCaskeys calling the shots none of this will happen.

  15. Is Conte safe as a starter too for next year? That guy was a problem last year and the front office did nothing.

  16. TheDPR:

    The offensive play calling is horrible. There is no reason a team with those skill players doesn’t score a ton of points every week.
    The defense simply doesn’t have the talent on the roster. No coordinator could excel with that group.

    Completely agree. The play calling is really bad. That’s directly on Trestman. The game plan is bad…that’s on Trestman too. The Defense has got to be remade. They’ve also been dealing a lot of injuries. It’s a judgment call in who to fire, but as long as Trestman has answers for ownership and a plan, I think he survives. For now.

  17. “The problem in Chicago begins and ends with the McCaskey family. They are not part of the Halas family. Georgia was the red headed step child and all of her spawns are pond scum. Get rid of the McCaskey family and you will see the bears turn it around, but not before. Fact.”

    Their problem lies in they have an accountant helping to make football decisions, Ted Phillips. They need a proven successful football guy running the show without Phillip’s input. The owners aren’t the issue, it’s the organizational setup for football operations.

    Fact is, there is no Georgia McCaskey, it’s Virginia. Daughter of George Halas, and their kids are his grandkids. Thanks for playing.

  18. as a life long bears fan I am having flashbacks to when I was a kid and watching them lose every week but at least they had a defense that stopped people. trestman loves to talk about how good the offense looks during practice and I am sure they do but only because they practice against the worst defense and defensive coordinator in football! the defense is in transition but would be better if they had a coach who had a clue! trestman is unable to make adjustments during the game and since defenses know what the offense is going to do they are behind and the game is over by halftime at the latest.

  19. So the offensive guru who has Jay Cutler, Matt Forte, Brandon Marshall, and Alshon Jeffry is safe.

    But Tucker who has Kyle Fuller and a bag of garbage is gonna be fired.

    Makes sense.

    The Bears have one of the weakest rosters in football. No depth…no real rising stars other than Fuller. It’s almost a complete rebuild. There isn’t one position that is set up long term. The front seven is a joke. They need another corner to replace Tillman. Safety is bad.
    Matt Forte won’t be a top back forever and Marshall isn’t probably long term. Even with Cutlers contract the Bears need to think about taking a QB very high and of that kid can play bench Cutler until his cap hit number falls to the point he can be cut.

    All this points to the GM. But knowing the Bears not only is the GM safe he will probably get a shot to hire the next coach in 2016. SMH.

  20. Heads are gonna roll though, especially Tucker’s. But good luck finding a DC for a lame duck HC.
    Absolutely correct, and so the most likely scenario IMO is that one of the current position coaches gets promoted. Essentially, what they did promoting Mike Tice to OC under Lovie. I suspect the outcome would be about the same as it was with Tice if the same approach is followed again.

    As for Kyle Fuller… I don’t know what to think. After that Niners game I was sure we had a legit playmaker to rebuild our D around but the last few games he has looked just as lost and passive as everyone else out there. Hopefully he can be salvaged yet. Even if he’s legit, that D still needs a beast of a MLB, 2 starting safeties, and a rush DE at minimum to get back on track. A #2 CB to replace Jennings can’t be too far down the road either.

  21. The problem with this team IS Trestman. Everywhere he has coached in the NFL his “offenses” have regressed in year 2. Check out the data. This is the worst team since that 1-13 team in 1969 and they at least had Dick Butkus and Gale Sayers to watch.

  22. Great then we will see how they like the half empty stadium next year. I’m done! Until the ownership puts a football guy in charge this is your Chicago Raiders franchise.

  23. Play calling: horrendous , maybe we can expand the playbook to ten plays. Not everything is Cutlers fault .
    Defense: horrible, Tucker-out. I’d personally like to see a 3-4
    ST: please…

  24. Rebuilding the Bears starts with the firing of Emery. Until that happens, buckle up Bear fans, it will only get worse.

  25. Someone in the Chicago media noted that Emery had no GM experience, but was hired based on his ‘expert’ knowledge of personnel from his scouting days. Not Boy Scouts, as most of his think, but player scouting. He managed to convince the teams problems were due to Lovie Smith and promised to bring in a whole new system with a new coach. The owners went for it. Today, we have Emery’s handiwork. Although most teams would keep their GM and HC in place for several years, regardless, one has to wonder if Emery should be allowed to continue to mess up the team. At some point the owners need to step in and stay enough of this, your ruining our team. But, the question is when that will happen. Who knows? I still can’t get over their love affair with Conte. Emery said he was an ‘elite’ safety, and Trestman has said on many occasions that Conte would play regardless of what anyone else thought. That alone should be grounds for getting canned.

  26. Although Emery, Trestman and Cutler should be fired, it is simply too much money remaining on their contracts to just eat. They will all be back next year and we will all be posting the same complaints

  27. I’m happy the Bears are firing everyone but Trestmans offensive unit. We didn’t play too well this year but Cutler didn’t get his head rattled every 2nd play and might make it threw 16 games.

    We need help on D, and maybe Rex is the answer. I can assure you its not Mel Tucker or our Secondary.

  28. 1) Reporters in Chicago are wrong about 1/2 the time……they have always been outsiders
    2) Diehard since 1979 and before this year, I might have turned the game off at half time once or twice. This year, I have left at half time 3 times.
    If the bears family really brings these coaches back, I will seriously consider finding other activities to do on Sunday.

  29. Bring in Singletary to fire up the defense. He sucked as a HC but his history carries weight in Chicago and they could certainly use some of his passion and willingness to hold players accountable.

