Saints parting ways with troubled playmaker Joe Morgan

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Saints receiver Joe Morgan has been both a great playmaker and a disappointing troublemaker during his brief NFL career. New Orleans has decided it’s seen too much of the latter to justify the former.

The Saints have decided to waive Morgan, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports.

That news may come as a surprise to those who have seen some of the big plays Morgan made. In Week 12, Morgan had an amazing first quarter, catching a 62-yard pass and gaining 67 yards on a run. Morgan is the only player in the NFL this season who has both a catch and a run of more than 60 yards. And in his brief career, Morgan has incredible averages of 33.6 yards a catch and 34.0 yards a run.

Unfortunately, trouble has followed Morgan everywhere. His college career began at Illinois but ended at Walsh University after he couldn’t last with the Illini, and he’s had repeated problems in New Orleans, including a suspension earlier this season. Now the Saints have had enough.

Morgan will go on waivers, which means he’s available to any team that wants to put in a claim. He could be intriguing for some contender that needs some offensive firepower — and is willing to put up with some off-field headaches.

29 responses to “Saints parting ways with troubled playmaker Joe Morgan

  1. Intriguing. I know Brady would love having a guy like this to throw to.

    The question is if Belichick and company can keep his immaturity in check and and Bill will take a chance on doing so at a critical point in a Super Bowl run.

    Usually when they take on a troubled player its in the offseason when there’s plenty of time to work with him and find out if its worth taking a risk when its easy to cut the cord without hurting the team much.

    Don’t think so but still the possibilities are very interesting.

  2. With Reggie Wayne less than 100%, the Colts should take a flier on this clown. Assign a low-level employee to shadow him everywhere and be his driver. This only has to work for six more games.

  3. Its on the field problems too. Just cuz hes fast and sure handed doesnt mean hes gonna get open and catch a lot of NFL balls.
    You gotta do ur film study and theres evidence he didnt do that. Against the panthers he tried to beat a safety deep rather than comeback into a large patch of uncovered field. It wouldve been another 30+ yard catch for him if he’d just cutback.
    Hes definitely coached to cutback Drew expected him to and threw into the open area and a panthers db adjusted and got that pick as Morgan just kept heading for paydirt. Payton laid into Morgan and it was pretty obvious the dude wasnt gonna be on the team anymore.
    Devery Henderson never had that problem. We didnt win the Super Bowl with lazy wideouts. Sure some of them had butterfingers or werent physically gifted, but they had clear roles that they knew well.
    Morgan could’ve easily replaced Devery and we’d be a lot more deadly. But he never learned how to do anything but run a 9 route. SMH!

  4. Next on the cutting block, Kasim Edibali, the guy who jumped offsides on the 4th and 2 punt play.

  5. What’s not to want? A DUI, laziness, constant mistakes on the field and getting suspended by the Saints for showing up for a meeting while inebriated. Teams should be rushing to make a waiver claim.

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