Adrian Peterson appeal denied

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Adrian Peterson will not be playing again this season.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello announced on Friday afternoon that Harold Henderson has denied Peterson’s appeal of the suspension without pay through at least the end of the 2014 season that was handed down by the league in November. Henderson, a former league official, was appointed to hear the appeal by Commissioner Roger Goodell.

“I conclude that the player has not demonstrated that the process and procedures surrounding his discipline were not fair and consistent,” Henderson said in a statement released by Aiello. “He was afforded all the protections and rights to which he is entitled, and I find no basis to vacate or reduce the discipline.”

Peterson was suspended under the league’s personal conduct policy after spending most of the season getting paid to sit out while on the Commissioner’s Exempt list. Peterson’s suspension stems from felony charges that of reckless or negligent injury to a child that were filed in September after Peterson was accused of hitting his 4-year-old son with a switch​.

Peterson pleaded no contest to a lesser misdemeanor charge on November 4 and was sentenced to perform 80 hours of community service and also fined $4,000.

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  1. Can’t wait for the “No More… beating your children NFL campaign.”

    Let’s be real here. AD didn’t care about a lost season on a team with no Super Bowl potential.

    He cashed his checks.
    Rested his body for an entire year.
    Will sign with a contending team next year.
    And will run angrier then normal.

  2. Jesus Christ this much penalty for a damn “MISDEMEANOR” and Ray Rice is a free agent!! Freaking ridiculous. The NFL has turned into a joke. Goodell needs to be fired.

  3. What a shocker. The league schill ruled in favor of the league.

    And the league has made a big mistake. Peterson will likely sue the league and as part of that suit Goodell and the Ravens management will be forced to testify on the Rice situation because they knee jerked at Peterson after screwing up with Rice badly.

    I don’t think the league is going to like coming out what is going to come out in a court room.

  4. And this surprises no one. What a great show the nfl put on here. Goodell needs to be fired. It’s honestly sad how unjust this is.

  5. Court System: 80 hours Community Service, $4,000 fine.

    NFL: 15 games, $4.5M dollars.

    This whole kangaroo court is a joke. He was suspended for “PR” reasons, nothing more.

  6. While I don’t think that Peterson intended to abuse his son. The result was that he did injure his son in a way that is not acceptable. The punishment he (Peterson) received from the NFL is just and he and the rest of the NFL should learn a lesson from this incident and move on. The NFLPA will as usual not agree.

  7. Fidel Goodell: “I have not seen the Ray Rice video…I mean Adrian Peterson photos, and, to my knowledge, no one in my office has either. Even thought a judge said I did.”

  8. In a misguided attempt to “get it right”, the NFL once again gets it wrong.

    Now AP has to go to court and make the NFL look foolish.

    This is really getting old.

    Possibly a former NFL season ticket owner. I’m tired of this crap.

  9. Let this be an example to all the NFL players…ignore your kids so you can’t even remember their names like Cromartie. Do NOT try to be a father or discipline them or you’ll be out of football.
    You can punch your wife in the face or kill your buddy drinking and driving and play, though.

  10. stevent92 says:
    Dec 12, 2014 5:30 PM
    Essentially a year-long suspension for this. Unreal.


    …..while being paid for more than 1/2 of it.


    Do you have any kids?

  11. Henderson just like the nfl is a joke! Just protecting each other so there is no embarrassment for each other!

    How does rice get off and Peterson gets punished? I hope Peterson takes them to court!

  12. Yea this is an objective ruling ….how much did the nfl pay you to come to this conclusion? This is completely insane, over a year suspension basically for a first time offense. Clean house with the nfl executives theyre ruining the nfl. I hope adrian takes you for all youre worth in court.

  13. “Harold Henderson ruled Goodell’s domestic violence memo did “not constitute a change” of personal conduct policy. Rather a reinforcement.”

    This right here is how you know Henderson is full of it. It was CLEARLY a change. Gooodell said so himself.

    They also blatantly told Peterson one thing (they have proof of this) so he’d settle and then dropped the hammer on him once he’d done so.

    We’re talking a misdemeanor here folks. A MISDEMEANOR.

  14. Good!

    Hopefully next time he’ll think twice about whipping a child (on the testicles of all places) with a switch and hitting another in the face with a stick.

  15. Wonder if he has any recourse. Does the CBA allow him to seek remedies outside arbitration? None the less, he won’t see the field this season at least… just as the NFL planned.

