Tom Brady blames NBC for his use of F word


So yes, apparently Tom Brady does kiss his wife Gisele with that mouth.

And it’s apparently all our fault.

During his weekly interview with WEEI, Brady was asked about his habit of using profanity (and that one big pro-F-anity in particular) during games.

“I wish I did have a better mouth out there at times, but there’s nothing that quite expresses the way I feel like that word,” Brady said. “It is, it is [a great word], especially in the heat of the moment. … Blame CBS and NBC for putting it on TV.  Don’t blame me.”

Sorry, America.

Brady went on, explaining that perhaps he’s not the only one swearing on a football field, something we hadn’t previously considered.

“We’re not choirboys, I know that,” he said. “You bring us up to a certain level of intensity to the game, your job is to go out there and physically, emotionally, mentally dominate the game. You don’t do that at church on Sunday. You’ve got to go to the football field for that.”

That’s right. We’re America. We have God and trucks and football and Tom Brady and awesomeness.

F, yeah.

And if you want extreme close-ups of Brady dropping those F-bombs, you’ve got to tune it right here.

88 responses to “Tom Brady blames NBC for his use of F word

  1. Funny that I am sure all 53 Patriots use the F bomb throughout the game, yet only Tom Brady is put under the microscope during the telecast.

    He does have a point, but he also has to realize that he’s the biggest name during that game, so the spotlight will always focus on him.

    Tell me another word in the English language that expresses things better than the F word? lol

  2. Adam Rank said before the Packers vs Pats game that Brady won”t drink grape pop after the game, since he is way too classy. Rank must view F-Bombs as classy!

  3. Brady is right. The broadcasters could easily delay the sideline shots if they were really worried about it. It’s hypocritical of the media to blame him for it while still using it to try and drive ratings or clicks.

  4. Is that any different or worse than Joe Flacco dropping an F-bomb right after the final play of Super Bowl 47?

    I don’t see a big deal here.

  5. Hey TV shows every single sportsman in American spitting out stuff they dont want in their mouths on a daily basis whats wrong with a little bad language!!!

  6. After what has appeared on the screen in conjunction with Brady’s comments, it is up to the networks to at least make an honest effort to avoid it.

  7. The fact that swearing is fined or even discussed is beyond me.

    The world is so morally depraved, who really cares at this point if a professional football player is dropping an F-Bomb?

  8. The most violent, emotional and exciting sport on the planet, and you’ve got half the fans complaining it’s not violent enough and another and the rest up in arms because a guy used a bad word that you can’t even hear when he had no idea there was a camera in his face.

    Just tell your kids he said “fudgesicle” and move on.

  9. He curses when he’s losing, too. Check the Green Bay game. You have to be able to read lips, though.

  10. Yeah! And when Tom Brady is pumped up it’s because he’s passionate! When Orlando Scandrick is pumped up its because he’s throwing a hissy fit!! Dez Bryant’s intensity?!? Don’t get me started with his whining! Sigh.. Go Skins.

  11. Stick to showing the game on the field. Who cares about the sidelines? And there should never be microphones near these guys during a game, unless it’s for a later edited feature.

  12. Actually Brady is right. Blame Goodell and the networks for miking up players. They know it’s sports (not just football) and not some soap opera or some televangelist they’re broadcasting. Put a 7-second delay on that broadcast. It’s not that hard. Any conservative complaining about swearing by players has clearly never played sports or lives in an unrealistic bubble.

  13. The sensitivity of the media never fails to amaze. Columnists, pundits, internet sites say whatever crosses their mind regarding play on the field or lifestyle. A player says something against the media and a monstrous hair crosses their derriere!

  14. These Sypgate comments are a joke. Spygate was the most bogus sports non-scandal in the history of sports. EVERY team was ‘videotaping’ because it was LEGAL. The Pats went 17-0 after the bogus Spygate and would have won the Super Bowl if not for a lucky, fluke catch. I’m sure if they were videotaping, David Tyree would never have made that catch and the Pats would have won. What a joke.

  15. What about Belichick dropping an F bomb after a call against the Pats (dont remember which one)?
    There is a lot worse that gets said between the lines (so say the players, not my imagination).

    Or maybe, the press mentions it so more people will tune in to watch more F bombs?

