Sio Moore on Colin Kaepernick: He’s a chump


The Raiders spent Sunday battering 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and then letting him know that they were battering him.

Kaepernick was sacked five times when he wasn’t throwing two interceptions and completing 18-of-33 passes for 174 yards in a 24-13 loss to the Raiders that crystallized everything that has gone wrong for the 49ers on offense this season. Raiders linebacker Sio Moore frequently let Kaepernick know what he thought on the field and continued to express himself on social media after the game.

Moore posted a picture of himself in Kaepernick’s grill on Instagram and included the caption “There’s a difference between boys and Men… Freakin chump” alongside the snapshot.

Raiders defensive lineman Antonio Smith said, via Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee, that the Raiders “definitely” got in the quarterback’s head over the course of the afternoon. Kaepernick was predictably tight-lipped about that and every other topic during his postgame press conference, but he did flash some emotion on his way off the field at halftime when he pushed a camera out of his way while headed back to the locker room.

He couldn’t push the Raiders out of the way, though, and the 49ers are now staring at the end of their playoff hopes and an offseason that promises major changes for a team that’s crashed hard after riding high for the last three seasons.

93 responses to “Sio Moore on Colin Kaepernick: He’s a chump

  1. LMAO!! Who has it better than us? The Raiders do!! Kap not worth a dime that the Niners gave him

  2. Kaepernick is a punk. The Niners are finished. Harbaugh will be gone, many of the players will leave and Kaepernick has topped out, he will not get better. The Raiders are laying a foundation of good young players like Carr, Mack, Hayden, Rivera, Murray, Jackson, Ellis, Sio Moore and others. Revisit this in two years, the Raiders are coming back!

  3. Wonder where Sio Moore was last Sunday when he and his tough-guy act were giving up 52 to the Rams?
    Raider players never fail to make fools of themselves at any opportunity.

  4. No, the Niners front office are the chumps for giving him that fat contract before the season. They should’ve waited after the season to evaluate Kaplan and not sign him before the season. Now it looks like a bad move, he’s really regressed as a QB. The wheels are coming off the once mighty Niners train.

  5. It was good to see the Raiders win but Moore should keep his mouth shut. Or maybe C-Wood should make good on his thoughts about fighting him.

    This idiot almost single-handedly lost the game against the Chiefs. And where’s there room for trash-talking when you’re a huge reason why the team has been so bad this year? Maybe when he starts contributing to a team that is respectable from week-to-week then his words would have some credibility rather than just being verbal diarrhea.

  6. No we are the Chumps went from the first pick and being able to trade it for more rookie talent to being the 5th pick in the draft more pissed off about the win now, my fall back plan was to draft A.Cooper but it looks like that is out the window SMH!!!

  7. As a Hawks fan this is awesome and we have felt the same way about Kap. In addition Derek Carr is a class act and a real Pro like RW. Raider fans are in good hands for the long term at QB. Congrats to you folks cause its been a while for you all.

  8. On average, two teams who went to the playoffs the previous year do not return to the playoffs the next year.

    I chose the 49ers and the Panthers as the teams that would not get back to the playoffs in the 2014-2015 season.

    Damn I wish I put money on that!

  9. It’s been said thousands of times, because it’s true.
    You see what a person is made up of in the hard times.

    Kaepernick is getting inked, and cleaning up his hair.

  10. Love my niners but Jim harbaugh has lost this team. The o line sucks. Worst o line we have ever had the guy has no time to throw. He will get the blame but we have a bunch of cry baby’s on this team. No heart. No fight. No blocking down field. We’ve had our chances for 3 years.
    Got to give it to raider fans they were there all game when their team had just won one game.
    Go 49ers

  11. When the Raiders are calling you out then you know you aren’t any good. Time to move on SF.

  12. He’s not a chump. He’s great. With a capital G. So says Harbaugh. And he doesn’t know why we can’t all see that.

    He’s great at kissing his biceps. Beyond that, he’s not so great.

  13. He really is a chump, he’s a whiney baby that’s always had everything given to him, including a big contract by the Niners.

    What a mistake.

  14. The entire 49ers orginazation is a mess right now. Which is sad because I really thought they were building something special out there. If I had to pick a few years ago which of the two programs would implode between the Seahawks and the 49ers I would have gone with Pete Carroll and Seattle. Tip of the cap to him and his development as a head coach.

  15. I understand it’s a good win for the Raiders but what is it with players and fans talking smack like they are destined for the Super Bowl? They say act like you’ve been there before which you have don’t act like minnesota and their fans.

  16. The Raiders are a lowly 2-11 and once again squarely in the mix for the first pick of the draft. Sio Moore and the rest of that team needs to zip it and worry about getting their team back to being respectable.

