Dolphins sign former Eagles linebacker Jake Knott

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The Dolphins needed some linebacker depth, and Jake Knott needed another chance.

According to Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, the Dolphins signed the former Eagles linebacker to address an injury depleted position.

Knott spent the last two seasons with Philadelphia, but had to serve a four-game suspension for testing positive for a banned substance. At the end of that, he re-signed with the Eagles practice squad, but was released with an injury settlement in October.

The Dolphins have a collection of injured linebackers, with Jonathan Freeny, Chris McCain, Koa Misi and Jelani Jenkins all dealing with various aches.

20 responses to “Dolphins sign former Eagles linebacker Jake Knott

  1. Too much too little too late Philbin!!! We get to see Blount run up & down the field on Sunday & Philbin could have had him TWICE this year but no ball Philbin TOO CHICKEN!!! FIRE PHILBIN NOW!!!

  2. Funny. Picking up a guy that couldn’t even unseat Casey Matthews or Emanuel Acho (who?). Ish must be dire for the porpoises.

  3. Here’s living proof that Philbin has no clue!!! FIRE PHILBIN NOW!!! As much as it kills me to see, the patsies are gonna kill the Fins, we’ll be lucky NOT to get shut out!!! I hope I’m wrong & the Fins have the game of their life & accidentally win but I’m not putting too much hope in the Fins till next year!!! FIRE PHILBIN!!!

  4. What’s the problem? There’s only so much you can do when guys get injured? All these people above complaining about the move…

    Should they just play a 5-2 or dime defense all game? Never mind their secondary is depleted, too. Taylor is hurt and Delmas is done. It’s time to start worrying about next year and this move is just filler. Quit complaining…

  5. FinfanJim trying to GET REAL with people on PFT.

    You’re secondary is made up of trash off everyone else’s squad. Here’s to not making the playoffs.

  6. Worst lb core in the NFL??? Wow you’re stupid. Misi, Jenkins, McCain, jordan and Ellebre are all good players. Oh yeah and dion Jordan but they use him as a de and freeny isn’t bad at at

  7. Fins are ranked 22nd against the run (and falling) and have given up 661 yards on the ground the last 3 games. They might not be the worst but they are certainly not elite.

  8. Secondary badly beat up. Linebackers badly beat up.

    Brady is going to torch these guys all afternoon long this week.

    Even if the tough Miami Dline has a good week Brady will screen them into ineffectiveness. The weak LBs they have now won’t be able to stop the likes of Gronk and LaFell in the 2nd level.

  9. We have a serious problem with run stopping but i hope it works out. I think we should give Philbin one more year though, I really like the Dolphins new offense and things are clicking on Defense I would hate to bring in a new regime… Also We will beat New England Sunday…Indeed…

  10. I’m a fins fan but I can barely see us winning this week. However the bright side is I have Tom Brady in my Fantasy Playoffs and hes 100% starting 😉

  11. The offence will have to put up 30 plus to have a chance against the Patsys. I will be hiding behind the couch only peaking up every now and then. The worst thing we ever done was to unleash the the wild cat on the hoody. Fun at the time but now he loves to embarrass us when he smells blood. I know they have bigger fish to fry but I get the sense they will not be happy at just beating us.

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