Woody Johnson says he hasn’t made up his mind yet


Jets owner Woody Johnson says he hasn’t made up his mind about the future of General Manager John Idzik and head coach Rex Ryan.

But he also doesn’t sound like a man inclined to patience, either.

“I’m in the business — I got to win games,” Johnson told Gary Myers of the New York Daily News. “I’m a fan, I represent the fans. We’re both frustrated by this. Ultimately, I am going to have to look for something that I believe is going to right the ship, whether it’s the current way, the way we are doing it now with the people we have now or going down a different pathway. I’m looking at everything. I’m analyzing what’s happened and why it’s happened.”

Johnson has always loved Ryan, but the coach is 2-11 this year and hasn’t made the playoffs since 2010.

“It’s not a question of fondness,” Johnson said. “I’ve always thought he’s a very good coach. He’s an excellent coach, excellent teacher. The fans are going to want to see something different. They’re not going to let us get along and I don’t want to do exactly the same thing. So it’s going to be either the way we coach or the way we approach it. It could be with the same people. It might be with different people. That’s the case each and every year.”

Asked if two years was long enough to give a G.M. to put a program into place, Johnson replied: “I can’t really comment whether it is short or long. I’m a fan, I represent the fans, we’re both frustrated by this. . . .

“This is a results-oriented business. You try to put a package together to help you right the ship. We evaluate everybody. Everybody in football is evaluated. It’s going to happen at the end of the year, that’s the way we normally do it. That’s the way most teams do it.”

So while he might not have made up his mind, it does sound like he’s thinking big.

31 responses to “Woody Johnson says he hasn’t made up his mind yet

  1. Well it sounds like he has the right attitude and the drive to do what it takes to figure out how to improve the team. That’s half the battle, now he just needs to put those words into action and consult with as many people as it takes until he finds those that have the best strategy advice and ideas beyond a reasonable doubt. Just remember that every football problem has a logical solution!

  2. The winner of the Jets – Tennessee will most likely eliminate themselves from the Mariota – Winston sweepstakes.

  3. He should hire a capable GM, Head Coach and Off. Coordinator and demote Rex to Def. Coordinator, that way, players on the D will still play hard like they already have been doing.

  4. Fire the GM instead and make Ryan hire a good offensive coordinator. Draft or sign a QB not named Geno Smith or Mike Vick. Let the new GM draft players based on Best Player Available regardless of O or D needs. Ryan can turn this around but hi GM has handicapped this team just so he can fire Ryan and I think it is the GM that should be fired.

  5. The only the Woody is a “fan” of is using revenue from his shiny toy to pour money into political campaigns. The man knows next to nothing about running a functional organization. Jets fans deserve so much better.

  6. Rex is one of the best at motivating and coaching defense. He has gotten unlucky with poor QB play and lack of talent on both sides of the ball.

    In the perfect world demote him as your defensive coordinator, hire an offensive minded head coach (someone with a lot of credibility) and replace the GM along with the talent evaluators (pro personnel and scouts) who have just as much responsibility on this mess than anyone.

    The Jets have a future with their defensive front and can build around some young playmakers on the offensive side of the ball (Percy Harvin and Chris Ivory). With a high draft pick and lots of cap room this can be seen as an opportunity that could bring guys like Jon Gruden out of retirement.

  7. Winston is kryptonite. The Jets need to stay away from him. They need a new head coach and general manager and a franchise QB. Geno Smith has essentially been a bust so far. This team needs more talent at just about every position and the Jets have been irrelevant since 1968. That is almost a half century of futility.

  8. Owners talk too much. 90% of the time, the things they say sow confusion and doubt in the organization. Owners should be seen and not heard. Instead, I read about owners trying to decide who to draft, or who to start at QB, or whether he’s going to keep his coach or his GM. The right time to comment about the future of the team is when you do something about it. Telling people all your inner thoughts on a real time basis is almost never a good thing for the franchise.

  9. Rex is not being fired! The Jets fans and Woody love this blowhard. Rex is a perfect fit for the typical Jets fan. A lot of wasted ink on something that will never happen.

  10. Hire a football guy for a GM instead of a money guy like your last two. Keep Rex, get a good OC preferably an ex Offensive minded HC, have basically two head coaches, Rex has shown he would be more than happy not to deal with the O. Make a long term plan and stick with it.

  11. Oh God please dont fire Rex!@!!! I would love to watch this train wreck for atleast another year!!!

  12. Clearly you need to bring Sanchez back. He and Rex weren’t always great together, but they were never ever boring. And isn’t entertainment what this is really all about?

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