Gore is going out with a whisper


Veteran running back Frank Gore has more than 10,000 career rushing yards.  He likely has only three more career games in San Francisco.

“It’s my last year under contract, and I want to go out and at least get a shot to hold the trophy,” Gore said after Sunday’s 24-13 loss to the previously one-win Raiders.

“I’ll see how the chips fall, and hopefully other teams help us,” Gore added.  “I hope it happens.  We’ll have to move forward from this one, but it’s tough.”

Before other teams can help the 49ers, the 49ers need to help themselves.  That starts with a Week 15 trip to Seattle, for a game against a Seahawks team that dominated the 49ers 11 days ago on their own home field, 19-3.

On Sunday, Gore had 63 yards on 12 carries.  For the year, he has 775 yards.

“I don’t feel like we’re us,” Gore said.  “It’s hard to get in a rhythm.  As players, you have to be in a rhythm to be successful on the field.  It’s been tough all year.”

It won’t get any easier, starting in six days.  The hard reality for the franchise in the short term is that the playoffs are a long shot, at best.  Then, starting three weeks from today, big changes could be coming — including the departure of Gore via free agency.

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  1. You can make fun of the Niners all you want, it’s part of the game, but there hasn’t been a player better than Frank Gore. One of the all time great Niners players, and a true class act. It’ll be sad to watch him go, but whatever happens, I hope one day he gets a ring. He’s earned that. Thanks, Frank!

  2. Its so bizarre, when Gore runs 100 yards or more, they win. Harbaugh knows it and sits him on the bench. Gore should have had 180 and 2 scores against the Raiders. Krapernick dictated the game and was awful. Just terrible.

  3. I really hope he retires as a niner. He’s been a true class act and dedicated niner, I would hate to see him just try to extend to another team like Jerry Rice did, sure you want the ring and to get paid but theres something special about a guy that spends his whole career in the same place. Something that is very rare anymore.

  4. As a Raider fan, I’m happy they only gave him the ball 12 times.

    It makes you wonder though.

  5. I guess the only way he would hold a trophy is those fake fantasy football trophies, but anyhow good back though, has been in the league forever. Not sure if age has caught up with him or just Harbaugh not utilizing him well.

  6. Gore’s been good, but they’re getting away from him for 2 reasons:

    1. They know he’s beginning to break down. As a result, they’ve been trying to prepare for a future without him, mainly by trying to transition to a passing team.

    2. They’re not paying $19 million for a running back, which is what they currently have with Kaepernick. You can bet the minute that contract was signed, they told him he’d better start learning to read defenses.

  7. Shame his season has to end like this because this team is not going to playoffs and they need to figuer out real quick if this coach/philosophy is the problem or if they picked the wrong quarterback….

  8. I hope Frank comes back…..and insists on doing so only if the Niners get someone with a competent offensive game plan. The team never plays to the strengths of their personnel, and as soon as something works they immediately go away from it for the rest of the game. It’s like Roman and Harb are insisting to do everything the hardest way possible out of hubris.

    And what’s with relaying overly complicated play calls with max 10 seconds left so that they never snap the ball unless there are 1-2 seconds left on the playclock? Of course the D-Line gets off the ball quickly.

  9. Niners fan. I can’t really watch the niners offensive play calling without being completely frustrated. Start off with a bad pass play – Intercepted. Come back with a terrible looking play – pass or run, whatever it was lead to a seven yard loss. Finally give it to Gore – 7 yeards. Then go back to terribly designed pass plays. Pass on first throughout bringing up 2 and third n long. No downhill running, confusing run blocking, terribly designed pass plays, terrible clock management. I stuck by Harbaugh, but if having Harbaugh means we have Greg Roman to – let em both go. I just hope we don’t lose Vangio.

    We can win with that defense and an offense that runs down hill (like the Pats do so well) and a passing game that has 2 or 3 quick progressions with an easy read. AKA, the read is the safety, or the middle linebacker. Not really sure what is going on with the offense, but Kap, Gore and the wide receivers have no chance in this system. Greg Romans college trickery with lots of motions and strange formations doesn’t work at the NFL level. These defenses are too smart, too fast, and too physical.

  10. I can’t stand the Niners or their fans, but Gore is such a stud, wish the guy had been a Raider.

    I still wouldn’t mind seeing him in Silver and Black next season to help in the locker room and on the field. The guy has more left than MJD or DMC.

  11. Like most fans, I want him on my team too so I’m kinda hoping he says, “I want to go home.” He lives 7 miles from the Dolphins training camp. Already does 2 a days with Lamar Miller in the offseason.

  12. As a Hawk fan I think it is in the best interest of the Niners to move on from Harbaugh ( I didn’t until this loss). It seems Jim’s ego has destroyed Kap because sometimes young people can be influenced in negative ways by duplicating an older persons personality. It looks to me Kap is trying to act like he’s Jim Harbaugh and that’s not who he is. A new coach like a Holmgren could sit down with Kap and say ok dude heres the deal. You dress for success and you speak with success. If you do that its a start to get him back to how he was when he first became a starter. If he doesn’t want to do that and doesn’t understand then send him down the road.

  13. Gore is a hell of a player and seems like a class act. But it’s a business, and Carlos Hyde looks like he can grow into a formidable replacement. Best of luck to Gore. I’m sure he’ll land somewhere next year if he wants to keep playing because he’s still got skills.

  14. Well if the seahawks are going to cut Lynch, and Gore is a UFA…..all I can say is welcome home BeastMode.

  15. If SF is willing to cut him I’m sure we could free up a roster spot in Seattle so he could play special teams and get himself a ring. Everyone in Minnesota is doing it.

  16. Hard to understand the logic of the play calling in that game. Gore ran the ball well early and Hyde did the same. Then, for reasons unknown, the offense went pass happy while the game was tied/in reach. On the other hand, the Raiders showed a very balanced approach to running the ball, which set up Carr to throw quite well.

    Strange days when the one win team has the more coherent game plan when the team fighting for a playoff spot needs to beat the one win team in order to keep playoff possibility alive.

  17. “I don’t feel like we’re us,” Gore said.

    It’s funny…..I see his team play and I think that’s exactly who they are…..

  18. Gore is a beast that has had amazing longevity when you consider he had a couple really serious knee injuries early in his career. Despite all the carries he’s had, he still seems to have more left in the tank than guys like MJD that are actually a few years younger than him. Plenty of teams could use a guy like him if the 49ers let him go.

  19. The juggernaut that is the Raiders defense has rendered many backs impotent. Nothing to be ashamed of.
    Wait…. My Raiders have a notably crappy D against the run.
    As you were. Gore is done.

  20. kylexitron says:
    Dec 8, 2014 1:07 PM
    If SF is willing to cut him I’m sure we could free up a roster spot in Seattle so he could play special teams and get himself a ring. Everyone in Minnesota is doing it.


    This would be the only time I’d be ok with Seattle winning another SB. Oh and maybe welcome Justin Smith too?

  21. Hawks fan here. I recall in the recent past, times when I dreaded the Seahawks playing the Niners as Gore ran all over us. Whether he stays with SF, goes elsewhere, or retires, nothing but respect for the man.

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