  16. Let me get this straight Ray Rice violently beats his wife in an elevator and he’s back in the NFL….and Adrian Peterson disciplines his son which went a little too far I agree, but he would never beat his son and he will not be allowed to play again this year ??? Out with Goodelle I’m sick of him

  17. I see millions of $$$ in Adrian’s future. The owners are backing a loser. Once this issue gets in front of an impartial court/jury Peterson will be making millions. As part of the suit I hope he can get Goodell and his troupe of incompetents fired.

  18. everybody says he served his time , not fair bring him back. my god he whipped his kid till he bled. he acted like I didn’t know it was that bad. he was suspended with pay and millions in pay. I wish I could whoop my kids like that and get paid that much. boy what a punishment. pleading no contest is saying I am guilty in another way.

  19. Been an NFL fan for 48 years but no more. Goodell has destroyed the league and it’s evident that it is entirely rigged from start to finish for the purpose of generating the “right story” and thus advertising and sales revenue. Shocking that NO wins the SB the same year a huricane destroys the city? Manning breaks every passing record including season passing yards despite the last pass he throws actually being a run play. Neck surgery, great storybook comeback??Look it up if you doubt it. (Love Manning by the way) Reversing the pass to a run didn’t fit the story line so just let it stand. How many unexplainable calls are made that completely destroy a game? Game locations and start times that are designed to give cover when an upset is needed? Don’t kid yourself! I for one am done thinking it’s actually a level playing field. NFL goes the way of Santa clause and Easter bunny. Want it to be real but it’s just not.

    Congrats to GB! This SB was decided sometime in June or July.

  20. No surprise here as GODell appointed Henderson to hear Peterson’s case.
    The fact that GODell is paid a ridiculous sum (40+ million?) and is so inept is sad.
    Guess they didn’t take into account all the good things and charity work he did.
    My question is if Rices’s case was a felony Cc and Peterson’s case ruled a misdemeador…how can that be called fair?

  21. Say this with me a few times: He beat a four year old child with a switch. Repeat it over and over, slcc why while listening to yourself intently. A four year old. If you want to defend that, please don’t have children.

  22. I don’t understand how anyone could side with Peterson. He beat a four year old child with a switch. He admitted to child abuse. He plead his case to not receive harsher penalties from the state (this means he knew that he was in the wrong). This guy is lucky he doesn’t have prices or he’d be in jail. He doesn’t belong in the NFL.

  23. This appeal was never a procedural winner like Rice’s appeal was, and 6 games w/o pay is probably fair. However, maintaining the suspension through 4/15 punishes the team as well as the player, and that’s not fair. Hopefully, this is the last ruling the NFL allows this particular commissioner to make.

  24. The NFL League office is the center of Racism in America, Roger Goodell is a joke and should be fired immediately. I still can’t believe that clown makes $40 Million a year, that is shameful!

  25. AP is nothing but a big bully, like to see what would happen to him if he tried that on some guy his age and size !!!!! He’s nothing more than a MORON!!!!! 🙁 🙁

  26. To everyone saying AP’s and Rice’s cases are “pretty much” the same, they aren’t. Rice was fired after already being suspended and therefore lost out on any pay from his contract. AP was getting paid while he was letting all his legal matters play out and once that was done was punished by the NFL while still remaining an employee of the Vikings. He essentially got a six game suspension, that’s it. I’m no fan of Godell but don’t compare apples to oranges expecting them to come out the same.

  27. Here come all of the “he beat his kid, death is the only fitting punishment”! I for one would like to know how many of these super parents even have kids and how many of them are the type that never dicispline their own kid thus giving them no guidance in life at all so they can be cool in their kids eyes. THAT is real child abuse. At least AP cares enough to try to correct bad behavior even if I disagree completely with how he did it. He lost 10% of his career at least. I bet all the seperior people wouldn’t view it the same way if they had to leave their job for 4 years for a misdemeanor. Climb down off your high horse. He’s been punished more than most people would EVER be.

  28. Good! He should be banned for life! Now can when stop writing news for both rice and peterson, they don’t play in the NFL! Enough already!!!!!!!!

