Bruce Arians takes shot at “always 8-8” Rams after Cardinals victory

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The Arizona Cardinals were five-point underdogs for Thursday’s nights game against the St. Louis Rams despite being just one of four teams with 10 victories through 13 weeks of the season.

Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians made a point after Arizona’s 12-6 win over the Rams of noting the error in prediction and managed to take a shot at the Rams in the process.

“I love it when nobody says you have a chance to win,” Arians said. “There is an 11-3 team and a team that is always 8-8. You figure it out.”


The Rams have finished 7-9 and 7-8-1 over the past two seasons and can finish no better than 8-8 this season after the loss Thursday night. In addition, head coach Jeff Fisher hasn’t posted a winning record in his last five seasons as head coach, including this season.

The Rams were coming off 52-0 victory over the Oakland Raiders and a 24-0 victory over the Washington Redskins. Arians felt the Rams may have been paying too much attention to what was being said about them lately.

“Everybody wanted to talk all that stuff about how great their defense is. I think they saw a good defense tonight, it was in red and white,” Arians said. “We blocked them. I think they had been reading their press clippings way too much.”

Arians remains bullish on his team’s chances as they still sit on top of the NFC and all but clinched a playoff berth Thursday night. However, with the potential for another quarterback to be lost for the season after Drew Stanton suffered a knee injury against the Rams, the Cardinals chances to make a deep playoff run may have been significantly altered.

Nevertheless, Arians’ candid nature is refreshing and the Cardinals have had a stellar season up to this point.

84 responses to “Bruce Arians takes shot at “always 8-8” Rams after Cardinals victory

  1. Haha,,, he called it. The Rams are cellar dwellers until they prove otherwise. They had nothing to play for and got punched in the mouth by a far superior team. The Cards could make some noise but as a Hawks fan , after watching what we did to them 2 weeks ago I think it’s a lot to ask of thier 3rd string QB. We shall see , if we can get past the Niners next week will be epic and perhaps this becomes the real rivalry in the NFC West Arians has been asking for “Sheriff”. I welcome it and with that lets put the Niners away for good!

  2. The Rams are going to be 8-8?

    Actually they think they are undefeated because they still have not thought about firing Jeff Fisher yet. Unfortunately, that idea will never come because the son of his agent happens to be the president of the team.

    Jeff Fisher is a bigger team killer than Vince Young ever was.

    If I am incorrect why has he been anything but a winner since 2009??

  3. Okay, enough is enough. Bruce the Aryan was amusing at first but now he’s gotten far too uppity. I’m already looking forward to Seattle slaughtering these frauds in their own stadium on primetime next Sunday. They’re actually elite and worthy of their record, instead of these overachieving frauds.

  4. Why is this goomba talking trash about St. Louis’ defense of all things? They held your team out of the endzone the entire night despite being worn down from their offense going 3 and out every possession, idiot.

  5. “Nevertheless, Arians’ candid nature is refreshing …”

    Perhaps, but handing a division opponent bulletin board material is foolish.

  6. Laugh now, cry later Arians. AZ is going to need that 1 seed in order to have a chance in going deep. I don’t see them winning on the road, especially with their qb situation.

  7. Funny that a coach of the perennial powerhouse Arizona Cardinals would take a jab at the Rams. Aside from the Cardinals going to the super bowl a decade ago, that team hasn’t won anything. Ever. The Rams have a banner hanging from the rafters…where do they keep theirs in Arizona?

  8. Watching that game last night showed me two things. Arians is a very good coach and he’s also a hot headed coach, who lets his emotions get away with him on the sidelines.
    He was so incensed over a call and a review that he lost, he let him affect him for the rest of the game. It cost him a time out because he threw the challenge flag on a change of possession (the Rams had apparently made an interception), when he didn’t have to.
    Arians is doing a fine job, but he’s got to play the Seahawks next week and now it looks like he’s down to his third string QB. If I were a betting man, I’d bet the ranch on the Seahawks.
    Plus, he finishes up at the Niners, and he could lose that game, too.
    For him to slam the Rams this way is uncalled for and I have a feeling he’s going to regret it down the road. They also have a fine HC in Jeff Fisher, and he’s already got their defense where it needs to be. Once he gets some more offense, Arians might find out he should have kept his mouth shut.
    In any case, I see the Cards as a one and done team in the playoffs, any way. After all, they failed to score a TD last night against that Rams defense and 8 and 8 team Arians is slamming. So how good can they be?

