Saints parting ways with troubled playmaker Joe Morgan

Getty Images

Saints receiver Joe Morgan has been both a great playmaker and a disappointing troublemaker during his brief NFL career. New Orleans has decided it’s seen too much of the latter to justify the former.

The Saints have decided to waive Morgan, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports.

That news may come as a surprise to those who have seen some of the big plays Morgan made. In Week 12, Morgan had an amazing first quarter, catching a 62-yard pass and gaining 67 yards on a run. Morgan is the only player in the NFL this season who has both a catch and a run of more than 60 yards. And in his brief career, Morgan has incredible averages of 33.6 yards a catch and 34.0 yards a run.

Unfortunately, trouble has followed Morgan everywhere. His college career began at Illinois but ended at Walsh University after he couldn’t last with the Illini, and he’s had repeated problems in New Orleans, including a suspension earlier this season. Now the Saints have had enough.

Morgan will go on waivers, which means he’s available to any team that wants to put in a claim. He could be intriguing for some contender that needs some offensive firepower — and is willing to put up with some off-field headaches.