  29. It’s sad that guys like Peterson and Ray Rice have to even do things like this in the first place. But a lot of people (especially DeMaurice Smith) think it’s all Goodell’s fault. Well maybe these guys just shouldn’t this crap in the first place and then Goodell wouldn’t have to make these disciplinarian decisions, which are always gonna be criticized as too light or too heavy no matter what. Just a thought

  30. It’s sad that guys like Peterson and Ray Rice have to even do things like this in the first place. But a lot of people (especially DeMaurice Smith) think it’s all Goodell’s fault. Well maybe these guys just shouldn’t this crap in the first place and then Goodell wouldn’t have to make these disciplinarian decisions, which are always gonna be criticized as too light or too heavy no matter what. Just a thought

  31. I cannot believe the number of people who say; “it was just a misdemeanor”. Charges were originally brought as FELONY child abuse. Because of the high priced lawyers he had and his coached statement of remorse they successfully plea bargained it down to a lessor charge.
    He beat a child until he drew blood and stuffed leaves in his mouth to quiet him down. He struck not only the legs but the scrotum of a 4 year old boy.
    If any non celebrity committed a similar crime they would be doing serious jail time.
    It was a FELONY regardless of how successful his lawyers were in court. He should be banned for life!
    His MVP should be renamed as Most Vile Parent.

  32. the NFL is going down mark it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. tokyofilthblaster says:
    Dec 12, 2014 6:15 PM
    I for one am glad to see that the league is finally taking a stand against the lawless Vikings and their degenerate fan base.


    Says the moron who thinks he’s smarter than a fifth grader. Great name, you are filth.

  34. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I bet Peterson thinks twice about his “switching” room!

    Next is for the Vikings to get rid of this piece of trash, ship him off to the Cowboys!

    Next season (AFTER he misses the first 4 games) lets see how some of the players who are fathers treat him!

  35. Stevent92…you are a moron. He has been on paid leave. He got all his game checks. If were up to me all of it would have been donated to chold abuse prevention.

  36. For those of you who want the commissioner to be fired should stop supporting the nfl and your favorite team until the owners listen…other than that, the money machine will keep on rolling..the owners (who are billionaires anyway) are calling the bluffs of the fan and everyone who yells “fire Goodell”! By supporting him, they are basically daring you to stop supporting and in essence telling us to pound sand….

  37. Whipping his kid is no worse than rapers and drug sellers out there and still not doing any jail time. America is messed up. Just ask judge Harold Henderson.

  38. A big sigh of relief was heard from Zygi Wilf’s New York penthouse. Now he doesn’t have to make that decision. Next move, try to unload him on another team and get some type of compensation before next season.

  39. shaggytoodle says:
    Dec 12, 2014 5:32 PM

    He should have cooperated when the league asked him too. He said “forget about it. Quit crying about it accept the consequenc”es and move on.
    Actually the reason Peterson and the NFLPA gave for missing the meeting was “due to unanswered questions about the process, including the role of outside expert” and not “because he forgot”.

    Everyone who reads these posts already knows shaggytoodle is limited with putting thought into
    coherent words (AND I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT TYPOS OR BASIC GRAMMAR). Now we all know that you have trouble with reading comprehension as well.

  40. As always, the comments are way more brutal than the actual event. Only the end of the world could top these comments for brutality. Oh, the humanity.

    Sarcasm implied.

  41. Because the decision happened too late in the week, the 6 game suspension begins next week, week 16 of the 2014 season. It will end after the 4th game of the 2015 season.

    The appeal of the light suspension was foolish. He could have been back at the beginning of next season.

    I wonder who will be scheduled against the vikings during those 4 games? Could 3 of those games be divisional games?

    As to any possible lawsuit: 1) Peterson has to pay his attorney(s). 2) It will take at least 2 years to get to a trial. 3) He has no economic damages to this point. 4) He is a union member arguing against what his union bargained for and obtain as an agreement. 5) It is a case he cannot win.

  42. you beat your kid and admitted it.
    suspended for the rest of the year so enjoy the paycheck….you should have been in jail

  43. Time for a lawsuit, make the NFL play be the rules of consistency instead of making things up on the fly.

  44. I have Adrian Peterson rated as one of the best running backs of all time. In fact I’d even put him in the company of O.J. Simpson.

  45. His 4 year old son pushed another child. For that, AD beat him with a stick slashing his skin on his back, thighs and scrotum.

    No sympathy for AD. He deserves whatever he gets to putting that child through that horror.

  46. Your boss: It has come to my attention that you accepted a plea deal of a misdemeanor and have to pay a $4,000 fine and do 80 hrs of community service.

