Goodell a finalist for Time’s Person of the Year

Two years ago, Time magazine declared NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to be The Enforcer.  Now, he may be getting a different title.

Goodell is among finalists for Time’s 2014 Person of the Year award.

Editor Nancy Gibbs announced the eight-person slate on Monday’s TODAY show, with Goodell joined by Apple CEO Tim Cook, Alibaba founder Jack Ma, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Iraqi Kurdish President Massoud Barzani, singer Taylor Swift, Ebola caregivers, and protestors in Ferguson, Missouri.

The “winner” will be announced Wednesday.  And Goodell surely hopes the “honor” begins and ends at just being nominated.

Candidates are chosen based on perceived influence on the news over the past year.  While the title implies that it’s a positive award, for Goodell it would become an opportunity for Time to dredge up and to summarize the various missteps that generated a series of negative headlines and, at one point in September, an ESPN-fueled feeding frenzy for his job.

With the Robert Mueller investigation and report regarding the Ray Rice debacle still pending, a one-stop collection of the things that went wrong for the league office this year could become a fresh bucket of rotten chum.

72 responses to “Goodell a finalist for Time’s Person of the Year

  1. This just proves that Time magazine is a joke.

    Goodell has the respect of no one anymore.

  2. Gee…a Time/Warner media outlet is willing to consider a spineless indecisive hypocrite for PoY? What a shock. He generates revenue for them. Money talks. And they’ll explain it that way, shamelessly. Their criteria are skewed beyond all reason.

  3. The POY is not an award for being good, or being respected, it is an award for being the biggest newsmaker of the year (and is probably misnamed because of that). If it were an award for being good, or being respected, Hitler & Stalin (x2) would never have received it. Time would clear things up if they called if ‘Newsmaker of the Year’ rather than ‘Person of the Year’.

  4. Time Magazine Man of the Year Finalists:

    roger goodell

    pervez musharraf

    hosni mubarak

    gary ridgway

  5. Time Magazine, like much of the liberal media is a joke. Time once had Joseph Stalin their Man of the Year. Stalin killed over 20,000,000 of his own people.

  6. I first thought Time must be totally clueless to consider him, especially THIS year

    Then I got wise that they must really hate him, and did this to shine a giant spotlight on him, at a time where he was seeking to lay low 😉

  7. Time Magazine Person of the Year is not about respect or whether the person did right or wrong, it is about the person that had the most influence over the news during the preceding year. I don’t think anyone can deny that he is very “deserving” of this “honor”. I don’t think anyone would say that his selection would be a good thing.

  8. Other finalists were

    1) Oppressive police forces
    2) Charles Manson
    3) North Korean Leader

  9. Are we for real on this. This guy is a clown a complete clown. He has made some good moves on the concussion front and keeping players safe but he basically said women don’t matter after the ray rice 2 game suspension. He still pushes for short work weeks with the stupid Thursday night games which adds for a higher injury chance. He wants 18 which again adds to the chances of injury. He still doesn’t monitor pain killer use in the nfl which is why the FDA has done surprise visits to games and his pitiful breast cancer awareness month were he makes millions and donates ten cents on the dollar to the actual cause. Times man of the year he just a football commisioner what a joke this world has become

  10. If he and/or the league truly did make some missteps, then that begs two questions; why, and what is he or the league going to do to be proactive in avoiding future missteps?

    The less missteps the better it is for all, and there should be enough money to go around to put in place proper checks and balances to promote positives and negate negatives.

    Mountains of money + logic in leadership = you can’t ask for anything more.

  11. The fact that Time chose the Ferguson (uneducated in the evidence and facts) protestors as a possible Person of the Year says all anyone needs to know about this waste of print.

  12. I to hope that he doesn’t get it, specifically because most people think it’s a good thing. He hasn’t been a very good person this year. Even if Time were to do a good expose on him, highlighting the bad stuff, most people will just remember that he got Time’s Person of the Year.

    And he doesn’t deserve that with the way the NFL has played out over the last year.

  13. “Man of the Year”??? In what universe? This bombastic, deceitful, self-important, racist, condescending, sanctimonious, dishonest bumbling buffoon wouldn’t qualify for “Man of the Year” in El Salvador!

    Perhaps this is simply a cruel misprint. Is there in fact a publication called “Slime” Magazine?

    Now THAT would make sense!

  14. joetoronto says:
    Dec 9, 2014 7:35 AM
    This just proves that Time magazine is a joke.

    Goodell has the respect of no one anymore.


    Person of the year isn’t always good people. Everyone from Gandhi and MLK to Hitler and Stalin were persons of the year. It’s about who; “for better or for worse…has done the most to influence the events of the year”

  15. YGBSM – man of the year? Seriously? What a joke and slap in the face to real people who make meaningful positive changes to people’s lives..

  16. Here are some notable Time Persons of the Year:

    1938 Adolph Hitler
    1939 Joseph Stalin
    1957 Nikita Kruschev
    1978 Deng Xiaoping
    1979 Ayatollah Khomeini
    2014 Roger Goodell

    Yeah, sounds about right.

  17. Time is making the NFL owners a laughingstock. How they don’t fire him for this nomination is absurd.

    Wake up owners, Time is clowning you all!!! Hello mcfly!

  18. If Time nominates the likes of Taylor Swift and Ferguson protestors for its Person of the Year, then the title really doesn’t mean anything anymore.

