Odell Beckham Jr. has an arm to go with amazing hands

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Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has been getting plenty of attention for his hands.

Yesterday, he got to use his whole arm.

Beckham impressed his teammates with a 60-yard pass on an end-around, which might have matched some of his highlight reel catches if he hadn’t overthrown his target.

“It was a pretty good throw,” Giants quarterback Eli Manning said, via Ebenezer Samuel of the New York Daily News. “He threw it about 65 yards pretty effortlessly. It was close to a hit. He makes it look pretty easy.”

Beckham joked that he should have gone through his progressions better (or maybe not thrown it to a double-covered Rueben Randle).

Of course, he’s still pretty good at the day job, with 11 catches for 130 yards and a touchdown. But the throw was just a signal of an increased role, as they moved him around into the slot and tried to find other ways to take advantage of a dynamic player.

“He’s definitely grown, he’s improved, he understands more,” Giants coach Tom Coughlin said. “He was mentally ready to go [from his first game against the Falcons]. He knew his assignments and, as you know, we move him all over the place and he’s done well with that.”

That he’s done all this without the benefit of much of the preseason or training camp is amazing, as he overcame an early string of hamstring problems.

But with an arm like his, mobility might just be a bonus.

10 responses to “Odell Beckham Jr. has an arm to go with amazing hands

  1. This guy will be a beast for a long time if he can keep his head in check and not get caught up in the NY lifestyle.

  2. This kid is the truth.
    When Cruz comes back it’s on.
    Just draft the OLine and get our 20+ IR players back.

  3. ebr362 says: Dec 8, 2014 9:21 AM

    This guy will be a beast for a long time if he can keep his head in check and not get caught up in the NY lifestyle.
    If you saw the in-game interview with Odell’s mom during the Giants/Jaguars game, you’d know his head is nothing to worry about… she’s making sure of that.

  4. OBJ In my opinion is the most dynamic offensive player the Giants have ever had. They’ve never had a guy that they “had” to get the ball in his hands 10+ times a game. the days of Johnny Mistler, Ernest Gray, Toomer, Plaxico, Steve Smith, Hicks, etc are no comparison to Beckham Jr. This dude is the real deal.. the only thing(s) that can keep him from being an ultra super star are 1) Injuries and 2) not handling the fame correctly. It seems like he has his head on straight, but the camera and fame has done in more than one guy with ultra talent. If the Giants get Cruz back healthy and at the same level pre-injury, they will have 2 guys that at anytime, can go the distance. Id love to see Cruz in the slot with OBJ outside and Donnell inside. It is absolutely imperative that the Giants revamp the O-Line COMPLETELY over the winter. They need TWO tackles, Cut Beatty and move Pugh to Guard. Richmond at Center, Schwartz (if the big dude can stay healthy) at LG, and Pugh at RG. Thats a good middle 3. they NEED TO DRAFT the BEST LT in the Draft and then sign a GOOD RT. With Manning, Jennings and Williams, the RB’s are set, the WR’s are set.
    I think the Coaching staff will be new. I wuoldnt mind if they keep the OC.. but whoever the new coach and GM are, need to RE-EffingBUILD the O-line and get an identity on the Defense.. This team is NOT far away.. It has been proved this year.. if Manning gets time to throw, he is still a top 10 QB in the league.. if hes under pressure all game long, hes average at best..

  5. He is without a doubt a Giant that I’m ecstatic about in this pitiful season. I have a feeling that he’s going to be making our fanbase smile for many years to come

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