Marvin Lewis calls Johnny Manziel “a midget”

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The Browns haven’t yet officially announced whether they will stick with incumbent quarterback Brian Hoyer or turn to rookie Johnny Manziel for Sunday’s game vs. Cincinnati.

Either way, the matter doesn’t worry Bengals coach Marvin Lewis much.

In an interview with 1530 AM in Cincinnati, Lewis was asked if the Browns’ QB decision had any bearing on how the Bengals prepared for Cleveland.

“No, it doesn’t,” Lewis told the station, according to an audio clip shared by Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal on Twitter. “It doesn’t at all.”

Added Lewis: “You’ll get a little bit more movement if Manziel’s the quarterback, the thing that they did against Buffalo. But other than that, no, that doesn’t impact you at all. You gotta go defend the offense. You don’t defend the player.”

Lewis paused, then added: “Particularly a midget.”

The audio clip then ended.

The 6-foot Manziel is listed as two inches shorter than Hoyer, who has started every game for 7-6 Cleveland, including the Browns’ November 6 win at Cincinnati. Manziel has appeared in three games, with his most extended action against the Bills in Week 13.

While Lewis’ remarks may be in jest, he might draw some criticism for his turn of phrase. According to Little People of America, which is billed as America’s biggest dwarfism support group, the term “midget” is viewed by some as an insensitive phrase.

The Bengals (8-4-1) hold a half-game lead in the AFC North over Baltimore and Pittsburgh (8-5).

145 responses to “Marvin Lewis calls Johnny Manziel “a midget”

  1. Hes a fidget,,, thats slightly bigger than a midget !
    I dont care what you say midget tossing is funny!

  2. Marvin Lewis has never won anything of note. A division title here & there but that’s it. Mediocre coach for a mediocre team from a mediocre city.

  3. Marvin, as a bengals fan I have to say it: shut up. Seriously, after that second half on Sunday, you should just shut up until the next game

  4. Maybe the Washington team can adopt that as their new team name. It’s less offensive than Redskin and that’s how they have been playing.

  5. That’s good coming from a coach whose teams would be happy to have a midget-sized clutch gene in the playoffs.

  6. drakescounsellor says:
    Dec 8, 2014 9:23 PM
    never heard of a 6′ midget.

    By AFC North standards, that is short.

  7. Any coach who is heavily invested in Andy Dalton as a long term solution should just shut up about other teams Quarterbacks. Work on Andy’s consistency then open your mouth. And while we’re at it……. Has a coach ever held a job as long as Lewis without advancing past the wildcard?

  8. And, um, Marv, the Browns still have a more recent playoff victory than your Bengals…ouch!

  9. pretty stupid comment when you’ve got Russell Wilson doing just fine at less than that height.

  10. Step right Up! Come see the Worlds Tallest Midget! Brought to you by the one & done Cincinnati Bengals……

  11. “realitycheckbaby says: Dec 8, 2014 9:27 PM Good for him. Johnny Bench has a big forehead too.”

    Johnny has smashed birds stuck to the back of his melon where the poor creatures couldn’t pull out of the gravity well.

    In other news, I needed my stupid-funny fix. Thanks Coach Marv.

  12. Oh dear, are Little People going to have a “Little People-In” and stop traffic everywhere? “NO MORE” “Midget” comments!

  13. Three games left, maybe four, and Cincy won’t be favored in any of them. Mostly because of this standup comic/ joke/’HC’

  14. “… “midget” is viewed by some as an insensitive phrase.”So is the term Redskins, so I guess anything goes.

    He’s gonna get knee-capped.

  15. “Little people of America, which is the nations biggest dwarfism support group”

    If you read that sentence and don’t find it the ironic comedy in it hilarious, you don’t have a sense of humor.

  16. Well we should all just try to remember that when speaking in public to try and be extra careful in saying terms that some would find offensive. It’s one thing to use a slang adjective, but terms that are nouns that are offensive are often taken more personally by others. Let’s just all consider that the term is best not used and I’m sure Marvin Lewis didn’t intend any offense and will likely not use the word again anyhow.

  17. Lewis is a mental midget. One of the five worst coaches in football and has been for a decade.

    I hope he thanks Ray Lewis each night in his prayers for the millions he has made from coaching because he is not very good at his job.