  19. Being considered for the same “award” as Taylor Swift and severly misguided protestors doesn’t say too much. Finally, Goodell gets a real kick in the gut.

  20. People love Roger Goodell for cleaning up the NFL.

    Removing the stain of criminals and dopers is a great thing.

    He has been the right commissioner for the right time.

  21. Oh good gravy. Just another media outlet looking to make gains by piling on. Hasn’t Goddell merited enough discontent? Print media still scrambling for every penny….seems a waste of time.

  22. I’m sorry, but I have to disagree. Yes, Goodell answers to the owners, and yes, there have been plenty of missteps this year. The interesting thing to me is how many people so quickly pass blame to him. There was clear team upper management blocking of information and nearly no precedent for the handling of many of the issues. As usual, there was a ton of Monday morning quarterbacking of every decision.

    The NFL has grown by leaps and bounds in popularity both in the US and abroad. Goodell has waded through both strikes from players and referees, while dealing with the most mud-slinging president of the NFLPA, ever. He is criticized more strongly for handling of offenses than the players who offended. He had to negotiate in the middle of the season with the NFLPA to address most of the issues, and instead of the NFLPA getting flamed in any way for having a part in these delays, it is solely the fault of Roger.

    He takes the criticism of all the players and the announcers, for which, most would have no job if it wasn’t for the league that he represents. The salaries they have are large, not just because of the talent they have, but because of how his translates to the most popular sport in the US. Now the most popular under his tenure. There is a network fully dedicated to the sport for goodness sake, and we have NFL games 3 days a week, and basically a sport with relevant news 11 months a year. None of this happened prior to Goodell. Not to mention the $1B settlement with the players union to address long-standing injuries from players who long retired before he started, that could only be funded because of the current popularity of the sport. Did the players union take care of former players? No, they reduced benefits and focused on their current player contracts.

    Hate him all you want, but if it wasn’t for the things that happened while under his tenure, baseball would still be the most popular sport.

  23. So times person o the year nomination is between goodell a disgruntled commish of a dying sport, a ruthless dictator who’s invading mutiple country’s, a leader of a country that has been taken over by terrorists, a new ceo(Apple), a Chinese company leader, a singer who no longer sings with a real voice, Ebola fighters(some of who come back and don’t take proper precautions) and a bunch of people who burned down a town because they didn’t get the verdict they wanted despite the overwhelming evidence against them. There’s maybe 3 people on that list even remotely close to deserving it. The Ebola fighters and the founder of alibabia and maybe apples cep but the company has gone down since he took over, with the last iOS sucking terribly. Wow time you’ve sunk low

  24. Time Magazine named murderous dictator Joseph Stalin its “Man of the Year” not once, but twice.

    Stalin murdered over twenty million of his own people, but Time saw him fit to be Time’s Man of the Year in 1939 and 1942.

    It’s not all that hard to identify the political slant of Time, is it?

  25. ialwayswantedtobeabanker says: Dec 9, 2014 9:36 AM

    Time Magazine named murderous dictator Joseph Stalin its “Man of the Year” not once, but twice.

    Stalin murdered over twenty million of his own people, but Time saw him fit to be Time’s Man of the Year in 1939 and 1942.

    It’s not all that hard to identify the political slant of Time, is it?

    Sir: i’m glad my money isn’t in your bank. Talk about a stretch.. Please read above and find the definition of the award. And how your Fox News twisted brain then takes the information you provided and spin it to a political slant. So if you are republican you support roger goodell and if a democrat you don’t?

    And to the person giving goodell credit for the nfl network, thursday games, moving the draft to prime time and so forth, those were all done to mint money and serve to add nothing to anyone’s life except the people getting jobs. the injury settlement was designed to limit liability (see johns manville) not protect players. if they wanted to protect players, the rules would not have changed to encourage high speed collisions in the defensive backfield.

    as for me, i find it impossible to believe that roger goodell and a room full of nfl lawyers never considered the leverage they had over ray rice and made him provide the tape. its just not the way they operate, especially since the arrival of goodell. the fact that he stood in front of the press and tried to peddle that one fact is good enough for me. Man of the Year.

  26. The only feeding frenzy at ESPN has been for his lap. Unless you mean the ONE guy who did challenge Goodell… who then was suspended for it.

  27. The cover of Time is not necessarily an honor or an award.

    They put a person who has been very “influential” on the cover as Person of the Year. It’s not always for good deeds. Stalin and Hitler have also been Person of the year.

    The only thing I would have a bone to pick about Goodell’s selection is that he’s largely shirked his responsibilities as a leader and instead been noted for inaction and what I would consider cowardice.

    So I think Time is giving him too much credit for being influential. Everything around him is swirling and important, but he’s not really dealing with the issues head on. He is a horrible leader.

  28. A horribly named award. “Person of the Year” sounds like being named this is a good thing. But it often, as many of you have pointed out, goes to persons who are slime.

    Why would the Ferguson protesters be in the running? What did they do? The mess started with lying ‘witness’ reports that are believed and promoted even after being thoroughly discredited. Persons who choose to believe and propogate the lie out of personal preference, not by considering the facts, are racist. Just as bad as the KKK.

    And as far as the protestors being newsmakers: Clearly Ferguson has been overplayed by the media and the activists, but it’s now already being replaced by what happened to Eric Garner,

  29. In 1979 Ayatollah Komeini had the “honour”. In the 1930s Stalin and Hitler had the “honour”. It is not necessarily positive. It is the person who had the most influence on the world or in media for good or for ill.

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