Goodell to fans: NFL puts character and values above everything else


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell sent an email to NFL fans today to brief them on changes to the league’s personal conduct policy.

“You give so much to our game and its success,” Goodell said in the email to fans. “In return, as you should, you hold us to high standards, both on and off the field. We have listened and we have heard you. We hold ourselves to these high standards as well.

“The majority of people in the NFL are individuals of high character who make incredible contributions to the game and their communities. However, a small percentage conduct themselves improperly at times. We recognize these actions damage the entire league. We now are taking significant steps to strengthen our programs to prevent and address incidents of misconduct.”

Goodell said the NFL recognizes that the fans of the 32 teams expect the NFL to do better than it did at the start of this season, when Goodell’s handling of the Ray Rice case had the league in disarray.

“Our communities are the heart of our teams and we put everything into making a positive impact on them,” Goodell wrote. “While we are stewards of the game of football, we know that virtue isn’t earned on the field alone. Character and values sits above everything else because we represent something that means so much to so many people.”

80 responses to “Goodell to fans: NFL puts character and values above everything else

  1. How this guy can continue to say this stuff with a straight face is remarkable (and appalling).

    Above all else for the NFL — is PROFIT.

  2. Doesn’t Roger also fit in that small% of people who didn’t conduct themselves or hold themselves to a higher level. I find Roger to be a slimeball!!

  3. Since when is lying a “value”? As for character, I don’t think so Rog. You fail miserably at both.

  4. Fair enough. As much as I can’t stand Goodell, these remarks hit all the right notes. Hope he can back them up.

  5. Goodell said, “Character and values sits above everything else because we represent something that means so much to so many people.”

    Roger, does this mean that teams are going to start scouting choir practice?

  6. Screw character and values, I care about the quality of the product on the field. Higher full time referees and let someone else be the arbiter of player conduct. Goodell should stick to what he’s good at, squeezing every single cent he can out of broadcasters and players.

  7. I admit the NFL made some disciplinary mistakes and hopefully this will correct all that. However I have to agree with this above statement in that I as a fan grew tired of reading every week of a player in trouble for something, its even a sad sidebar in here referred to as days without arrest. Would be nice to get back to the days when I can actually come on a site like this and read about football, upcoming games, and strategies instead of all the jr. attorneys and Florio wanting a cause to litigate everything.

  8. As long as these communities pay for anything we demand. No new stadiums, some other community will pay for it. We love the communities we play in, until somebody gives us a better deal. It’s all about the money for our owners.

  9. The NFL is about one thing and one thing only, and that is the almighty dollar! Everything else is a very distant second!

  10. Haslam’s company was raided by federal agents. Why is he still allowed to operate the Browns? The Wilf’s were guilty of fraud. Yet, they still operate the Vikings.

  11. “Goodell to fans: NFL puts character and values above everything else”

    Oooooooooo Really, when are you going to move on Jerry Jones who’s facing sexual assault lawsuits then….Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  12. We all don’t care for God-del but his remarks say a lot because you see little character and value on the field anymore. I love football but the type players we witness and their actions far below good character. The players totally believe they are entitled to act with no reasonability so I can’t point the finger to God-del as total blame of the NFL character problems today.

  13. Goodell has shown flashes of character and values like Geno Smith has shown flashes of being a Pro Bowl caliber quarterback

  14. Excuse me while I clean the vomit from my keyboard that came pouring out when I read that statement from Goodell.

    What a lying POS

  15. Once upon a time I liked roger… but now i see he is screwing the players and I’m sick of him. The American legal system isn’t perfect, bUT it is more fair and just than his dictatorship. Peterson is basically convicted of a misdemeanor and gets suspended for a year… Greg hardy has a case under appeal and is INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY but he can’t play! I don’t condone what they are accused of or may have done, but respect the legal process!

  16. Haha, I just received a direct copy of the email. “From the NFL Commissioner: Thank You”. What do you think Rex Ryan’s reaction is in seeing that email header in his in-box? “Oh god, I’m fired or this is a fine. Which do I want?”

  17. Character and values would be fine…as long as the NFL gives back all the millions it gets in Federal Tax Breaks. Of course, all we want for Christmas is a NEW NFL COMMISSIONER!

  18. Surely it’s no coincidence he put this out today, just ahead of the OTL report of the Rice hearing which shows what a pathetic liar Goodell is.

  19. Goodell to fans: NFL puts character and values above everything else…

    until the owners or public opinion polls tell us we put something else above all else.