  17. It’s astonishing to see a tweet where the tweeting athlete has better grammar then the followers of the tweet. Keep up the good work Sio!

  18. Raiders are on the up niners are on the down. Me being from the Bay Area and not a fan of either can say without a doubt that niner fans are way too arrogant compared to raider fans. Take that for what it’s worth. But the Raiders just knocked the niners out of the playoffs.

  19. Fire Harbaugh
    loose more defensive players in free agency
    keep Kaep another ten years
    Don’t run the ball, let kaep throw it all game

  20. and the raiders have two wins…….they are all chumps. guess the dogs ass is taking advantage of the sunshine…..

  21. It’s definitely a new low when you leave an 11 loss team feeling like they have something to brag about.

    I hope Harbaugh’s successor can fix this broken offense.

  22. The CHOKE has mentally checked out.
    He doesn’t have the IT factor all the 9er whiner band wagoner fans thought he did anymore.

    I am sure he does okay in practice (with the medium and deep throws), but he can’t translate that onto the field in games on Sundays. That’s mainly his fault and the coaches’ fault also. Even his own teammates can see that.

    When that happens and Harb and burger face roman don’t run the ball, that’s 110% on them.
    As they all can see (the whole team), he can’t get the job done throwing the ball from the pocket in game (maybe he can in practice, but that doesn’t mean jack). Like he said, “we didn’t execute”, he means he can’t translate and execute what he practice on in practices before every Sunday, though he got a big pay day in the off season, he’s a FAILURE and a over rated CHOKE bottom line.

  23. As a Niners fan, I’m completely okay with this. Seems to me Kaep is more worried about being all GQ’ed and having a horrible haircut more than being a good qb. A lot of people will say it’s Greg Romans fault, but in the end, Kaep is the one who is throwing the ball. Yesterday was a bad day for Kaep and he look like he’s regressing. He looks like a deer in headlights if his first option isn’t open. Half the time the first option is a bad one.

  24. Lol @krappernick, get used to sio Moore and Khalil mack, they are the new Willis and Bowman, if you don’t know who they are, you better ask somebody!

  25. Tough to discount Moore’s comments…Kapernick and the 49ers need to re-think if Kap is the franchise or just a fill-in until the freal face can be found.

  26. A few weeks ago Emmit Smith talked about quarterbacks that played a read option spread offense in college. He said that these young guys like Kaep and RGIII don’t read coverage. Once defenses catch up to the run portion of these schemes these flaws are really evident.

    Andrew luck ran a pro style offense and learned to read coverages. Kaep and RGIII didn’t and it’s really starting to show.

    On that same notion Mariotta runs a fast paced spread that doesn’t require him to read coverage either. He might be in the same boat once he gets to the show.

  27. Kaepernick is a Chump? That’s not news to Seattle fans. The Whiners will never win a Super Bowl with him – they should have kept Alex.

  28. Uhh…the Raiders have only 2 wins…maybe what like 6 the last 3 yrs?? And, the are calling other players chumps?? The Raiders are the ultimate chumps.

  29. 2 teams headed in opposite directions. Great win yesterday boys. Still need to see more improvement in the run game.


  30. Should’ve kept Alex? The only other QB to lose to the Raiders this year? Nope don’t think that is the right answer either.

  31. Guy should know a chump when he sees one, he’s surrounded by them in the locker room.

  32. Harb needs to fix his immature over rated over paid QB or should I said the CHOKE, or just bench him cause clearly he doesn’t have the “HOT HAND” anymore and hasn’t had it this whole season, 7-6 season is pretty much over if not already over, too little too late for harb and THE CHOKE LOL…!

  33. good thing I aint an egg because it cracks me up to watch the slide of the once mighty Niners. remember the arrogance of the team and their fans,well they aint bragging anymore,nothing at all to even talk about wont be too long the still relevent Seahags will also feel the agony of defeat and the slide from prominance as well.

  34. Kap is a chump, there is no doubt about it. A kid from Wisconsin that gets himself tatted up and talks like he is a member of NWA while complaining about being stereotyped with a cannon arm and no accuracy would also fit.

  35. The CHOKE did a discount double check like rodgers, but he cashes his big pay CHECK and then CHECK out mentally on the team cause it was the easy way out for him LOL!!!

  36. It’s NOT a shock that it happened consider how bad they are on offense. The truth of the matter is the CHOKE has looked and played like he mentally CHECK OUT weeks ago and especially during and after the Seattle game last week on Thanksgiving.

    Season is over, all fault or most of it points to the CHOKE.

