Charles Woodson would rather see Jim Harbaugh in Ann Arbor than Oakland

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Raiders safety Charles Woodson has said that he plans to play again in 2015 and that his preference is to remain in Oakland.

If he does stay in silver and black, Woodson will be playing for a new head coach unless interim appointment Tony Sparano manages to hold onto the job. One name that comes up a lot with the Raiders is Jim Harbaugh, who isn’t expected back with the 49ers in 2015.

Woodson and Harbaugh are both products of the University of Michigan, which is also looking for a head coach right now. Harbaugh’s name comes up often as the dream hire at his alma mater and Rich Eisen of NFL Media (who is also a Michigan alum) asked Woodson which place he’d prefer to see Harbaugh come 2015.

“If the choice was out there, it would definitely be Michigan. As a guy that played there, I think the fans would love it, I think it would be great for recruiting and all of that. Just to have a guy that’s proven, he’s won everywhere he’s been as a coach and I don’t think it would be any different if he went to Michigan. I would say ‘yeah.’ Go Blue.”

Woodson added that he spoke to Harbaugh briefly before last Sunday’s game, but that Harbaugh said the same things about focusing on the task at hand with the 49ers that he said to the media. He also said that he didn’t think Harbaugh would wind up back in Ann Arbor, calling it less than the 1-in-1,000,000 shot that Lloyd Christmas banked on in Dumb and Dumber.

30 responses to “Charles Woodson would rather see Jim Harbaugh in Ann Arbor than Oakland

  1. Harbaugh definitely fits the Raiders’ old bad boy stereotype, but his petulance and lack of discipline is not what a building team needs. The Raiders would be a better reality show than a team with him at the helm.

    Oakland would be best looking elsewhere.

  2. Woodson would know. Weren’t they Michigan teammates in like 1984 or something?

    I thought Woodson’s last year was in 07′ when he was a step slow playing for GB. One of the great mysteries of football that he lasted another whole career’s worth of football after that.

  3. Because Harbaugh would look at the film from the past year and send Woodson packing. He is over the hill and has been beaten on plays all year.

  4. Harbaugh does not want to go to Michigan. Urban Meyer has Ohio St so stocked with speed and talent that he’s gonna unleash on the college football landscape in the next few years it’s gonna be ridiculous. I mean at the QB position alone they’re 6 deep next year 3 of which are Heisman caliber. Ohio St is gonna be Breaking The ‘Bama dynasty the next few years. Harbaugh don’t want to get in the way of that.

    I’m in Sparano’s corner, but if the Raiders get Harbaugh we’ll be almost unbeatable with Derek Carr running Harbaugh and and G Ro’s offense. A QB that can handle a large volume of plays and run the play exactly as it was diagramed.

  5. Yes please stay away Mr. Harbaugh. Our dumpster fire is already bad enough.


    Redskins Fan

  6. What’s he supposed to say? I’d rather take harbaugh than my current coach? Whether he really feels this way our not anything other than this response sends a bad message to locker room.

  7. For perspective on the likelihood that this will happen let’s all please remember that Hoke was their third choice last time

  8. So if he isn’t coaching the 9’ers then he will be traded to a team that will have him under contract for at least one season and in return give up a good bit to get him. Highly doubt the 9’ers release him from his contract so he can return to college and not get anything in return.

  9. Harbaugh should go to the Jets. I think it’s pretty much a given that Rex is done. The New York media would have a field day with hating him, and his ego is so huge that it wouldn’t matter.

  10. Charles Woodson is a class act and a phenomonal player (still), but how’d he come from that crap of a football program is beyond me!

  11. hockeydan5 says: Dec 9, 2014 3:35 PM

    He built the 49ers ^^^ they were awful when he got there


    Great coach but he didn’t do much building at SF. Team was already 90% in place.

  12. The only head-scratcher in this story was the part about Charles’ preference to remain in Oakland. Personally, I’d rather watch a dumpster fire from the outside.

  13. Why is everyone say he’s going to the Raiders? Just because his wife wants to stay in the bay area? Have Mark Davis or Reggie McKenzie said they want him?

  14. Woodson wanting to come back In 2015 is the best part of article.

    There’s nothing like a Real Raider. Real Raiders make the NFL go around. Look in the Football booths, the pregame analysts, the league offices. I mean even The most popular football video game is branded with a Real Raider.

  15. icebowler says:
    Dec 9, 2014 4:48 PM
    Why is everyone say he’s going to the Raiders? Just because his wife wants to stay in the bay area?
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – — – – –
    either you are not married or you are now divorced.

  16. hockeydan5 says:

    He built the 49ers ^^^ they were awful when he got there

    They’re awful now.

  17. Woodson – defender of the shield, champion for The Nation. Legend. Not only a play maker on the field but a coach and mentor to the team. Inspirational leader of the entire organization. No player has been this loved in Oaktown for many years.

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