  16. Brady’s point is right. It’s the networks who have control over what they show.
    We all know most that on the field, football players and coaches are vulgar people. It’s been that way since day one and it will never change.
    It’s up to the networks to police themselves by not repeatedly showing Brady dropping “F” bombs. But we all know, the networks have even less class than the players, and they love anything whioch gets their audiences’ adrenalin going.
    If you don’t believe it, ask yourselves why they always give us close up cleavage shots and shots from down low looking up when they’re focused on the cheerleaders. It’s obvious why they do that. It’s to please the large audience of men who love seeing it. Sex sells. Always has, and always will.
    It doesn’t even come into their thought process that younger kids or older people might be watching it and they shouldn’t be showing it. Because the big money comes from those beer guzzling young men who want those hot cheerleaders showing what they have as if they’re pole dancers in some sleezy club.
    Let’s not sugar coat it. It is exactly what it is and the NFL and the networks know exactly what they’re doing.

  17. Wow an NFL player cursed during a game ? Really?

    I think this is the very first time I’ve every heard of such a thing happening. Oh the horror, or the woes it has added to the world.

    Virtually every player on the field in every game curses and you thought this merited writing an article about ?


  18. I love watching Brady use the F Bomb. It usually indicates his team is not doing well…but he is 100% spot on with his point of view on this.

  19. Tommy don’t blame it on the cameras. Remember if it wasn’t for them you never would have won any Super Bowls.

    Other teams fans envy our teams players. Other teams players envy our teams fans. #choochoohawksdynastytrain
    #12thmanisheretostay #dynastybeforeyoureyes #kissthering

  20. brady needs a clean, direct, hard shot in the sternum to shut him up. would love to see it in the playoffs. but by whom ? terrell suggs…von miller…

  21. It be even funnier if it were Philip Rivers apologizing for his “foul language” and that it wasn’t his fault that NBC showed clips of him yelling “consarnit!” and “dagnabbit!”.

  22. Hey, I wonder what Tymes said to the other team’s player during the game last night to get a unsportsmanlike penalty? I have never seen a ref throw a flag for what someone said to another player before.

  23. Coaches on the sidelines express themselves quite similarly and maybe more often than Brady does. It doesn’t make it right, but it makes it just a normal reaction for fierce competitors. I do it, you probably do it too, just in the role of spectator.

  24. i hate the patriots and tom brady is not my favorite, but gimme a break. he should be able to say what he wants, including profanity, during a game. sometimes the f word is a great word in the heat of the moment,,,

  25. “I have never seen a ref throw a flag for what someone said to another player before.”

    It happened at least one other time earlier this season but can’t remember the game it happened in.

    Before the season the league made a point of saying that use of the n-word and certain other slurs would draw a flag.

    Since all those words are used every game it seems to me a tool the officials can use to keep a game artificially close when they would otherwise be turning into a blowout.

  26. The title is inaccurate. Brady blames NBC for broadcasting him using the F word.

    If you are going to have sideline cameras you better expect an MF and GD here and there. If you don’t want that on TV… You need a delay.

  27. Don’t agree with him much nut he is right, the networks are responsible for their content and could have panned away from that, I don’t think they wanted to. Of course I say get rid of all censorship and watch whatever the heck you want to.

  28. I’m sorry but he goes out of his way ranting up and down the bench and to typify today’s society he blames someone else. I’m no hypocrite but kids are watching and idolizes him so he should grow up a little.

  29. Wow. I know media outlets tend to think people aren’t smart and they like to rattle cages, but come on. I think the only player who doesn’t swear in the NFL is… Was Tim Tebow. It’s part of the culture of an NFL locker room. Part of being emotional and competitive. When something really makes you mad, I mean really mad, are you going to say “oh, darn”? Lol! Really? I suppose if you live in an imaginary glass bottle. I feel sorry for that person. I think everyone needs to express themselves. We live in society that puts so many proper social constraints on us, you have to find a way to let loose. Otherwise you’ll end up with a brain aneurysm at the age of 30…

  30. F-Bombs are championship words just ask our local radio guy Mike Holmgren who is a sweet guy but he flat out states “yea I dropped many F-Bombs on the side lines” Its a great word and if used properly like Tom does you win titles ;).

  31. I used the F Bomb last night………like a million times during the Bills and Broncos game. Worst officiating I have seen in 45 years of watching football………..oh, this was about Brady……I agree with him. Non story……they all use the F Bomb…….even the punters.

  32. I guess with that logic, the blame for the 911 terrorists crashing planes into the World Trade Centers and Pentagon should have been put on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and FOX news instead of Al Qaeda? When do we start bombing those bastards?


  33. The only players I can think of who probably never dropped the “F” bomb on the field:

    Roger Staubach
    Darrell Green
    Bruce Matthews
    Tim Tebow
    Mike Singletary
    Bob Christian
    Reggie White
    Corey Lynch
    Kurt Warner
    and *maybe* Russell Wilson

  34. fantom21 says:

    Yeah! And when Tom Brady is pumped up it’s because he’s passionate! When Orlando Scandrick is pumped up its because he’s throwing a hissy fit!! Dez Bryant’s intensity?!? ………..
    Its all about who fans identify with.

