Chargers could be in best position to gain approval to move to L.A.


At a time when most pundits and prognosticators believe the Rams and Raiders (in that order) are the most likely to relocate to Los Angeles, don’t overlook the Chargers.

As one league source explained it to PFT, the Chargers could be in better position to secure approval from the owners because the Chargers have been trying much longer than the other two teams to secure a new stadium in their current market.  Another factor for the owners will be the relative proximity of San Diego to Los Angeles.  It’s one thing to yank a team across the country; it’s quite another to slide a franchise 90 miles up the coast.

Publicly, the Chargers hope to work out a deal that would build a new stadium in San Diego.  Privately, the team says it’s keeping all options open.

The Chargers oppose the idea of another team moving to L.A.  Ultimately, the best way to keep that from happening could be to beat the Rams and Raiders to Los Angeles.

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  1. That would be too bad for the people of SD. But there’s a lot of public dollars going to water projects right now, so if a new stadium isb’t privately financed, their likely gone.

  2. I wouldn’t want the Chargers to move to Los Angeles, but I don’t live there (moved out of the state years ago) but I can’t imagine any real NFL fan not wanting any team to move and play in the city in live in, even if it isn’t “my” team.

  3. Been saying the Chargers would be the team to go to LA for a long time for these very reasons. Let them go to LA and change the name to the California Chargers to give everyone the feeling that its the entire states team.

  4. You know it’s time to move when AL Michaels refers to your stadium as an “old relic”. SD will never approve a new stadium.

  5. joetoronto, the game starts at 5:30 tonight in SD, so make sure you don’t miss it. And, congrats on first post again!

  6. A crazy idea of who should move to LA would be to base it on who has the most money and thus is willing to throw in their own cash to build the stadium. Well that eliminates the C.A. teams. Rams owner Stan Kroenke is a billionaire, rich even by NFL standards. He’s already bought the old race track land for the stadium. If Stan will build & pay for the entire cost of a modern LA football palace, (2B ?) why not welcome back the Rams? If it’s little or no cost to the taxpayers, why not try this novel idea? If he feels he might run low on $$, he can tap into his wife’s family fortune. They’ve got a little to spare.

  7. The worst fan base in football—-and you want to put them closer to the largest Raider fan base in the country?

    There will be about 3 Charger fans at game in L.A. when playing the Raiders, look at how many Silver and Black fans show up in San Diego from L.A.?

    Chargers only hope switch divisions with the Hawks and move to Portland or San Antonio.

    And please go back to the Nay Blue jerseys, these “Flash Gordon” garments are a joke.

  8. There one thing missing from this story. Who’s going to be building a stadium in LA? Until that gets settled, these stories have no weight or merit at all.

  9. The 49’ers just moved almost 60 miles south of the SF “The City” (35 miles from Candlestick) .. I don’t see why the Chargers couldn’t move up to Anaheim. That would be only a few miles further then the 49ers. One hour up I-5 isn’t that bad.


  10. Nobody in LA likes the Chargers. Only one of those 3 teams I could see fail to really catch on.

  11. Every person in LA I’ve ever known is either a Rams or Raiders fan.

    As a life long San Diego Chargers fan I’ve grown up my whole life with…. the San Diego Chargers.

    If the Chargers went to LA, I’d probably still root for the Chargers.

    If the Chargers went to LA, the same Raiders and Rams fans would still be Raiders and Rams fans.

    Despite your disrespect, the San Diego Chargers have many fans, our “old relic” of a stadium fits far more people than most brand new stadiums which is why sell outs continue to be an issue.

    I love a good burn especially on my own team, the “jokes” as I see them here are mostly from places of ignorance.

  12. San Diego is so stupid. Haven’t they learned from other cities who refused to build a new stadium to see the team split town and then wind up building a new stadium later. Cleveland (Browns), Houston (Oilers), Baltimore (Colts)….. Duh.

  13. Frankly, the Chargers are likely to end up in LA. SD’s local politicians are not interested in keeping the team there, and the team cannot do a new stadium alone.

    Too bad, but I fear they will be going there, and nobody will like it from either LA or SD. The NFL doesn’t care. All about money, and nothing else matters in the slightest.

    And In case there is some confusion, my post to joemapleleaf above was sarcasm. Not that it matters.

  14. folks do realize the Chargers, albeit in the old American Football League…started in Los Angeles.

  15. “Publicly, the Chargers hope to work out a deal that would build a new stadium in San Diego. Privately, the team says it’s keeping all options open.”