    In order to teach you a further lesson, I’m going to embarrass you in front of your co-workers and keep you from working for an entire year and doc you 4 1/2 months of your annual salary. Then in 5 months I’ll bring you back into my office and decide if I think you feel sorry enough for your actions or need additional punishment.

    Ya, that seems consistent and fair to me. Joke

  47. sdsmooth says:
    Dec 12, 2014 5:36 PM
    He won’t be missed in Minnesota. They finished last place for 5 straight years with him in the backfield.

    AP came into the league in 2007 and made the playoffs in 2009 and 2012.
    You might want to get your facts straight.

  48. 8/31/2014 N.Y. Jets WR Quincy Enunwa Arrested and charged with domestic violence and simple assault after an incident with his girlfriend in a New Jersey hotel room.

    8/31/2014 San Francisco DT Ray McDonald Arrested on suspicion of felony domestic violence in San Jose.

    8/31/2014 San Francisco DT Ray McDonald Arrested on suspicion of felony domestic violence in San Jose.

    7/19/2014 Philadelphia S_ Keelan Johnson Arrested for assaulting a police officer, passively resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. Accused of pushing a police officer after a bar brawl in Tempe, Ariz.

    5/13/2014 Carolina DE Greg Hardy Arrested on 2 misdemeanor charges after he allegedly assaulted and threatened his ex-girlfriend.

    3/28/2014 San Francisco CB Chris Culliver Arrested on misdemeanor hit-and-run charges and felony possession of brass knuckles after a he allegedly struck a bicyclist, then rammed a witness’ vehicle that was blocking him from leaving until police officers arrived.

    2/15/2014 Baltimore RB Ray Rice Arrested and charged with simple assault after he allegedly struck fiancée Janay Palmer in an Atlantic City casino elevator. A grand jury indicted him on a more serious count of aggravated assault in March.

    6/25/2013 Cleveland LB Ausar Walcott Charged with attempted murder for allegedly punching a man outside a club in northern New Jersey.

    6/10/2013 Cincinnati CB Adam “Pacman” Jones Arrested and jailed on an assault charge after police said he hit a woman at a downtown Cincinnati nightclub.

    5/3/2013 Arizona LB Daryl Washington Arrested for assault after an argument with an ex-girlfriend in her Phoenix apartment.

    3/26/2013 Detroit S_ Amari Spievey Arrested for 3rd degree assault, risk of injury to a child and disorderly conduct after a child support dispute with his girlfriend in his Middletown, Conn. hometown.

    2/8/2013 Free agent LB Michael Boley Pleaded guilty to child abuse charges related to a 2011 incident in his hometown, Gadsden, Ala. The Etowah County District Attorney described the incident as an excessive spanking of Boley’s then-5-year-old son.

    1/29/2013 Seattle LB Leroy Hill Arrested on two felony counts of domestic violence stemming from an alleged incident with his girlfriend in his Issaquah home.

    1/10/2013 Pittsburgh RB Chris Rainey Charged with misdemeanor simple battery after an altercation with his girlfriend in Gainesville, Fla..

    1/4/2013 Cincinnati DB Robert Sands Charged with assault in the fourth degree, domestic violence after an altercation with his wife in their Florence, Ky., home.

  49. Jim Irsay’s battle arrested in March with a bag full of pills and $29,000 in cash. Doctors gave him 400 tablets of Oxycontin during one 24-day period and 120 prescriptions during a single year. The Colts owner had a romantic, but sometimes strained relationship with an Indianapolis woman named Kim Wundrum for nearly 10 years, while Irsay was still married but legally separated from his wife. Wundrum died of an overdose in the spring of 2014. Irsay was arrested weeks after her death. Irsay used Twitter to hook up with a married woman.

  50. The NFL is a complete joke. Roger Goodell is a complete joke. Peterson will probably end up on the Pats or the Cowboys, who will pick him up for nothing. Then all the fans will talk about how awesome he is. Watch and learn.

  51. As part of their probe into the allegations, the NFL required the Patriots to turn over all notes and tapes relating to the taping of opponents’ defensive signals; the Patriots complied with the order and the NFL “reviewed” and then destroyed the materials.

    Nearly six months after the incident, the Boston Herald reported, citing an unnamed source, that the Patriots had also videotaped the St. Louis Rams’ walkthrough practice prior to Super Bowl XXXVI in February 2002,[8] an allegation denied by Belichick[7] and later retracted by the Herald. Meanwhile, Matt Walsh, a Patriots video assistant in 2001 who was fired after the team’s 2002 season, told the media the same week that he had information and materials regarding the Patriots’ videotaping practices, but demanded an indemnity agreement before speaking with the NFL.

