NFC special teams player of the week returns to Tavon Austin’s clutches

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Tavon Austin hasn’t made much of a splash as a wide receiver for the Rams this season, but he’s found other ways to remind the team of the big play ability that made him a first-round pick in 2013.

Austin has averaged over six yards a carry while scoring two touchdowns and he added a 78-yard punt return for a touchdown in last Sunday’s 24-0 victory over the Redskins. Austin had three punt returns of more than 25 yards during the game, which helped convince the NFL to name him the NFC’s special teams player of the week.

It’s the second time that Austin has received the honor. He was also recognized after returning a punt for a score during his rookie season.

If the Rams can find a way to put Austin’s abilities to better use in the passing game in 2015, he may be able to add an offensive player of the week award to that haul. Even if that doesn’t happen, he’ll remain a threat to go the distance on every punt he fields for a Rams team that should have higher expectations for success next season.

5 responses to “NFC special teams player of the week returns to Tavon Austin’s clutches

  1. tavon has underachieved as an offensive weapon, however he has been under the watchful guidance of shotty (sarcasm intended) so i expect more in the future also it should be noted he is a 2nd year guy not 4th so lets see his progress and most importantly he has disproved the cynics that he would be too small and fragile for the nfl go tavon GO RAMS!

  2. A lot of Tavon’s big plays have been called back because of penalties these last couple of years. This guy is a stud waiting to break out.

    Glad to see the Rams finally let him go without holding someone while he is doing it. There is no need to hold anyone when this guy gets the ball!

  3. I think Tavon Austin has finally gotten used to the speed and size of the pro game, and I expect him to continue his upward trend. People who rail on Schottenheimer (I’ve certainly been one of them) may not recognize that his play-calling has been very good over the past month or so, including figuring out how to get Tavon in space (to use an overused phrase.) The one thing that Austin needs to fix is that he always breaks out to the right. He jukes left or middle, but then breaks out to the right. Same thing as his college highlights. If he could just tuck the ball in his other arm and break out to the left on occasion, it would make a difference.

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