Bill Belichick likes game manager Ryan Tannehill

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Somehow, at some point, referring to quarterbacks as “game managers” became a slur.

Perhaps it’s the result of fantasy football, but guys who can get their teams to not lose while putting up modest stats are looked at differently than they were.

But to Patriots coach Bill Belichick, it’s a compliment.

According to Tom Curran of, Belichick was praising Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill, saying his best attribute was his ability to “control the game, manage the game, manage the offense.”

“They give him multiple options on every play,” Belichick said of the description. “I think that means they’re giving him a lot of responsibility. He’s the one that has to, at the line of scrimmage, get them out of a bad play if that’s what’s necessary and then after the ball’s snapped decide what to do on the play whether it’s hand the ball off, keep it, keep it and throw it as the third part of the option which some of their plays have.

“I think that’s a lot of responsibility to give a player. They have a lot of confidence in him and he does it well and has done it well. Getting the team in the right play and making the right decision is about as much responsibility as you can possibly give a player. What else could you ask him to do?”

Once upon a time, Tom Brady was referred to as a manager too, before everyone realized he was actually a star.

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  1. Look at Tom’s interceptions, he is always the lowest or one of the lowest in the the league. Tom almost never turns the ball over

  2. When the Packers beat the Patriots, Aaron Rogers not only put up great stats but controlled the tempo of the game throughout. The Patriots reacted to him, not the other way around. It was “game managing” at its best.

  3. The Dolphins don’t suck. They won’t make the playoffs this year, but they’re not the jokes they’ve been for the last 25 years.

    Well, except for that godawful new logo. That sucks. The old one was so cool. The new one looks like a fairy on angel dust.

  4. Bill Belichick is now stooping to placating remarks about his next victim or opponent. Just stop it Bill; You know you’re going to blitz Tannehill with the linebackers, safety or defensive back. Ryan Tannehill proved in his performance against the Baltimore Ravens that he has no idea where to go with the ball when a team blitzes or how to slow down the rush with well timed screen passes. Ryan has to audible and set up a screen pass. Tannehill is the reason the Dolphins will not make the playoffs and never will with him at QB. He can’t accurately connect with deeper routes! Bill is just hoping that Ryan will remain the starting QB so he can blitz the clueless quarterback into mistakes that always occur when Tannehill is in a big much needed game for a playoff spot.

  5. That’s why Belichick is one of the best. He sees things that are valuable blocks to build on that others don’t see. Tannehill could be just one off season of coaching away from being something special and coach Belichick is smart enough to recognize that.

  6. The Belichick haters say that Brady made Belichick.

    The Brady haters say that Belichick made Brady.

    The Patriots fans think that they share the credit.

    The Jets fans have Geno and Rex.


  7. “Bill Belichick is now stooping to placating remarks about his next victim or opponent”

    Um now ? Where have you been the last 15 years ?

    Belichick is always complimentary of his opponents. He never ever gives them bulletin board material.

  8. First of all… Tannehill is not the problem. Tom Brady would need to wear Diapers if he had the Dolphins O-Line on a weekly basis. It is ALWAYS changing in personnel from week to week because of injuries. Last year Tannehill put up huge numbers behind one of the worst in league history. Yes, his long ball sucks, but that is more on Alligator Arm Wallace who does not fight for a not so perfect ball. Nothing wrong with Game Managers. They win games and win Championships – the majority of SB games were won with less than 250yds passing, so balance and completion% is more important hence the game control comments.

    As for Belichick, he understands the strengths and weakness of his players and designs a plan around that. He is a great Coach for this. I like Lazor, because he knows right now without Knowshown, Clay and a scrub OLine we have to dink and dunk. Philbin on the other outright stinks! We are not a Playoff Team, but we are closer. It hurts this 40+ year fan to say this,but it is true.

  9. Laugh all you want,it won’t be long before miami controls the east again.this team is being built to beat the pats as we proved week one.a few more pieces to the puzzle and another year under the new system is all we need.injuries took their toll this year and we still stayed in most games with the next man up.

  10. If Tannehill had a top flight receiver he could thrown to, he would make a lot more big plays….

    His WR corps is mediocre. I don’t think he will be a game manager in the coming years. All it means right now is that he’s not a turnover machine. That is a good thing.

  11. lets see more film clips of marsha whining on the sidelines and screaming obscenities, so he can blame the media….no cameras, no rings……

  12. Tanny has not developed into a strong NFL QB, much less a franchise guy, nor a game manager…. BB is being condescending by making this comment.

    Reallity is Tanny :
    – can’t throw the deep ball
    – can’t make good progression decisions
    – consistently blows up the team in the second half
    – consistently doesn’t close in the red zone

    the O line does stink…. but it doesn’t make up for Tanny’s compete lack of growth.

    year 3 almost done….. how many more years does it go on? Tanny was never going to be the guy

  13. Always found Tannehill to be underrated. Very athletic and good when he has time to throw. He’s 2-3 vs Brady right now. Hoping Brady can get that 4th win this weekend though

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