  9. They will not be top seed for long. Can’t wait till they host Seattle. Just like 49whinners they will be shown for what they are. Pretenders. But give credit where due. Doing great with 3rd string QB.

  10. “Everybody wanted to talk all that stuff about how great their defense is. I think they saw a good defense tonight, it was in red and white,” Arians said.

    You scored 12 points on them, Coach.


  11. Nice to see Arians so gracious after a win. I hope you enjoy your one-and-out in the playoffs big mouth.

  12. Arians comes out of the Pittsburg system.

    Fisher comes out of the Titans/Oilers system.

    Seems Fisher shouldn’t have wasted time tweaking the DC team…

  13. The most important thing to Fisher is to parade his mediocre players he got for all those draft picks from the Redskins. Fisher is totally clueless….Arians is a total beast of a coach. Rams will stay in the cellar of the west until they get rid of Fisher.

  14. Arians isn’t wrong. Jeff “Mediocre ” Fisher finished 7-8-1, 7-9, and in his 3rd season will most likely will finish 7-9 again……..your record says who you are, Fisher………

  15. The troll gets trolled. It’s only a matter of time before the Rams implode, it always happens under that scumbag coach.

  16. I’m glad to see Arians call out the Rams personally. Fisher is the epitome of mediocrity and trolls at hall of fame levels like he is some sort of great HC, can somebody tell me what makes Fisher so great? He made it to 1 SB and lost and now acts like HE is VERMEIL!

  17. Understandable why his players would run through a brick wall for him…..this guy has been successful for a reason, bet you won’t catch anyone on his staff anonymously sticking a knife in a player to the press

  18. The three most arrogant coaches in the NFL:

    1. Sean Payton
    2. Jeff Fisher

    And making his first appearance on the charts at number 3 this week, Bruce Arians.

    Look…I love taking shots at fisher for being perpetually 8-8 while also being universally celebrated as a “terrific coach,” and I know Bruce Arians has done a nice job with the Colts and then the Cardinals, but come on, Bruce. You were a loser in college who became a perpetual offensive coordinator until a few years ago. The more Arians opens his mouth, the it seems he’s believing his own positive press. As a HC, he has won nothing in this league. He needs to jack it down a notch or two.

  19. Hey Bruce, your Stone Age QB play us going to lead you to the usual 0-1 in payoff action….you may want to keep from worrying about other teams’ records. But you’re the Cardinals after all….

  20. I’m not sure I’d be chirping too much about a defense that held you to 4 field goals, and knocked out your second-string QB (after knocking out the first string in the previous game). What was the stat I heard, 4 offensive TDs for the Cardinals in now their last 5 games?

  21. I’m not a Rams fan, but in my view, not giving up a touchdown in the past 12 quarters and allowing an average of 4 points a game in the past three is something to applaud. The Cardinals have allowed 49 points in their past three games, or 16.3 per game. And this arrogant character trash talks the Rams? Lost a lot of respect for Bruce Arians today.

  22. I love the Rams fans taking about not giving up any TDs and carrying the QB off the field… YOU LOST THE GAME…. Am I missing something here?

  23. What is all this with “The Cards are one and done”? That’s ore loser, crybaby talk. Must be a lot of 49ers fans here…

  24. I’m a Ram fan and these comments do not bother me at all. The Cardinals defense showed out last night and deserve to talk some trash. That is how we do things in the NFC west. No reason to get all sensitive and dramatic about things.

    We live in St. Louis, not Washington D.C.

  25. Don’t let that record fool you. Bruce Arians is as good as his quarterback. He had Ben in Pgh. and then he had Luck in Indy. His “luck” has run out. Arizona is about to find out what Steeler fans have known for a long time — the Cards are toast.

