Frank Gore on Bobby Wagner: “He’s f—— fast as f—.”


The Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers will meet for the second time in three weeks this Sunday. The Seahawks, having rounded into form defensively over the last three games, can officially end the 49ers playoff chances with a victory over their NFC West rival this week.

In their meetings in recent seasons, the 49ers have only been able to win against Seattle when running back Frank Gore has had a strong performance. San Francisco has lost four of their last five games to the Seahawks and Gore has been held to under 30 yards rushing in all four losses, including the NFC Championship game last January.

Despite the rivalry, Gore respects Seattle’s defense and especially middle linebacker Bobby Wagner.

“They have a good team, man. I can’t take nothing away from them,” Gore said. “We know what type of game it’s going to be when we’re playing against them. Especially that No. 54, Bobby, man… he’s f—– fast as f—, man. They play great together. They do. I respect that. I respect their team a lot.”

Wagner reciprocated the respect for Gore when informed of the comments later on.

“It’s a great compliment coming from a great player. I love playing against him, Wagner said. “Every time I play against him it’s a fun, fun matchup. He’s a great running back. He’s a very, very good, shifty guy so I’m looking forward to playing him again.”

It’s certainly more difficult for this rivalry to feel as heated with two teams clearly going in opposite directions, which unfortunately isn’t nearly as fun.

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  1. I really think the replacement refs’ poor call against the Packers helped the Seahawks win the Super Bowl.

  2. ‘Hawks D obviously wasn’t the same without B. Wags in there. Nice compliment from Gore. I was actually hoping the ‘Niners would make the playoffs so they could take the Pack out for us.

  3. I watched a NFL films replay of SB48 a while back that had lots of sideline audio. One focused on John Fox during a play in which he was saying “Go! Go!”, & then the Denver rb got blown up in front of him on the sideline, to which he replied, “damn they’re fast…..”.

  4. This game will be a dog fight – probably more than people think… Hawks don’t ever take 49ers light no matter where they rank at the moment. GO HAWKS!

  5. For Seahawk fans it’s be GREAT!!!
    Think the 49ers have plenty of talent, love seeing them get beaten.

  6. High praise from a man who’s burned the Seahawks any number of games. Kudos for the honesty.

  7. Gore’s always been a class act!! As a Seahawk fan I’ve respected him from day one. He’s single handedly killed Seattle several times over the years but he is fun to watch.

  8. As a die hard Niner fan let me tell you Hawk fans that this will be the easiest victory you have the rest of the year.

    Niners have given up, and you could see it in the 2nd half of the Raiders game. The defense knows the offense cannot score, and they are finally beat down mentally because of it. The players also now know that Jed York will not be willing to deal with Harbaugh’s difficult personality when he has not been able to stop a precipitous fall in Kap’s play. You can blame Harbaugh or you can blame Kap, but it doesn’t matter because the bottom line is the Niners couldn’t score against the Hawks when they were playing well against other teams. Seattle may very well shut them out up there. With all the turmoil surrounding the coach, the horrible o-line play, and a regressing QB with no confidence, this will be very ugly. I might hate the Hawks, but I acknowledge they are a very talented team that has great coaching and chemistry. They are peaking while we are falling off a cliff, and the rivalry will ensure the Hawks show no mercy. I’m just hoping I can get through this one without vomiting. Watching Sherman/Hawks fans delight in our destruction and pour salt in the wound is my nightmare. Here’s hoping to a good game, but knowing it won’t happen.

  9. @sweetoj

    Well said.

    Of course as a Hawk fan, I’m liking it. But you can see SF has given up.

    No one knows what’s going on in the locker room, but certainly Harbaugh as good as gone and the offense being a dead weight all season – and especially lately – can’t help.

  10. I really think the replacement refs’ poor call against the Packers helped the Seahawks win the Super Bowl.

  11. @sweetoj

    As a Long time 49ers Faithful we have been through a lot worse,
    How are you going to give up on your team when we’re still mathematically in ? Guess the whole Faithful part went over your head, with that being said hoping for the best expecting the worst.

  12. LOL.. “Great Respect” for the comments?

    What has happened to our world?

    There was a time when if an athlete stated that someone was “” fast as “F…” and “I can’t Take Nothing” away from them we’d cringe at profanity and lack of education. (Actually a writer would probably simply say “the comments Gore made are not suitable for publication” and not even repeat them.

    Now nobody bats an eye. Pretty funny.

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