  18. Chill out soft world. This is a football guy that doesn’t always care about being politically correct. I personally like hearing what’s really on their minds, not the same robotic and conservative responses. He poked at a rookie on a division rival, maybe a little mind game to get Pettine to finally give Manziel his debut against a usually-good defense.

  19. In other news, in an effort to be as offensive as possible the team from Washington has hired Marvin Lewis and changed their team name to the “Midget Redskins”

  20. Wow I am outraged . A black man calls a white man a midget! The NFL moral police had better be all over this one . Using the M word to describe a short person is extremely offensive . How dare he . You don’t want white people to use the N word so shouldn’t it hold true for a black man not to use a slur describing a lil person . How far do you want to take this . Lets see the lil people hold a sit in at the Bengals next home game . Or better yet suspend Lewis for the rest of the season his words do harm LMAO its easy to have it one way but not another were is the outrage of people who claim the redskin name is so terrible .

  21. The Browns trounced you on national television and the Steelers laid a second half BEAT down on you yesterday. Might want to practice a bit of humility before the postseason begins, Marv.

  22. My God, people, can’t anyone make a joke anymore without the pc police jumping on them? You can’t say anything anymore. Sad.

  23. thegreatgabbert says:

    That dis going to get Johnny so hyped up he’ll come onto the field next week like he was shot out of a cannon.


    Another classic from greatgabbert!

  24. He should come out and say that he shouldn’t have to apologize for his comment until the NFL changes the racist name of the team in the capitol.

  25. A flat-out dumb remark – even in jest. However, the bigger farce is the Browns listing Manziel as 6′. Please – we all have eyes. The guy’s 5’9″, 5’10” tops.

  26. Hey Clownfan Marvin Lewis probably didn’t win anything significant while being the head coach of the Bengals but he did win a superbowl with the Ravens…He was there defensive coordinator on that 2000 team that spanked the Giants…Now on the midget thing why are we making a big deal over it?? WE ALL USED THE WORD @ LEAST ONCE IN ARE LIFE TOWARDS SOMEONE!!!! Rather u joked it off or not u used It…So don’t beat this dude down bcuz he said midget..

  27. Well Karma should have Johnny Midget hang a 50 burger on the paper tigers this Sunday and Lewis eat a big ‘should not have said that’ samich.

  28. Dear Baby Jesus, This Christmas I’m thankful that I have more important things to do than to critique offhanded comments by football coaches (and Hollywood celebrities)… (He should have said this, but should never have said that). I hope in the new year, 1985, that will be true for even more people.

    PS: Is that Tebow guy really the devil?

  29. thesmartest1 says: Dec 8, 2014 9:25 PM

    What a ridiculous comment. Sharpton will be all over this

    Sharpton? THE Al Sharpton? Standing next to Louis Farahkan I guess. Check your color codes brau, there’s a fault in your wiring. Censor the obvious in 3, 2, 1…

  30. LOL…LUV IT! Never thought good or bad of Lewis…till now. I think his reference to a very small person is going to more reflective of Manziel’s career than his stature!! The guy will go down as a total 1st round bust. Note, his second team position behind 2nd string QB’S. Luv it!!

  31. “While Lewis’ remarks may be in jest, he might draw some criticism for his turn of phrase. According to Little People of America, which is billed as America’s biggest dwarfism support group, the term “midget” is viewed by some as an insensitive phrase.”


    Remember a time when someone could say something light-hardheartedly and people would just laugh it off?

    Yea, those were good times.

    It’s one thing to crack down on racism and religious hate, but this is really reaching now. The politically correct really need to get off their high horses.

  32. Now you have done it Marv.

    You better be careful – Johnny Bench may show up at your expensive apartment building and have his entourage assault you. Or, even worse, he may decide to invade your bathroom with his rolled up Washingtons in hand – have your bathroom cam up and running when he does.

    Either way, you have drawn the line, Marv. Your Move, Johnny. Let’s see what you got…….

  33. You’ve got to be kidding if you don’t get it. He is a midget in the football world, as written in the 1938 sporting terms midget is defined in the sporting world as a less of stature player than average. Manziel is a midget if you go by that definition.