  20. When it comes time to draft Jameis Winston we’ll see how much they value character and values….what a crock. They’ll draft him early and then when the fit hits the chan the owners and teams will be penalized NOTHING. No draft picks or fines for taking a guy that doesn’t fit their ‘character and values” bull.

  21. Based on the draft order of players from college TALENT is above character and values
    Profit, Talent, some other things I cant remember, then character and lastly values

  22. So, if an owner breaks these standards of conduct, will they also fall under the rubric of higher standards?

    It looks that way. The new policy states, “Ownership and club or league management have traditionally been held to a higher standard and will be subject to more significant discipline when violations of the Personal Conduct Policy occur.”

    That provision was not in the old policy. Of course, saying it and doing it may be two different things.

  23. AWWW Cute we have a a little horse and pony show. I see that rodeo clown Gooddell is turning the NFL into a circus.

    Roger Needs to GO!!!!!!!!!

    His own actions created most of these messes. Of course the players getting in trouble doesn’t help. He has shown that he cannot tell the truth, he does not stick to his own policy’s, why would anyone believe anything this man says at this point?

  24. If you wish to prove that to us beyond the shadow of a doubt, do the right thing and resign Goodell!

  25. Thank you Roger!! The NFL is big enough that it does not have to allow criminals in the league.

    The NFL should always represent the moral superiority of American culture.

    We as a society should always be raising the minimum levels of morality in every field of endeavor.

  26. This news got a little competition from the Torture Report. This is better than a Friday news dump.

    Ole Rog is the kinda guy who would hang with Dick ChainHe. Gotta believe everything they say, because they said so.

  27. Goodell is such a liar. The only thing he cares about is lining the owners and his pockets with more money. Anything else doesn’t matter to him.
    He doesn’t give a damn about the fans or the sancitity of the league. Look at what he’s been pushing:
    — Games played in Europe.
    — More games on the schedule.
    — More playoff teams (they just announced it’s pretty much a done deal, the only question is how soon. )
    The playoffs should not be expanded. We’re already getting too many weak teams in the playoffs, which only leads to blowouts in the playoffs, which no one wants to watch.
    Don’t get me wrong. I want the NFL to take a tough stance on those players who break the rules. But no way Goodell should be the judge on these cases. He’s proven he’s a liar already, and we all know his agenda starts and ends for the owners.
    If Goodell really cares about the fans, let him take a substantial pay cut from all those millions he makes, and use the money to buy tickets for people who can’t afford to buy them any longer. Many long time season ticket owners lost their tickets because of seat licensing. That was out and out thievery.

  28. Wow, Goodell. REALLY?

    Character and values sits above everything else in the NFL? I have never seen the word dollar EVER translate to those two terms, yet you seem to be speaking some strange language where you are trying to convince us all otherwise.

    I tell you what – how about you give every high character and value-based fan one free ticket, since character and value is above all else, as you say?

    Let’s see how much the NFL Owners agree with you there, Mr. Goodell. And btw, how does that $40 million salary you take equate to value? I don’t think one fan out there would say it is commensurate with your job or your performance.

  29. Thats good coming from a lying lawyer hahahahaha Goodell you fake you’re days are numbered as commissioner of my NFL . Boy what I wouldn’t do to have Pete Rozelle back running things .

  30. My copy of the email must have been caught in the spam filter… where it belongs.

    Seriously, there is a sign-up list for useless commissioner rhetoric buried somewhere on the NFL website?

  31. elyasm says: Dec 10, 2014 4:23 PM – – – …. Goodell should stick to what he’s good at, squeezing every single cent he can out of broadcasters and players.
    Yeah, right. The poor networks and players are barely scraping by.

  32. “Just because you are a character doesn’t mean that you have character.”

    The Wolf

  33. easy said than done. but i’m all for it. i look at nfl as a coorporate and criminals should be kicked out regardless of their talents.
    the problem is some teams see talent and cross the line trying to reinstate suspended player.

    anyway, i hope they clean out all the criminals and keep the league clean. i’m all for that.

  34. And in other news, NFL announces they have updated the definition of the words, “Revenue and profits” with new words “Character and value…”

  35. Is this guy running for office at the Crack House, I mean White House!? I don’t know about you guys/gals but my B.S. meter over here is totally PEGGED!! How friggin’ gullible does he think people are? I keep listening for the clown music to start playing every time this guy steps in front of a podium.

  36. The NFL doesn’t put anything above their own self-interests and justifications. Could they be any more tone deaf? It’s comical coming out with statements like that. It’s a total joke.

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