Bills waive/injured Mike Williams

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Wide receiver Mike Williams’s disappointing first season in Buffalo has come to an end.

The Bills announced Monday that they have placed Williams on the waived/injured list with the calf injury that kept him out of Sunday’s loss to the Broncos. Should Williams clear waivers, he’ll revert to the team’s injured reserve list.

Williams had been a healthy scratch multiple times this season before hurting his calf and ends the year with just eight catches in nine games for his hometown team. It’s safe to say that the Bills were expecting a bit more from Williams after sending a sixth-round pick to the Buccaneers for him during the offseason.

If Williams does clear waivers and land on injured reserve, there’s a good chance that he will still wind up off the roster before next season gets underway. Williams is set to make $5.2 million next season, which is a lot for a player who wasn’t able to crack the weekly rotation at wide receiver this season.

The Bills also officially announced the signing of wide receiver Deonte Thompson off of the Ravens practice squad.

18 responses to “Bills waive/injured Mike Williams

  1. Hometown guy gets waived by the Bills and cut from Syracuse by Marrone. Very interesting I say.

  2. rodvmunchiii says:
    Dec 8, 2014 4:12 PM
    Williams was good player until Schiano ruined him. Just like Schiano ruined Josh Freeman.
    Schanio. That’s funny.

    No idea what went wrong with Williams.

    But freeman ruined Schanio.

  3. Marrone just had it out for him there’s more to this and it’s a shame he wasn’t able to see the field more. Can pegula waive marrone?

  4. Just another example of why NFL coaches shouldn’t be signing players they coached in college…especially since this guy was kicked off the team when he was the coach and was a problem child in TB. Whoever decided to sign him to a guaranteed contract with that much money should be working at Seven Eleven along with Matt Millen.

  5. I bet this had everything to due with his practice habits. Doug would much rather play a give it your all every time your on the field, practice or game, player such as chris hogan. I personally preferred hogan anyway since he seemed to have a better attitude and did more with the little talent he had… Hope he gets picked up some where…

  6. It should be Sammy Watkins in the #1 receiver position, Stevie Johnson in the Slot and Robert Woods in the 2nd receiver spot… They should have kept Stevie Johnson. Chris Hogan is doing a great job, but the position should never have made it open to begin with.

  7. rodvmunchiii says: Dec 8, 2014 4:12 PM

    Williams was good player until Schiano ruined him. Just like Schiano ruined Josh Freeman.

    And you know this how? Never saw it reported that way anywhere in the media. Freeman was a drunk and Williams was more interested in his “so called music” than football-his attitude stunk!.

  8. Haha…commenters talking about never getting rid of Stevie “Butterfingers” Johnson!! He lost almost as many games as Fitzpatrick did. Lost that Toronto game last year, lost a sure win in Buffalo against Pittsburgh (the, “God didn’t want me to catch the ball game”). Stevie also had major problems with self-expression that was a total distraction to the team.

    Hogan is clearly the better choice. As for Mike Williams, I’d like to have seen more balls thrown his way before we gave up on him, expecially Red Zone. But, perhaps the locker room attitude soured the players, too. You just never know for sure.

    Anyways, wide-receiver isn’t the Bills problem; Quarterback is. Orton slide in the first quarter on 3rd and 1 showed me that he has no balls and is playing for a paycheck. Also, upon further review of that play, he EASILY could have thrown to Chandler for the first down.

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