  34. Man I can wait until the little people get word of this, they will protest, loot, and burn down marvs house, tear up cincy. Nah even though they are little , they are still more intelligent, and classy than the ghetto idiots rampant in the U.S. Lewis is a good representative, and that “midget” is gonna light your team up Sunday for the clean sweep by the browns.

  35. “Please – we all have eyes. The guy’s 5’9″, 5’10” tops.”

    Actually, his combine measurements were 5′ 11.75″ and 207 lbs in bare feet. It’s not unreasonable for the Browns to list him at 6′ as they only list whole numbers and not fractions. Keep in mind you are used to seeing him standing next to 6′ 6″, 320 lb offensive lineman and not your Average Joe. He’s short for a NFL QB, but still over an inch taller than Russell Wilson.

    As for Marvin, I know it is beside the point here, but Andy Dalton is 6′ 2″ and certainly appears to be several inches taller than him, even accounting for cleats. Just sayin’…a short ex-Division 1-AA Idaho State linebacker isn’t really in a position to mock an NFL QB over size, whether it’s pc or not.

  36. I could have coached the 2000 Ravens D. (no credit with that much talent…) Will be satisfying to put the Bungles out of their misery Sunday. Please make him a lifetime coach of your sorry franchise.

  37. Not sure why it’s not considered insensitive to call someone “liliputian” or a “midget” but it’s insensitive to call someone “fat.” At least fat people can do something about being fat.

    Short people are just going to be short, and there’s no need to point out the fact that they are short literally every time you talk about them. Yeah, we all know Darren Sproles isn’t tall. But man that dude can straight up play. No need to say anything more than that.

  38. I could care less about either of these irrelevant teams…. but someone needs to share the whole glass houses / rocks things with Coach.

    Manziel may not be Manute Bol, but I would say that an 0-5 playoff record would place him somewhere…. oh i don’t know…. in the, maybe, “little people” category of the coaching hierarchy.

  39. “While Lewis’ remarks may be in jest, he might draw some criticism for his turn of phrase. According to Little People of America, which is billed as America’s biggest dwarfism support group, the term “midget” is viewed by some as an insensitive phrase.”


    Honestly, the more I see this the more frustrated I get. At what point is enough going to be enough?

    The media gets so upset at players that say little to nothing or just give the standard cliches. We have a coach make a joke, a JOKE, so it’s time for the fire and pitchforks?

    The amount of people being hypocrites are just overwhelming.

    Let’s just get down to what this is. We have reached a point where too many in this society look for ways to be offended. These people want to feel offended, always the victim no matter how small the comment or action.

    If I was a midget, dwarf, small person, whatever, I wouldn’t start protesting. Wait, I’m only 5’9″ so I guess I’m a midget since clearly Marvin Lewis was being serious.

    Time to protest, that’s the cool thing to do right?

    I’m a Steelers fan and I can’t believe I’m standing up for a divisional rival’s coach, but the point of this article is absurd. If people want to be upset, good, let them cry about it.

  40. So am I to understand the only thing Marvin did wrong here was not refer to him as a “little person”?

  41. Like Marv has any room to talk about another teams QB. How bout you worry about Andy Dalton and his major inconsistencies first Marv! And Manziel isnt making a quarter of what your overrated bum QB is..

  42. This all coming from a coach that has a quarterback that looks like the freakin’ bully from that movie A Christmas Story. Glass houses bro.. don’t throw stones.

  43. For those too thick to understand, it’s not about using the word midget, it’s about a HC in the NFL being stupid enough to call the QB of his rival and the team he’s going to play on Sunday a midget.

    The man is an idiot, period.

  44. This may not have been a Freudian slip, but a planned poke at hoping that the browns will start a rookie instead of the QB that lead them to the win last time. Obviously, it would be a safer option to face “johnny feetball” than hoyer. Marvin just doesn’t make these kinds of mistakes; Therefore, it probably wasn’t a mistake.

  45. Outside of the midgets in the US, everybody else will find this funny. Manziel is a high profile knucklehead and so any comment that takes him down a notch will get a thumbs up from the fan base everywhere.

  46. why did Marvin Lewis call Johnny Manziel a midget???????!!!!!!….I thought a midget was a little person…..Johnny’s 6’0″ he’s a tall guy bigger than me I 5’4″ I not a little person I petite…anyway I don’t understand why Marvin Lewis called him a midget when he not

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