  35. This article is VERY annoying. NBC is being very arrogant and taking ignorant jabs at Brady thinking he’s completely in the wrong. He is 100% in the right. If people got offended than blame the dumb camera man for zooming in on him. He’s in an intense game, he can’t be thinking in the back of his mind whether national television is on him every second. Get a grip NBC

  36. Just tape delay the game a few seconds and substitute the F-word with Omaha. All is good.

    Plus it would give the Mannings more street cred. It would sound like they are swearing up a storm.

  37. All you gotta do is a little lip reading and you can see this every Sunday on any team, coaches included. Now if you want to stick a microphone in their face you can also hear it. Why is this a story? Oh yeah, it’s the Patriots.

  38. Unless you have binoculars and a surveillance-style long-distance microphone, you can’t see/hear most of that if you’re actually at the stadium. The networks have gone out of their way to make the television product more appealing than going to the game by presenting things you can’t possibly experience from the seats. That includes use of hyperbolic field mics that pick up everything (PBP announcer: “We apologize for that audio you just heard…”), the hand-held camera that walks onto the field with the QB or immediately runs into the end-zone celebration after a touchdown, and the improved overhead camera that can now raise and lower (almost down to the turf) in addition to moving up and down the field.

    No wonder no one wants to actually go to a game now.

  39. booboo31 says:
    Dec 8, 2014 1:29 PM
    This article is VERY annoying. NBC is being very arrogant and taking ignorant jabs at Brady thinking he’s completely in the wrong.
    When did NBC take jabs at Tom Brady? I think the NFL and NBC prefer their star players to show emotion in the heat of battle. I would hope we don’t get to the point where every quarterback has to act the same. Some people hate Tom Brady for everything that he brings to the table. That’s not a bad thing for the NFL and neither is the brilliant rivalry and differences between Brady and Manning. How often do we get this in sports? Not often enough.

  40. It’s obvious by past post that I’m a Pats fan. That being said I’m not a member of the BBB Club. The next time Tom steps up and takes credit for any negative thing or play he does or makes on the field will be the first time he has done so. Sorry Brady Club members, but it’s the truth.

  41. I read an article how after yesterday’s loss to Indy, the Browns players waited until they got into the tunnel before losing their composure.

    Maybe Tantrum Tom Cry-Brady should try doing that next time.

  42. I remember the NHL genius experiment of putting a microphone in the penalty box. Didn’t last the first period

    Also, I wonder if the Boston Globe ever thought to write a “Poor Sportsman” editorial on Kevin Garnet… doubt it.

  43. He clearly DOESN’T blame anyone for his use of the “f” word… he’s only blaming them for airing it. They have mics on the field, big dishes catching every syllable and a strong desire to take the viewer into the game action and the TV networks KNOWINGLY and WILLINGLY take the risk knowing that Brady will get the bad press, not them. So he’s right. However…

    I hate that word, personally. It offends me. I don’t like his defense of how and why he uses it. How childish and unoriginal; “no other word expresses what I’m trying to say” just means that he needs to get a new vocabulary if you ask me. BUT, don’t tell me he’s blaming anyone else for his use of the “f” word.

  44. When you become an adult you realize that words are just ways of describing things, feelings, or actions and the meaning we weight we attribute to certain ones is our own. Be offended if you like. I’m not.

  45. It truly amazes me, where is he really “blaming” anyone? He said he uses the word…a great word for how he’s feeling? The media made it a ridiculous story by 1) filming it and airing it, and 2) this article. You see coaches and players in all sports mouthing profanity. Seriously, when you have nothing to sensationalized on a player negatively you get ridiculous articles like this! Bet more f bomb drops where going on in homes and on the field for bad call on Browner during last week’s game then on the field. I continue to laugh at the Brady/Pats haters.

  46. Phinfan writes…

    “Don’t say that F Bomb around Tim Tebow. .lol”


    He didn’t. Brady was standing on a pro football field – Tebow hasn’t been on one of those for quite a while now.

  47. Much of America and the rest of the world now uses the F-word in mainstream language. Is it now time to include the word in the normal lexicon and treat it like any other word?
    For millions of Americans, it is probably their very favorite word. Tom Brady is a hard working, good man, who uses the word with passion to express his candid displeasure. Let’s permit the word to be heard or not have the cameras on him (and every other QB and coach). I would expect that 95% of the NFL uses the word in the normal lexicon.

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