    In addition several other teams including the Steelers and Packers also accused the Patriots of signal stealing with former Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward stating that when the offense would audible to another play the New England defenders would move to the new alignment before the offensive players arrived leaving no question that they in fact already knew what play had been called in the audible.

  52. Frankly, It’s becoming quite frightening to watch people in
    positions of power, make such poor decisions, and to do so,
    so often. I understand common sense is in short supply, but
    this ineptitude is really becoming concerning.

  53. “Accept the punishment and move on” what?? So every future player that goes against Roger gets steamrolled with this unjust system of whatever Roger wants goes? Someone has to fight the power and take this to court, and who better than AP, with four extra weeks and the offseason coming up?

  54. Hahahahahha! It is so clear why ray rice was reinstated now: rice agreed to keep his mouth shut and make Goodell look innocent, even though it’s a fact Goodell covered it up. Adrian Peterson is paying the price for the crime ray rice committed. This is absolute bull.

  55. He’s still on the streets and should either playing and/or getting paid. When is a CONTRACT not a CONTRACT?
    When the NFL is in damage control mode and making up rules on the fly.
    A.P. is going to mop the floor with the NFL and the Vikings.
    How can you strip a man on MILLIONS of dollars for a crime he doesn’t have to go to jail for and gets 80 hours community service and a $4,000 fine?
    Just absurd.

  56. He made over $8mil this year still, he said so himself. All jokes aside he never once showed remorse for his actions. He smoked weed while on the exemption list. He never really tried to rectify the situation. He pretty much said he’d do it again. When he starts saying I’m considering retiring and going to the Olympics or doing real estate it’s like he doesn’t get it…this happened because you weren’t remorseful for your actions….

    With rice maybe they let him off because he was apologetic and well I really don’t know and won’t speculate

    Either way I think the NFL and judicial system have their reasons for not letting AD play

    Some may disagree with my rambling opinion but beating your child like he did and still making $8m, I don’t feel bad for him. Most dads would be in jail.

  57. And most jobs would walk you up to HR and they would fire you if you were charged with a misdemeanor especially harming a child!!..he still made $8m!

  58. While I agree that the league has handled this poorly enough with the whole “But Ray Rice is back in the league” stuff.
    #1Rice had already been suspended and the appeal was against a second suspension for the same crime, something that isn’t allowed, AD was never suspended, he was given paid leave to sort out his problems.
    #2 Rice didn’t “beat” his adult fiancée, it was a single drunken strike after she had repeatedly struck him, there is no evidence that this is a common thing (not saying it isn’t but give some proof) & has apologized while AD did beat his young child repeatedly and sees no problem with it.
    #3 Rice was “fired” by his team while AD is still a Viking.
    #4 GODell & his cronies repeatedly lied to cover there own backs and bowed to public perception with the 2nd Rice suspension, it was nothing to do with the actual act committed, again AD had yet to be suspended.
    The cases are NOTHING alike except in that the league handled them badly and now can’t seem to get out of it’s own way, at some point they need to learn to quit digging because they will never get out of the hole and there’s a bunch of people wanting rightly wanting to bury GODell in that very same hole.

  59. vancouversportsbro says:
    Dec 12, 2014 6:43 PM
    Lesson learned, don’t beat your kids.

    Enjoy your suspension, idiot.


    I agree with you on this one, bro.

  60. “…#2 Rice didn’t “beat” his adult fiancée, it was a single drunken strike after she had repeatedly struck him….”

    Omitted is that she did not go after him until he had spit on her at least one time

  61. Viking fans have no moral compass and the excuse Ray Rice didn’t have as bad a punishment is laughable. The NFL is an employer and do not have to employ a player who is detrimental to the league just as I or anybody else would not keep a known child abuser or wife beater employed if word got out and hurt business like a restaurant for example. Ita business and a privilege to play in the league and no one owes him or them anything. Queen fans run around like everyone is outraged by this. News for you a poll was taken and less than 5% have an issue with the NFL in the US the rest feel it’s about time the criminals are held accountable.

  62. tokyosandblaster says:
    Dec 12, 2014 9:46 PM

    I’m just so happy right now.
    Tokyo what is it that is making you so happy? I’m guessing it’s a cinnabon.

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