Brandon Marshall officially placed on injured reserve


Bears receiver Brandon Marshall’s season has officially come to an end.

Marshall, who suffered broken ribs and a lung injury in Thursday night’s loss to the Cowboys, is out of the hospital but will not be able to play again this season.

The 2014 season ends with Marshall catching 61 passes for 721 yards, both by far his lowest totals since his rookie year.

To replace Marshall on the 53-player roster, the Bears have promoted receiver Josh Bellamy from the practice squad. The Bears have also signed linebacker Jonathan Brown to the practice squad.

16 responses to “Brandon Marshall officially placed on injured reserve

  1. Trestman HAS to go. It’s not a panic move, it’s just logical, and it’s a “why put off the inevitable” type of move. We knew the Defense was going to suck again, whether due to Tucker’s coaching or the lack of talent (the horrid Chris Conte remained on the team, after all), but the offense with 2 top WRs, a top TE, a top RB, a decent O-line, and a decent QB, has failed to score 30pts in a game even once. Obviously, Canada Boy’s schemes are not working anymore, and there’s no reason to think anything will change in the coming years.

  2. McCaskey has to balance losing millions by whacking Trestman and GM vs. losing thousands from reduced fan base/season ticket holders.

  3. Team owner, president, GM, and all coaching staff must go.

    This is a terminal situation, and the only cure is a complete overhall which is highly unlikely.

    Boy it’s going to be a long 2 years before contracts expire and we can reset.


  4. That awkward moment when you realize the Vikings have a better record and Christian Ponder has more playoff appearances than Marshall and Jeffrey.

  5. That’s too bad for Brandon, get well soon. Not a Bears fan but he was a Dolphin once and that injury is too bad. A miserable end to a crappy season.

  6. There’s a line around the City to get Season tickets for the Bears, they won’t lose game money, but they might lose Concessions and Parking.

    They’re just terrible and I don’t believe a word Trustman says anymore, that locker room has to be in shambles!!

  7. Tough Break. But really, these are all meaningless games for the Bears from here on out…..he won’t miss anything.

    Get well and see you next year!….You are one of the few…very few bright spots for the Bears.

  8. He may have not had a monster year but his leadership will surely be missed. Hope for a speedy recovery B-Marsh!! Curious if bellamy can carve out a role for himself for next year. Had a good camp and preseason till his injury

  9. One thing that has been painfully obvious during the Trestman era – even more so this year than last year – is that the Bears desperately need a WR with some speed. Marshall and Jeffery are both great players, and I fully hope and expect to see them both back at 100% next year, but the lack of any WR to take the top off the defense has allowed defenses to cheat up all year. That’s not the only reason the Bears O has tanked this season, but it’s a big part.

    I think Santonio Holmes was brought in to be the speed guy but for whatever reason that didn’t work out, so Phil Emery has to go back to the drawing board this offseason and try to get at least one WR on the roster who can scare defenses with his speed.

  10. Phil Emery is a dope. He’s the same dope who took a 3-4 outside linebacker from Boise St in the first round (Shea Mclellan) and tried to make him a 4-3 defensive end.

  11. Guy is a monster on the field, hope he recovers back to peak form.
    Perhaps it the start of the “Inside The NFL” curse? Him and Ed Reed are the only two worth watching on that show.
    Get well soon Brandon, your team needs you.

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