    If Mark Fabiani (the team attorney who’s been failing at getting a stadium and will continue to) is fired the proclamation to stay is public.

    Based on the unimpressive attendance over the past 3 years my advice is to leave. However, Dean Spanos runs the show and frankly he’s not that great of a businessman.

  16. Red Herring to get local teams the stadium deals they Want. The NFL owners have known and used this forever.

  17. the best I have heard was Eric Hicks, former DE saying Qualcomm was the armpit of NFL Stadiums

    it really is a pit

    seriously. how did that get 8 down votes above? you must have some stake in the stadium or the company with their name on it, or I can’t imagine sticking up for that piece of garbage. it should have been knocked down a long time ago. environmentalists made it impossible to get a stadium up in sD.

  18. Why does the media continue to insist on playing the Chargers as candidates. Spanos has very clearly, and very publicly, stated a commitment to San Diego and is l outright opposed to a team in LA, be it the Chargers or otherwise.

  19. I actually think if the Chargers moved to LA, it would be a bigger success then if the Raiders or Rams move there. I think the only way people in LA would support a NFL team would be if the team is a contender, and that’s what the Chargers are. They are almost always in the discussion for a spot in in the Playoffs.

  20. echech88 wrote:
    “Nobody in LA likes the Chargers.”

    I don’t think there were many Cleveland Brown fans in Baltimore prior to the 1997 NFL season. However, it was the Browns team that moved to Baltimore in the months prior to the 1997 season. And EVERY home game since their move to Baltimore has been sold out.

    Still not many Cleveland Brown fans in Baltimore, but lots of Baltimore Ravens fans.

    The only reason the Ravens’ stadium doesn’t seat 80,000 is because the owner of the team didn’t want a stadium seating that many, so the ‘corners’ of the upper deck were cut out to reduce the seating below 80,000.

  21. Los Angeles does want a football team; it’s just that no one in that city can afford to pay for tickets. Cost of living in SoCal is a joke.

  22. Let me be the first to say: after the NFL’s war against the Steelers back in 2010 – I have zero sympathy for any team that gets nailed with these penalties after marginal hits. Shut up, take your lumps and suck it. Everyone cheered – including the media – every time a Steeler got penalized for hard hits. I don’t understand how those pious jerks – like Colinsworth try to defend what they cheered on when it was against the Steelers. Call ‘em all. You all wanted it – now you got it.

  23. The Rams name is what the fans in LA want. They started there in 1946 until 94 and St. Louis owns the Rams name. Plus the owner has already purchased land for the new stadium.

    St. Louis is the team moving to LA. The Chargers will be in San Antonio.

    Hell no one is going to go watch the Chargers play in LA, they won’t go to see them now in San Diego.

  24. This game against the Patriots isn’t helping their case for staying in SD. I keep having to look at the logo on the field to remind myself that it’s not in Foxborough. If you can’t come out to see your 8-4 team play against a high profile team like NE on a Sunday night, then why would the owners want to stay?

  25. Just build your own stadium !!
    Nobody wants to give handouts to multi-millionaires
    Get your own money Chargers, Rams, Raiders !!

  26. How is Jacksonville not heading to LA? The NFL needs more teams in the Pacific time zone given the league is heavily centered on the Northeast and Midwest.

  27. The Raiders have the worst stadium in all 4. major sports if Oakland doesn’t step up they deserve the LA market that stadium was built in the 1960s people .

  28. Anywhere but Los Angeles is better for the Raiders. But I’d love to see the Chargers cement the perpetual bond with mediocrity by playing in La-la land.

  29. Funny, at the Rams/Chargers game, Rams’ fans in the front row (field) unfurled a huge (professional) banner that read “Los Angeles Rams”

    Methinks they don’t want the Chargers, they want the Rams. And who but incarceration happy Texas would want the raiders? Their own fans doesn’t even want them. Tarps don’t lie.

  30. League revenues have exploded without that front running fan city having a team; why is this such a priority? The NFL may get the instant gratification once a team is there and may even gloat with ‘we told you this could be done’ quotes if the team is instantly successful. However watch when the team(s) struggle and the celebrity watchers choose to stay home. Does anybody remember LA Coliseum being damned near empty even when Bo Jackson was in his prime? Remember the USFL footage of the LA Express? The city had problems supporting a team headed by Eric Dickerson as well. Pro football will not work in that city and history has shown it. But of course it will happen and somehow the taxpayers will get screwed….again.

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