Cam Newton has two transverse process fractures in his back


Panthers quarterback Cam Newton suffered two fractures in his back when he was involved in a car crash near the team’s stadium today.

Panthers spokesman Charlie Dayton said today that Newton is in fair condition and will remain hospitalized overnight.

“Cam does have two transverse process fractures in his lower back but no other internal injuries,” he said. “He’ll stay overnight but there are no more tests scheduled, and that’s it.”

Two transverse process fractures is the same injury suffered by Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo this season. Romo missed one game. Baylor quarterback Bryce Petty also suffered a transverse process fracture this season and also missed one game. The transverse process is a small bone that sticks out from either side of the vertebrae.

The Panthers say they are only thinking about Newton’s well-being and have not begun thinking about when he will be able to return to the field.

56 responses to “Cam Newton has two transverse process fractures in his back

  1. This pretty much proves that playing in the NFL really is just the same as being in a bad car wreck.

  2. Don’t think he should play at all this year. He’s been injured enough with a poor offensive line so there’s guarantee he’s going to be protected if he comes back. He should just focus on nursing his wounds and getting back to better health. It sucks but realistically, the playoffs are already a longshot. And even if they do make the playoffs, who knows the beating he’ll take against those playoffs teams… Not worth it.

  3. It’s ridiculous to think the Panthers were still in the playoffs chase.

    Get well Cam. Maybe just take the rest of the season off, come back healthy next season, hopefully with a better oline and a few weapons on the WR pos.

  4. I’m sorry he got in an accident and hurt. Time to shut it down You’re young and will heal up for next year.

    Get well!

  5. Sorry to hear about Newton, but glad to hear this is the extent of his injuries. Sounds like there’s a good chance Derek Anderson is under center next week…against the Browns.

  6. Sorry to hear this seems like a decent guy.

    Haven’t seen a single media source that mentions if the other driver is ok or not though, or in fact even mentions them at all. Hope they’re ok too.

  7. Get well Cam, glad it’s nothing too serious. Hopefully your team rallies around this so that our quest for the #1 overall pick is not affected by your absence on Sunday. 😉

  8. Boy this sure pours a cold bucket of ice on the panthers after their best win of the season on Sunday.
    Hard to be excited about that when your QB gets broke backed in a car collision two days later.

  9. harrisonhits2 says:
    Dec 9, 2014 3:47 PM
    Sorry to hear this seems like a decent guy.

    Haven’t seen a single media source that mentions if the other driver is ok or not though, or in fact even mentions them at all. Hope they’re ok too.


    The other driver is a 76 year old female. She was uninjured and but has been cited by police on scene for running a stop sign.

  10. I’m fairly confident Derek Anderson can lead the Panthers past the Bucs and Browns, just in time for Cam to take down the Falcons and on to the playoffs.

  11. Yeah, they need to shut him down for the year. Romo had a very good O-Line and you see what happened to him.

  12. keltictim says:
    Dec 9, 2014 3:54 PM
    Now that’s he’s ok, what happened to cause the accident?
    Cam got hit by a 76-year-old that ran a stop sign. She’s fine, but will probably be a couple hundred bucks lighter in the wallet.

    Well, if Romo and Petty have had the same injury and each missed one game, that sounds like Anderson should start Sunday. Since he’s beaten Tampa before, I’m sure he can do it again. If he does, and New Orleans and Atlanta lose, bring Cam back against Cleveland to continue the playoff chase.

  13. I know this is the last thing we should be talking about, but why did this have to happen in a contract year?

    RG3 is playing horribly in his contract year and so is Cam (not as bad though) plus an injury from a car accident!

    I guess neither one of those guys received the Cutler/Kaepenick memo – get paid first then play horribly.

  14. Hope he heals up quick.

    In the meantime, it’s time for the Panthers to start Joe “just the facts, ma’am” Webb for the final three games and see what he can do.

  15. Sit him out the last three games.

    He shouldn’t be put to risk himself for a season that’s gone awry.

    Yes, they won on Sunday, but the Saints lose games they should win and thus it might be the Falcons’ title this year.

    Cam’s the future, but at least sit him out the next game.

  16. This pretty much proves that playing in the NFL really is just the same as being in a bad car wreck.

    Except it’s getting into a car wreck every week for four months, five if you make the playoffs.

  17. On a terrible awful selfish note, Benjamin is gonna blow up with D Anderson under center!! Hate to break that to all the Cam fans out there, but he’s been hurt and it’s caused him to be dreadful for like 8 straight weeks.

  18. Wishing Cam all the best and a speedy recovery but he should be done for the year. The Panthers were wise in keeping Joe Webb and Derek Anderson can handle the rest of the season. Get well Cam for next year.

  19. Different Situation between him and Romo. Romo has one of the best O-lines in the NFL. Newton has the opposite. They should just shut him down.

  20. Glad it’s not worse for Cam. Don’t think the Panthers have anything to worry about with my Bucs. During this time of year when most teams are worried about making the playoffs, all the Bucs are thinking about is securing that #1 overall draft pick! Sigh!

  21. If playing in the NFL is the equivalent of being in a bad car crash then everyone should be in a bad car crash. NFL players live longer, stay healthier, have lower incidences of suicide, commit less crime, are less likely to be involved in domestic violence and more likely to be involved with charity. If the Feminists really wanted what was best for women, they’d want every man to play in the NFL.

  22. I mean, how tough is Romo? He had the same injury and came back and played a quarter later. Superman has to sit in the hospital overnight. Romo is one tough Son’a’gun.

  23. Haven’t seen a single media source that mentions if the other driver is ok or not though, or in fact even mentions them at all. Hope they’re ok too
    she’s ok, but she might be shaken up and also will likely be cited.

    and DCDallasfan, RG3 isn’t playing well, true, BUT his line is AWFUL and it doesn’t help him that he’s only played 4 games, 4 games isn’t an answer on if he should be kept or not and he’s not in a contract year technically. as for Cam, i don’t know if this is a contract year for him or not, BUT he was NOT playing horribly. he hasn’t has a great year, but it’s not all on him. you trade Kaepernick for Newton and i would put money on the line that Cam would do great in SF while Kaepernick would play worse than he’s playing now in SF. Newton’s issues are his weapons and his line, but he’s proven he can have a great game if his line and his weapons step up as seen vs. the Saints.

  24. To say that Tony Romo missed one game is extremely misleading.

    He missed one game and then had a bye week.

    That’s three whole weeks of recovery


    They didnt have a bye week until after the Jacksonville game in London. Romo injured his back in the game against Washington, he missed the following game against Arizona, and then he played the week after that against Jacksonville.

    I’m glad to hear that Cam is going to be okay. The pictures of the accident were scary and the injuries could have been a lot worse.

  25. And think if Cam had not installed that silly lift kit he may have walked away from the accident unharmed.

    The truck flipped due to is higher then normal center of gravity due to the silly lift kit.

    Those things are meant to be used in off road trucks not trucks driving down the highway this is what happens when money over rules smarts.

    The women caused the crash but unsafe changes to the truck are what caused it to flip over.

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