Report: Michigan reached out to Jim Harbaugh


At this point, it seems apparent Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers are headed for a messy divorce.

Now it’s just a matter of where he ends up next.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the University of Michigan reached out to Harbaugh about the possibility of returning to his alma mater.

He said Wolverines officials apparently left that conversation, however, convinced that Harbaugh wants to stay in the NFL.

The 49ers would obviously prefer it that way, as they can squeeze something out of another team in exchange for his services, since he has a year left on his contract.

Harbaugh could have been traded to the Browns a year ago, but the word was his wife wasn’t interested in moving from the Bay Area to Cleveland (such that anyone with options would).

That doesn’t leave many options other than the vacant Raiders job, which will make that a popular set of dots to connect.

35 responses to “Report: Michigan reached out to Jim Harbaugh

  1. Poor Whiners … they could have won any or all of the last 3 Superbowls … and instead come away empty.

  2. Here is the challenge I see with Harbaugh. His “approach” is to shake up the culture with his petulant antics, fire the guys up like a Texas cheerleader and then once every becomes exhausted by it all, the house begins to crumble.
    Stanford, was glad to see him go and SF will be glad to see him go. Who will the next fool be?

  3. My wife wouldn’t want to move to Cleveland, either. And neither would I. This year notwithstanding, can you imagine the pain of having to be a Browns fan?

  4. Of course they reached out. He won’t become their coach through osmosis!! Harbaughs going to be Michigan’s next head coach. I’ve said that since the day he left Stanford. It’s the perfect fit for him.

  5. What makes me sick is that the Raiders are a few picks and a good coach away from being a contender.

    Baalke so what’s your plan? Pick up Trestman or Dennis Allen?

  6. According to my sources, Jim will become the next coach of the New York Giants. Coughlin is resigning after a 3rd consecutive year of underachieving

  7. What kills me is the thought that Jim Harbaugh has been a good NFL coach. When he got to Frisco, they had a good defense, so he was supposed to come in and improve the offense, right. That offense has sputtered and gotten worse after the first year he got there. I might be biased, but he has more control the college game and I think that’s where he belongs.

  8. Jim to Michigan would be nice… but definitely not a panacea.

    No one man has ‘it all’… so no great disappointment if Jim or Les do not come.

    A realistic and methodical approach is key.

    Gruden to Michigan kinda catches my eye though… much better than Gruden to Raiders.

  9. Dear Trent,

    Remember how bad the team was when Jim took over for Coach Sing? Remember how he took us to three NFC Championships, and one Superbowl? He is a great coach.

    Trent, you appear to have a “grass is greener” thing going on. Show some leadership and mend fences with our proven winning coach.


  10. What about those reports that Michigan was pissed off about how Harbuagh publicly trashed them in news conferences when he was coach at Stanford?

    Well, we’ll see. One thing is sure, if Michigan hires Harbaugh, they are beyond desperate.

    No pride.

  11. Like living in Michigan is any better than Ohio???

    We can’t all live in “America’s Finest City” though, I suppose…


  12. Please STOP with the Jon Gruden talk. Gruden is done coaching by all reports which are from people in the know as far as NFL news. He’s lost touch. He does a wonderful job on ESPN Monday Night Football. He’s the new John Madden, and ESPN is paying him a fortune.

  13. Let’s see…..Harbaugh to Oakland where there is instability with a broke owner, no stadium, along with no current hope for a new stadium in the bay area, and a dumb GM in Reggie McKensie.

    On the other hand….Harbaugh has never won a championship, can’t get along with anyone, including himself (probably chews his own arse in the mirror daily). Plus, he would cost the Raiders sorely needed draft picks

    Yep, sounds like a marriage made in Raider heaven based on the last twelve years.

  14. Its amazing people have no clue who Harbaugh really is They say things like petulant antics whining it’s obvious that the media hate him and rivals despise him.So his wife doesn’t want to leave bay area so he’s going to the Raiders so just think about that ,would you go to the Raiders?Hell no!Hrs going to coach the Niners so get over yourselves and deal with it buahahaha!!

  15. I think old Jimmy Boy’s ultra-intensity act is wearing thin. He also seems to think that he can say inaccurate or disagreeable things and just because he says it with bravado and holier-than-thou confidence then that automatically makes it 100% true. NOT! It’s an intimidation type of ploy that I find really distasteful. It’s like he’s just gonna bully and intimidate people into going along with what his views are. Yup…it’s wearing thin.

  16. From what I’ve seen and read reported about Harbaugh, NFL players get tired of his antics quick. That alone might make him more suited for coaching college, every year a large portion of his team will be coming in and leaving. They might not be there long enough to get tired of his coaching ways.

  17. I’m shocked that he doesn’t want to go back down to the lower level of the sport he’s employed in, despite being highly successful. Who could have seen this coming?

  18. Please hire this guy so THE OHIO STATE BUCKEYES can DESTROY his already fractured reputation and delusion inflated ego.

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