Police report indicates Cam Newton not at fault in accident


The police report on Cam Newton’s car accident indicates that the Panthers quarterback did nothing wrong leading up to the accident that landed him in the hospital overnight.

The driver of the other vehicle said he didn’t see Newton’s vehicle, tried to swerve to miss it but collided into it. Two witnesses also told police that they saw the other driver pull in front of Newton. There is no indication that Newton was speeding or driving dangerously.

Neither driver has been ticketed.

Newton was hospitalized overnight and suffered two fractures in his back. He was released from the hospital today. There has been no word on how much playing time he is likely to miss.

29 responses to “Police report indicates Cam Newton not at fault in accident

  1. Probably was Hoyer, he’s only been able to connect with guys on other teams lately.

    Seriously though, how does the other guy not get a ticket? Same thing happened to me once and there was issues with insurance because the police decided not to cite the driver that was at-fault. Just do your job.

  2. I certainly hope they do not release the other person’s name. When Big Ben was in his accident they wanted to lynch the other driver. They are called accidents for a reason.

  3. One lesson that can be learned from this:

    Those trucks with lift kits and big knobby oversized tires can roll over very easily.

    Why so many men in my generation think those things are cool is beyond me.

  4. They need to pass a law where your drivers license expires every year and you have to take ur drivers test every year. That way people don’t forget how drive. It would save a lot of lives. Also make the penalties harsher for the people committing the crime

  5. Wonder what kind of injuries the other driver sustained, if any?

    Billsboy, you’re correct. Center of gravity gets thrown off big time with a lift kit, especially one
    sitting that high. Might look cool, but not when
    it’s sitting on the roof, upside down.

  6. 1. As a football fan and a human being I am glad everyone including cam is ok.
    2. Cam will probably buy the other driver something cool for getting him out of owning that ugly piece of crap dodge. The most shocking thing to me is he was actually driving that thing. Must have borrowed it.

  7. Someone better start looking for that kid from the commercial. He probably has his license by now and was serious about becoming Cam Newton’s mom’s favorite player.

  8. Like him or not, that’s just tough luck and I wouldn’t wish what happened to Cam on anyone. Tough luck. Really tough.

    And also tough luck for the Panthers who have done nothing other than ride Cam’s back as far as he can take them pretty much by himself on a yearly basis. Maybe this will make them start taking their roster woes seriously.

  9. That’s good news to hear, but he’s had too much bad luck this past calendar year.

    He needs to be recovered fully in order to do well next year.

  10. brownsalwaysrebuilding says:
    Dec 10, 2014 11:35 AM
    how does the other guy not get a ticket?
    My thought as well. The other car ran a stop sign, causing the wreck. Can’t imagine why you wouldn’t get cited for that.

  11. When I broke my back the other driver (who ran into the back of us) was 90 years old, didn’t lose his license and wasn’t ticketed. His insurance didn’t pay a dime until I had to spend my own time and money taking the matter to court. What a joke, cops say they didn’t see it so they don’t want to issue tickets

  12. I am still trying to figure out how the accident happened.

    Yes, a jacked-up truck like that rolls much, much, easier than a normal car or pickup would. But, to roll it 4 times would require some great force upon it. Perhaps with bad road conditions contributing.

    But he was a block from where he started. He shouldn’t have been going fast enough in that short of distance to cause such a forceful accident if he was driving anywhere near the speed limit and with any small sense of responsible driving.

    And nothing was said about bad weather or bad road conditions.

    Was the other driver speeding? Lose control? Have a health problem behind the wheel? Were they drunk or on their phone?

    I am very surprised there has been no information released, not even the usual generic “Witnesses are saying that Driver A did this and Driver B did that. Police continue to investigate to discover exactly happened.”

    Very strange to me.

  13. Funny, but the police report lists Cam’s home address as the address of BOA Stadium. I’m sure it was done to give the guy some privacy from the public police report, but funny none the less. Also funny is his Georgia plate: U2SML

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