  30. No snarky comment, just a legitimate question: what caliber defensive coordinator can Chicago get with a head coach on the hot seat? That’s why lovie only had Martz and Tice those last years, because no one knew how much longer lovie would coach the team.

  31. If I had to wager money, I would put it on Paul Pasqualoni (the Bears current DL coach) being their DC in 2015. He has three years of NFL DC experience (Dolphins and Cowboys) and even was a former HC (albeit in the college ranks). He’s an older guy, so they may count on that helping the players to respect him more than they do Tucker and to play with more hustle and discipline.

    Then if things still don’t work out next year, they can dump the entire coaching staff (and Phil Emery) and start fresh for 2016.

  32. No D coordinator is going to want that job. ZERO talent on defense and a lame duck coach next year. It only guarantees a terrible year and that poor guys resume.

  33. Regardless of whether they fill the DC position from outside or within, I hope they make the choice quickly and that that person is closely involved in personnel decisions including most importantly, the draft.

    I’m so tired of seeing players drafted who are obviously not a fit for our system (McClellin, Hardin, Bostic, Vereen, Greene). For once can the Bears actually do something logical and draft guys who will capably fill roles our scheme requires rather than just raw athletes thinking we’ll figure out some way to use them later?

  34. Christmas came early for Packer, Lions and Vikings fans. But remember Viking fans Teddy is still your QB so your just as thoughtful in your holiday gift giving as well.

  35. You have to admit, on paper these guys did a lot of very good things. Picked up two very good defensive ends, drafted well and worked hard to put the jigsaw puzzle together.

    I think it’s been said enough here, but Tucker is for sure gone (what about Mike Singletary as DC?), and Trestman must relinquish play calling. One can also hope that Bostic & Greene have gained some decent experience this year. It’s obvious that the defensive middle of the field is the real Achilles Heal of the defense.

  36. No way the Bears fire him, they’re not going to pay him two yrs salary while he coaches in Canada, Bears fans are stuck with this guy at least another yr……serves you right for firing a coach who goes 10-6 with a flawed team as if he underachieved….

  37. Bears can’t fire him, but if Emery were to be fired do we have to say that his drafts were bad??

    Kyle long, Kyle fuller, Jordan mills, alshon Jeffrey seem to be good.

    Most of the free agents are good: bushrod, ola, Slauson, Ratliff, Marshall, Bennett, and a few others.

    But how can you say he’s a bad drafter when he’s had only 3 drafts??

    It makes no sense because development takes time.

  38. Either way the Bears are screwed. Maybe the Mckaskey’s would like to see how long it takes before the seats become empty? I don’t think the Bears win another game this year.

  39. Catfanatic says…..
    They need a new QB and a new defense.
    Finally someone gets it!!!
    Jay Cutler is terrible. He cannot sustain a drive and most of his good stats come in garbage time. When the Bears are down by 21-28 points late in the game is when he plays his best football. Of course, the opponents defense is in their prevent defense.
    I know our defense is also terrible, but wouldn’t you like to see Cutler have a 8 or 9 play drive. Maybe take about 7-8 minutes off the clock so the Bears defense can catch their breath.

    Also Joedurban……. You think the Bears offense can score? What Bears team are you talking about?
    This team will never be a good team until Cutler is gone!

  40. In 2009 the Bears were 5-9, but won the last 2 games to end 7-9. Everyone wanted Lovie and the GM fired. They fired the OC and DC. The next year they were 11-5 and made the NFC championship game. I totally don’t expect 2015 to be like 2010, but we can hope. The future quite frankly looks very bleak for at least the next 2-3 years regardless of what happens. Even if we part ways with Cutler in the next 2-3 years, QB’s like Rogers don’t grow on trees so the next QB may not be much better.

  41. Free agents are not the answer for the Bears and building from the draft and never drafted is a 3-4 year process. Just not sure the Bears have either the patience or the ability to do it the right way. (See Green Bay as an example)

    Also still don’t get the Cutler monster contract vs. tagging him for 1 year to watch his progress.
    He has a great arm but the QB position takes more than that.

  42. People that think Cutler is this team’s biggest problem simply don’t understand football – Cutler’s difficulties are only a SYMPTOM of the illness, not the illness itself. Cutler’s mistakes are no different than any other NFL QB’s – but their frequency is only an effect of the cause for the Bears being bad: bad play calling, bad coaching, bad drafting, and bad defense.

    I swear, if Trestman wastes one more possession (and multiple time outs) going into a halftime, my head’s going to explode. Why not make a few sideline passes and see what happens? You roll over and surrender and show the opposing team your belly before the game’s even over – no wonder the team’s playing with no confidence!

    Start with canning all the coaches – including Trestman (whom I used to defend). Then they need to blow the whole defense up.

    A perfect microcosm of the Bears this year? Tim Jennings. Old, overrated, coasting on name and previous accomplishments. No defensive player has fallen off a cliff talent-wise more this year than him – a former Pro Bowler who’s been nothing but a liability, playing without any passion, competence or impact. Yet no one seems to talk about how bad he’s really been.

    Conte is injured every single game (and blows at least one big downfield coverage a game). McClellin needs to go. Blow it all up and build from the lines out.

    I’d keep the young guys who’ve shown a spark and are worth developing (Fuller, Sutton & Ferguson, Bostic), and crapcan the rest of them. Allen’s a total waste.

    But mostly it’s all about bad COACHING. Bears players seem uninspired, lacking confidence, lacking focus, lacking passion, lacking creativity – all that goes straight to coaching.

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