  37. It is positively surreal how you can, with absolute certainty, count on a Raider like Moore to say, do or write something stupid beyond words. Moore had exactly ONE tackle, doing more talking then playing. How utterly clueless can one be to be on a 2-11 and be crowing on any social media. Totally, utterly clueless dude.

  38. Give Moore a break. He plays for the worst team in sports, and beating the 49ers was their Super Bowl. He got a little excited, just like against KC.

    He’s just enjoying their big win. The raiders don’t get many of those, let the little guy have his moment

  39. personally, I hope the Raiders continue to improve like there are now. An organization with 3 Super Bowls, it’s time to build back that relevance. I’m root’n for them in the west tho…it’ll be wild if Jim ends up as the raiders next head coach too. Bad blood will be boiling hot between those two teams for sure.

  40. It’s so much fun reading posts from fans of teams that just beat the 49ers. And the pathetic responses from those 49er fans that are crawling up the walls with anger and frustration.

    Here’s a high five to Raider Nation on a big win. And for you 9er fans, tough sh-t ! You suck and it only going to get worse.

    Signed, Packer Fan

  41. The Raiders were the hair on a gnat’s arse away from beating the Pats and Chargers too. A lil better coaching is all they need and their starting MLB back and they will compete.

  42. Moore’s comment probably didn’t have anything to do with beating the 49ers in general. Kapercrap kept singling Moore out during the game and talking trash. He was face to face with him a few times after plays.

    Moore may look foolish for posting the comments but what was more foolish is a QB that got sacked 5 times, ran for his life and threw two ugly INT’s getting in the face of others during a game that he stunk up.

  43. Just because Sio was right doesn’t make it right. How many pro bowlers do ya think the Raiders will be sending this year?

  44. “offseason that promises major changes for a team that’s crashed hard after riding high for the last three seasons.”….LMAO..Niner Empire!!!!!…oh wait lol. Krapernick couldn’t hold Derek Carrs jock strap…Carr showed everyone who the best QB in the Bay area is yesterday. He carved up that “vaunted” SF defense.

  45. “These “mobile” QB’s have no place in the NFL unless you want to win 4 games a year without a top 5 defense and running game.”

    100% correct. If these guys don’t have a top 5 run game or top 5 defense, they suck. Try putting these guys in to run a real “Pro offense” like the Broncos, Pats, Saints, or Packers run and these guys wouldn’t have a chance. They can never get past their first read.

    By the way, that sound you here is the money falling out of your wallets Marriota and Winston…I’ll laugh like hell if some teams wastes a pick on you guys in the first round.

  46. Raider Fans getting excited about being one of the most pathetic teams in NFL history. At 2- 11 they are at the bottom of the NFL and most likey could be beaten by many college teams. I have never seen a Raider team so bad.
    Goodbye McKenzie.Big deal a narrow victory against SF a team with internal turmoil.

  47. Right now the niners are down, so taking potshots at Kap, Harbaugh, the niners are all the rage.
    Well deserved criticism of Kaepernick, yes, but all depends who the HC and support system is put in place for Kap next year.

  48. The fact is the Offense for the Niners has been dumbed down for Kap. When Harbaugh and Roman were at Stanford, they had a very sophisticated offense. They have had to taylor this offense to a guy that is all. If Harbaugh gets to coach a real QB he and Roman will be able to implement their vision entirely. Kap is Tarell Prior 2.0.

  49. Report comment
    nflfolly says: Dec 8, 2014 11:53 AM

    Raider Fans getting excited about being one of the most pathetic teams in NFL history. At 2- 11 they are at the bottom of the NFL and most likey could be beaten by many college teams. I have never seen a Raider team so bad.
    Goodbye McKenzie.Big deal a narrow victory against SF a team with internal turmoil.
    Oakland could have scored again late in the game, but chose to take some knees. They are a terrible team for sure, but there are five 2-11 teams, and none would lose to any college team. Only deluded people believe that.

  50. Santa Clara 49ers fans should watch what they say about the raiders, because they will eventually become raiders fans after harbaugh leaves

  51. pretty big words from a team that is 2-12 and maybe 2-15. Al Davis Is dead and the team is still the sh-ts. would not pay money to watch a team get beat 54-0. We are in 2014-15 season and the last time Raiders were in play-offs was 2002. At least when I dress up for Hallowen I get plenty of candy and not an a-s kicking every sunday. Until your team can win more than 4 games. Shut upppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Not a fan of either team. I am simply amazed though at all the trash talk from a team that has won 2 games and lost 54-0 a week earlier

  53. I am simply amazed that people think that being 2-11 means you can’t exult after a win, particularly against a mouthy clown like Kaepernick.

    I am simply amazed how someone cannot fact check and see that the score was 52-0 and not 54-0.

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