  26. As others have said, there must be bad blood between him and Fisher or someone else in the Rams organization. Or maybe he’s buddies with someone in DC and he wanted to send a shot the other way. Or maybe the Rams were yapping too much up to the game. Who knows? Egos abound in the league and what goes around comes around eventually. Can’t think of a team or coach who hasn’t had their jock thrown in their face and humbled at some point. Even if Arians does have a point (we’ve been waiting for the Rams to FINALLY get over the hump with all those RGIII picks), he should keep his trap shut simply because he’s going to get what he gives out sooner or later. They all do.

    Still, as a Browns fan, Arians wanted badly to coach in Cleveland because of the bad blood he has with Pittsburgh now. But, the “brilliant” and “smartest guy in the room” Joe Banner didn’t even want to interview him. Maybe the silver lining is that Banner is gone and deservedly so for decisions like this. Say it ain’t so, Joe! Hope you’re enjoying your twitter battles!

  27. Say what you want about Fisher but at least he sent those players out for the coin flip BEFORE the game. Redskins could have had the last laugh by simply winning the game. Anyone can talk tough after the outcome is decided. I’m glad Arians opened his mouth. I was getting tired of there being no animosity between the Cardinals and Rams.

  28. Fisher is going to remember that and totally run fake punts on them next year. The only way the Rams can win, fake punts, hokey kick returns or playing the raiders.

  29. Coach Arians just let off some steam that’s been building for weeks. The team and AZ fans have to listen and read how they don’t belong year after year, and this whole week everybody was talking how the Rams will win. Now we get hear how they’re one and done in the PLAYOFFS.

    Yes the PLAYOFFS, a foreign word to most teams including the Cards until now, as a fan I’m proud of what Arians and Bowles have done with all the mash unit the Cards are. Even if we lose in the playoffs with a backup’s backup it’s been a hell of a year.


  30. Wait a minute. The Cardinals have been 5-11 6 times this century. They’ve had 3 winning seasons during that time. They’ve one 5 playoff games in the Super Bowl era. And he’s calling out the “Always 8-8 Rams?” That’s pretty frickin funny.

  31. Does anyone realize how boring sports would be without rivalries. Maybe Bruce doesn’t like Jeff fisher, maybe they are actually good friends and he was horsing around? who knows, but who cares? Hate to break this to you but football is nearly to boring to watch with 1000’s of rules and replays, now you complainers are suffocating every last entertaining thing with political correctness. If you don’t like Bruce and the cardinals then don’t support them or root against them! And of course stop crying about everything that is ever said.

  32. We should put our hands up in support to the Rams, oh no wait, let’s not and I like the fact Bruce gave them a taste of the Ram’s own PR medicine.

  33. The NFC West the players, coaches and fans all take shots at each other. That underdog attitudue and edginess is what makes all four defenses be basically bullies. We are watching grown men play a game and in the end this sport is entertainment, the classiness after a win talk is overrated. Just get your popcorn out next year when these two teams play each other.

  34. two weeks in a row you had some serious help from the refs. but OK. pat yourself on the back, you will NOT be winning playoff games scoring under 20 points. good luck with that.

    once carson went down, so did the season. you are now last year’s chiefs. nice defense that is very opportunistic, an offense that can’t do anything, and good special teams

    it typically means you lose your first playoff game. they just will have a bye to think on it a little longer.

  35. Wow. The Rams have had 5 first round picks and 4 second round picks in the past 3 years because they traded away their 1st round pick to Washington. Admittedly Washington today is one of the worst teams in all of football. But at least they have one playoff appearance in that 3 year span.

    Put all of the guys you have that have been in a playoff game as your captains, Coach Fisher.

  36. I am not a Cards or Colts fan, but Arians is pure class. He does things the right way and respects the game and the players that play it.

    I agree with him, the Rams, and Jeff Fisher / Greg Williams, are hacks and cheap shot artists that would rather pick up fines and try to hurt people than play hard with a game plan if it looks like they are going to lose.

    Hooray to Bruce Arians! Coach Of Year!

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